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Google Webmaster Tools Slide 2 The Tools Google Adwords Google Analytics Google Website Optimizer Slide 3 Basic Terminology Cost-Per-Mille (CPM) (thousand impressions) mille is Latin for 1000 Cost for every 1,000 times the ad is shown Useful for Brand recognition, gaining visibility Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Cost each time your ad is clicked Direct response Slide 4 Benefits of Google AdWords Increase reach Show relevant ads to target audience Measure your return on investment Google captures 80% of search traffic globally Can target users based on demographics location, age, language and show ads based on interests Slide 5 Supported Ad Types Text ads (most common) Headline 2 description lines Display and destination URL Levels playing field Image ads Images, common banner ads Found as you browse general web content Increase visibility and brand awareness Video ads Video or video clips, youtube Slide 6 More Ad Types Rich Media Ads Include text and video, sometimes Flash Clickable, informative, interactive ads Engaging Mobile Ads Specifically for mobile devices Slide 7 More Google Terms Keywords Terms or phrases people type in to search engines What will trigger your Google ad to appear when someone searches Placements You can specify other specific websites where you want your ads to appear. Slide 8 More Google Terms Campaign Can have multiple campaigns Can have different campaigns for different offerings Ad Groups Each campaign consists of one or more ad groups Ad group are groups of keywords or placements Impression Occurs when an ad is displayed Slide 9 Even More Terms Clickthrough Rate (CTR) Used to measure ad performance Total # of clicks/# of times ad displayed Slide 10 Auctions AdWords works like an auction Advertisers bid different amounts on different keywords Bid The amount of money willing to pay for a click on your ad in the CPC model Or amount of money willing to pay for 1,000 impressions on a CPM model Slide 11 Playing the Game Maximum Cost Per Click Most you are willing to pay per click on your ad Cost Per Thousand Impressions Most you are willing to pay per 1000 impressions Quality Score Foundation for measuring quality of campaign Google rewards you with lower prices and better placements the better your quality score factors include: click-through-rate, relevance, historical account performance your ad can appear higher than your competitor and pay less than they do en&answer=140351 en&answer=140351 Slide 12 Average Position Average of where your ad appears Slide 13 Ad Rank Ad position is determined by Ad Rank Calculated by max CPC * Quality Score Ad with highest ad rank will be in the first position Slide 14 First Page Bid Estimates Estimated bid you'll have to pay to have your ad show up on the first page of search results Slide 15 Conversion Getting users to do what you want: Buy/donate Login to account Get directions Download a file Sign up for more info Join mailing list Call Slide 16 Advertiser Requirements Editorial and Format Style and content Content Link Slide 17 Editorial and Format Any specials or discounts must be found within 1-2 clicks of the landing page. Ensure what is advertised is available. headline: 25 description lines: 35 display URL: 35 Slide 18 Content Guidelines for what you can and cannot advertise. All ads are reviewed. Nothing illegal No gambling, cigarettes, alcohol No violation of Google's values or policies Nothing that might contribute to a negative user experience Slide 19 Link Policies Rules about the ad urls and website user is taken to. Have to use the same domain in display and actual url (destination url) >> Landing page should not have pop-up or other annoying features Slide 20 Ad Approval Once an ad is approved they are placed into categories and assigned an ad status. Categories: family safe non-family safe adult Slide 21 Ad Status disapproved under review eligible (waiting for full clearance/ok for but not other sites yet) approved approved non-family approved adult Slide 22 Where Ads Show Up Google Search Network (only text ads) Google Product Search AOL Earthlink Virgin Media Google Maps Google Product Search Google Display Network New York Times HGTV AdSense You Tube Gmail Over 1 million partners Google Network Slide 23 Understanding the Structure Slide 24 Starting an Account Get a Google account, or use your existing Google login Slide 25 Account Setup Slide 26 Slide 27 Slide 28 Slide 29 Keywords Speak the language of your customer pre-owned vehicles (3600 searches) vs used cars (4,000,000 searches) low fares (6,000 searches) vs cheap flights (1,500,000 searches Slide 30 Keyword Match Types Broad Match no quotes in search contains similar words add + in front of keywords to specify exact wording. Ex. +athletic shoe discount athletic shoe athletic kids shoe athletic shoe store sport tennis shoe athletes foot Slide 31 Keyword Match Types Phrase Match More restrictive Put keyword in quotes "athletic shoe" discount athletic shoes athletic shoe store athletic kids shoe athletic running shoe Slide 32 Keyword Match Types Exact Match Place keywords in square brackets [] [athletic shoe] athletic shoe not athletic shoes Slide 33 Negative Match Filter out irrelevant traffic Where we don't want ad showing Using a before keyword Slide 34 Dynamic Keyword Insertion DKI {Keyword: Big Rocks} In Stock Will substitute {} with the search words used if there is enough space Slide 35 Ad Tracking AdWords reports Integrate Google Analytics with AdWords Slide 36 Resources