Google plus chapter 4 - hangouts

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Google Plus (+) Hangouts

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In this section, you will learn about Google Plus Hangouts To your success, Bob

Transcript of Google plus chapter 4 - hangouts

  • Google Plus (+) Hangouts
  • Hangouts Video Chatting Multiple Chatters at Once Installing the Video Plugin Installing Google Voice
  • Loading the Hangout module Once you select Create a Hangout, you will see the load screen.
  • Video Chatting Have live video chats right from Google + with your contacts.
  • Video Chatting Invite contacts or entire Circles to Hangout with you.
  • Multiple Chatters at Once You can make your Hangout into a Chat Room also by clicking Chat.
  • Installing the Plug-in If you get a message to install the Plug-in, simply click the green Install Plugin button to get started. To your success,
  • Installing Google Voice Installing the Plugin should automatically install Google Voice as well.