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  • 1.GOOGLE HANGOUTSEmily Connor and Kelly Erickson

2. Join us on Twitter! #Hangout676 Please tweet any interesting comments orquestions. 3. Background Overview Google+ launched June 28, 2011. Cost $585 million, 500 employees to build 68% users male, 32% female 60% of users log in daily 80% of uses engage on a weekly basis 4. Background: Google Hangouts Feature of Google+ when it launched considered innovative at the time Can have 10 participants Hangout On Air: launched May 7, 2012 live, public broadcast Can record hangout, edit video later Hangout uses: Everything from staff meetings to cooking shows to live concerts. 5. Notable Hangouts Notable journalists, authors, celebrities have been usingGoogle hangouts. Hoodie Allen Employee at Google while beginning rap career. Hosts Hoodie Hang every Wednesday. Talks about upcoming music, hosts trivia, brings fans on-air whotweet correct answers. 6. Other Hangers President Obama - The White House +1,576,449 First hangout in January 2012 Hosted two hangouts with President Obama Users can submit questions, watch live discussion to happen in theWhite House. Follow #WHHangout Idea of bringing State of the Union type address to the people ona personal level. 7. Other Hangers Conan O Brian, Team Coco +2,850,610 Show clips Interviews Behind the scenes Fan videos Skits 8. Competitors Skype 31 million users, average convo = 27 minutes Facetime Exclusive to Apple products SpreeCast Social video platform, up to four people Ustream Over 2 million registered users, 1.5 million+ hours of livecontent/month 9. Competitor Comparison Spree Cast and Ustream closest platforms to GoogleHangouts, but more public Hangouts require a Google+ account. Facetime requiresApple products. Other platforms dont. Spree Cast allows for embedding videos on otherplatforms 10. Google Hangout Schedules Schedule of hangouts and live discussions Variety of topics Politics to Lifestyle to Celebs Today at 5pm Tim Simmons from VEEP April 15th, 12pm World Art Day MET April 16th, 12pm Citibank VP of Social Media Lara Ruth ml 11. New Developments Google Capture Allows users to take photos of hangout Automatically save into a folder Can be viewed during a hangout All attendees will be notified app is in use when joining hangout,when photo is to be taken, and can see it. Will be available in the coming months. 12. Interview with @webjournlistRobert Hernandez (@webjournalist) discussed a few wayshe has used Google Hangouts, its usefulness for journalistsand competing products.Lets Watch: 13. How Can Journalists Use Hangouts Interviews Breaking News How-tos Behind the scenes Press conferences Training Focus Groups On Air 14. For the first time in history thanks to Hangouts, newscasters can SEE their audience and even talk with them during a soundbite in a live newscast. When youre spending an entire hour a day or more with a viewer during a live newscast, thats a deeper level of engagement than you get with any non face to face tweet or Facebook interaction. When I read a story about a child whos been murdered, I hear the Hangout sigh in my ear.- Sarah Hill, interactive anchor at KOMU-TV 15. How Can Brand Managers Use Hangouts Hangouts can be useful to brand managers Virtual Meetings Product Tutorial or Q&A Show Behind the Scenes Improve Customer Service Ex: Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, planning to implement customerservice hangouts for Dell at request of Dell users. Source: marketing-strategy/ 16. How Can YOU Use Hangouts Interviews with sources Meetings Resume building Begin hosting hangouts on topics you are interested in Networking Hangout event schedulesWhat are some other ways you think youcould use Google Hangouts?