Google Glass at the MIT Museum: a Visitor Experience Study

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The adoption of Google Glass within museums is in its infancy. How can it facilitate visitor engagement? What are the limitations? What are the opportunities? In a partnership sponsored by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program at the MIT, the MIT Museum collaborated with a Media Lab student to realize and test a Glassware prototype. Both the design issues and the visitor feedback offer the opportunity to reflect on the design of a new kind of museum experience. @marcomason

Transcript of Google Glass at the MIT Museum: a Visitor Experience Study

  • 1. Google Glass at the MIT Museuma Visitor Experience StudyMarco Mason

2. Marie Curie 3. Digital Media for HeritageRefocusing Design from the Technology to the Visitor ExperienceInstitute of emerging IssuesGallery One, CMABehind the Scenes, MFANative American VoicesPenn MuseumTenement Museum, NYCInfinity of Nations, Smithsonian Inst. 4. Glassware prototype at the MIT MuseumProject sponsored byUROP-MITUndergraduate Research Opportunities ProgramChun Kit Chan - MIT Media Lab u-studentProf. John Durant - STS Program and Museum dirAllan Doyle - Director of Technology at MIT MuseumDr. Marco Mason - STS Program at MITExtra acknowledgementDeborah Douglas and Kurt HasselbalchSchool of Museum Studies - Dr. G. Vavoula 5. Robotics Gallery at the MIT Museum 6. Kismet robot 7. Tuna robot 8. C O G robot 9. Observation 10. Interviews 11. CAN GOOGLE GLASSBECAME PART OF THE EVERYDAYMUSEUM EXPERIENCE? 12. Google has yet to make a convincing casethat a wearable heads-up display is a necessityrather than a novelty. (Wohlsen, WIRED)* Wohlsen, Marcus. Failure Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to Google Glass. WIRED, April 15, 2014 13. GlassJournalism* 14. David Datuna, Portrait of America - 2013* 15. Glassware prototype at the MIT Museum 16. Mobile >>> Glass expereince* 17. portable | wearable 18. * 19. direct interaction 20. context-sensitive content 21. Augmented Reality 22. layering information 23. Characters in Augmented Reality* Film Museum, Amsterdam 24. subjective point-of-view 25. subjective point-of-viewq 26. proximity 27. proximity* 28. proximity* 29. orientation 30. orientation > tours*IMAGE FROM: JET BLUE ENVISIONS CUSTOMERS USING GOOGLE GLASS 31. interface layout* 32. SHOW IT WITH THE GLASS* 33. 34. Thank you