Google Drive/Docs for Classrooms - a short introduction

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Great Another Technology Demonstration

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An introduction session to Google Docs and Drive on Google Apps for Education at Scotch College 2014.

Transcript of Google Drive/Docs for Classrooms - a short introduction

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2. Google Drive/Google Docs Our Google Apps for Education Accounts Where to click/what to click on Adding files/folders Sharing files/folders Students using docs - Collaboration Teachers using docs - Commenting 3. Your Google Apps for Ed AccountIs already set up and waitingTo log in go to [email protected]: Firstname12345Capital letter on first name, ID number fornumbers 4. Google Sign in Page 5. Google DriveA cloud storage appAccess it via the web can also install on tablets, smartphones,laptops (like dropbox) auto-synchronisesTip: With Google Drive, the best browser to use is Chrome,worst to use is IE - some features just wont work 6. Google Drive Home Page 7. Drive: Creating Files, CreatingFoldersFiles Start - Create Find - Search box and Details andactivity Rename Save - auto Delete - right click, tick, within fileFolders As above as well aso Move file into the foldero Colour code - for fast ID 8. Google DocsAn online word processor Tab at Top Left = Home Button 9. Google Docs Home Page 10. Google Docs - Some Handy ToolsTools ResearchAdd-ons Easy BibGoogle Docs TemplatesGallery 11. Adding Word Docs/pdf files toGoogle Drive is possible (drag/drop)o can open/share Word/pdf docso cannot edit/comment on them 12. Sharing Files, Sharing FoldersSharing with Other Google Docs Users Tick to share Right click to share Open doc and shareSet your permissionsNotify by email (or not)Tip: shared files/folders can disappear - copy to your owndrive to be safe. When dragging and dropping, files land inMy Drive: main section 13. Sharing Files, Sharing FoldersSharing with Someone who Doesnt UseGoogle Docs you need to convert the doc to make itavailable for themIn Drive Home page:1. Right click on file to access the Sharedrop down options2. Choose: Email as Attachment3. Choose: Attach as Word doc or pdf 14. Collaborative Docs/Files Can see whos viewing Personalised cursors when editingo chat currently appears to be disabled Auto changes in real-time Revision historyo Got to >> All changes saved in Drive - changesoptions Editing options 15. Collaborative Docs: To own or not?Options:1/ Create then share with student/s makes you the owner - in controlof permissions2/ Students create file then share withyou (teacher) students must set permissionsto allow you to edit/comment 16. CommentingComment button top right hand corner a great way to offer feedbackNote: email notifications go out every time achange/comment is madeFor teachers - this is too many emails!Set notifications: Under Comments >> Notificationso choose - Replies to you or None 17. There, that wasnt so bad ... was it?