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Google Drive 101 The Basics

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  • Google Drive 101

    The Basics

  • Log in to Google Drive

    Using your student drive account, complete the login steps to access Google Drive.

  • Sign InClick on Gmail in the top right corner of the main Google page.

    Choose to have this computer remember you by checking the box Stay signed in.

  • Username

    Add your username.

    student + lunch number

  • Password

    Add your password.

    change.meorfirst initial + last initial + birth date in 6-digits

    ex: Linda Morris September 15, 1960


  • Google

    The first screen you see after logging in might seem like the wrong view.

    Choose Google Home in the center of the screen.

  • Google

    The next screen you see is Google Home. The difference ~ your account login information is located in the top right hand corner.

  • App

    Selection the App you want to use.

    Choose Google Drive!

    Note* Google Drive Apps are available for smartphone use.

  • Drive Home

    The Drive home screen.

    As you add files and folders the view of My Drive will include your work.

  • Create

    To create a document, presentation, or spreadsheet, pull down the menu and select the file type.

  • Document

    Document files operate like Word files.

    Type the filename and begin work.

  • File Name

    Give your document a file name. The file name will appear in My Drive.

  • File Name

    Type the filename and choose OK.

  • Document

    Work is automatically saved as you complete it.

  • Presentation

    Presentations are similar to PowerPoint.

  • Spreadsheet

    Creating a spreadsheet is similar to working with Excel.

  • Sharing

    Sharing is used for:1) Turning an assignment in to a teacher folder.2) Enabling group work on the same project.

    You are the owner.

  • To share

    Begin keying the account name you intend to share with.

    Teachers email accounts are first name, dot, last name

    Student accounts begin with student followed by lunch number

  • To share

    All Carroll County Schools employees and students are loaded into a master database with Google.

    Choose to allow the person you are sharing with to 1) edit 2) comment3) viewthe document or presentation you are creating.

  • Sharing

    Once the individual or group is added to have access choose done.

  • Shared

    To locate items shared with you, such as teacher assignments or instructions, select the shared section under My Drive.

  • My Drive

    To view created files select My Drive.

    To upload files from other applications such as Word or PowerPoint select the upload arrow.

  • Select File

    Choose the file to upload.

  • Uploading

    The upload takes a few seconds.

  • Upload Done!

    When the upload is complete the document is found in My Drive.

    Once uploaded you may share the file.

  • File Types

    Notice the different view of an uploaded document compared to one created in Drive.

    Advantages to Drive ~ Auto saving Updated in real time Group work enabled Ease of sharing

  • Sign Out

    Sign out after each use.

    Select the drop down menu with your account name.

    Choose Sign Out.

  • Account

    Your account name will appear on the computer youve used until it is removed.

    Login is one step faster with the remembered account name.

  • Questions?