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Google Docs. Presented By ISD ICT Department. What Can You Do with Docs?. Word Processing Spreadsheets Presentations Drawings Forms. Documents. Type and edit text. Spreadsheets. Manage data. Spreadsheet Forms. Collect Responses. Presentations. Present media. Drawings. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Google Docs

  • Word ProcessingSpreadsheetsPresentationsDrawingsForms

  • Type and edit text

  • Manage data

  • Collect Responses

  • Present media

  • Create diagrams

  • Log in with your Google account [i.e. [email protected]]

  • Search


    Docs List


  • Upload PowerPoint, Excel or Word files

  • Click Select Files to Upload

  • Click Start Upload

  • Click Create NewChoose type

  • Click Create NewCollection

  • Organize docs into collections (folders)

  • Click Actions

    Click Organize

  • Check a folder

    Click Apply Changes

  • Click Share

  • Type email addresses to share

  • Click Can Edit (Choose whether the person can Edit or View)

  • Click Share

  • Click Change

  • Why publish?

    Embed docs on your website

    Share the link of the published doc for people without Google Docs accounts to view

  • Click the arrow next to Share

    Select Publish as a web page

  • Click Start publishing

    Select Publish as a web page

  • Click Stop publishing to stop

    This is the link where the doc is published

  • See who else is currently working with the doc

  • Click to chat with collaborators

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