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  • Google Cloud Learning Offerings

    Carl Tanner EMEA Training Business Manager

    2019 Impact Award

  • What was the problem/opportunity?

    Google Cloud is the skill that's seeing the fastest -growing demand with a 66.74% increase over the past year.

    Cloud Skills Crisis

    “Every technology transformation starts with a talent transformation”

    The increase in c loud adoption has re sulted in a corre sponding increase in the need for worke rs skilled in c loud technologies. Ye t this workforce is not easy to come by. OpsRamp’s recent survey of 124 IT managers found that 94 pe rcent say it’s at least "somewhat difficult” to find candidate s with the right c loud technology skills—a situation which they call a "full-blown crisis.”

  • Preparing for a new paradigm

    70% of IT decision-makers said their teams face a shortage of necessary skills

    Empower students to accelerate, optimize and de -risk cloud transformation

    Source: 2018 IT Skills and Salary Report, Global Knowledge

  • Traditional training focuses on features and functions

    …as a result teams struggle to be innovative, creative and strategic

    What if we could easily equip teams to thrive in a dynamic, cloud - first world ?

  • Everyone learns differently...

    ...and values industry accredited certifications

    Likes to work at her own pace

    Wants an accelerated experience

    Responds better to personal interaction

  • Google Cloud Learning: Relevant content, transformative learning

    Applied learning 400+ self paced labs

    Deep Immersion Advanced Solutions Lab

    Role-based learning Instructor - led or on demand

    Role based learning paths

    ...cutting edge content built for the learner

    ...with industry certifications for cloud-native professionals

  • Applied Learning

    400+ self paced labs . Your staff can learn by doing, when and where they choose:

    GCP essentials

    Data, ML, IoT



    Security & monitoring

  • Video

  • Business Businessdecision maker How do I set the vision for business transformation?

    How do I create insights from my data?

    How do I transform how teams work?

    How do I develop applications to improve my business?

    Cloud infrastructure


    Network engineer

    Security specialist

    How do I modernize my infrastructure?

    Application development


    Data and machine learning

    Data analyst

    Data engineer

    Data scientist

    Team collaboration

    Collaboration specialist

    Role-based Learning

  • Core infrastructure

    Architecting with GCP

    Identity Design & process Exam preparation

    Ne tworking with GCP

    Security in GCP


    Cloud infrastructure

    Application development

    Data and machine learning

    Team collaboration

    Business decision maker


    Network engineer

    Security specialist


    Data analyst

    Data engineer

    Data scientist

    Collaboration specialist

    The evolution of business in the Cloud e ra

    Creating business value with GCP technology and se rvices

    Transformation roadmap and continuous innovation

    Re liability, security, and compliance

    Future Cloud business planning

    Deve loping apps with GCP

    Building conve rsational expe riences with Dialogflow

    From data to insights

    Big data & ML fundamentals

    Building conve rsational expe riences with Dialogflow

    Data Enginee ring on GCP

    ML with TensorFlow on GCP

    Advanced ML on GCP

    All courses can be consumed on demand or in personG Suite administrator

    fundamentals What’s new for G Suite admins

    Deploy, administe r and extend Google G Suite applications

  • ...In world-c lass, custom built facilit ie s

    at the Advanced Solution Lab

    Deep immersion to solve your biggest challenges...

    Solutions development with Google enginee rs

    Immersive education for your core team

  • Implement a new approach to define, track and measure success

    Professional cloud architect

    Professional data engineer

    G Suite user

    Associate cloud engineer

    Professional cloud developer

    Equip your teams to excel in modern, hybrid cloud scenarios

    Attract and retain top talent. Training is positively associated with job satisfaction

    Professional network engineer

  • Associate Cloud Engineer

    Localised Google Cloud certification exams

    Spanis h

    Profes s ional Cloud Architect

    Profes s ional Data Engineer

    J apanes ePortugueseGerman French

    Profes s ional Cloud Developer

  • Professional Cloud Architect track (sample)

    Internal Use Only

    ENROLL WEEK 1 Learn the

    fundamentals ~16 hours*

    WEEK 2 Build & Deploy

    Solutions ~14 hours*

    WEEK 3 Build & Deploy

    Solutions ~13 hours*

    WEEK 4 Ensure Exam

    Readiness ~8 hours*

    WEEK 5 Ensure Exam

    Readiness ~13 hours*

    WEEK 6 Ensure Exam



    Certification Kickstart: The full curriculum introduces participants to the comprehensive and flexible infrastructure and services provided by GCP.

    Experienced Cloud Professional: Skip directly to Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Containers and Services.

    Informational Webinar


    Cloud Architect Exam Guide

    Role-based learning

    GCP Fundamentals Core Infrastructure [10h]

    Role-based learning

    Essential Cloud Infrastructure: Core Services [7h]

    Role-based learning

    Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Containers and Services [3h]

    Role-based learning

    Preparing for the Cloud Architect Examination [8h]

    Applied Learning/ Self - paced labs

    GCP Essentials [5h]

    Practice Exam ExamEssential Cloud Infrastructure: Foundation [6h]

    Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Scaling and Automation [7h]

    Reliable Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process [10h]

    Challenge: GCP Architecture [8h]

    OPTIONAL GCP Fundamentals for AWS Professionals[8h]

    OPTIONAL GCP Fundamentals for AWS Professionals[10h]

  • Google Cloud Learning Offerings

    Transformative learning that develops well- rounded cloud practitioners

    Accredited GCP Certifications that increase the value of your experts

    Applied, role -based and immersive lea