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1 Google: The Best Place To Work

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Google: The Best Place To Work

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• More than 40,000 Googlers (employees of Google)

• Come from all over the world and from every background, which brings unique experiences and perspectives to their work.

• Google believes in hiring people who are smart and determined, and favour ability over experience .


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Google Employee Resource Groups (Ergs)

•Currently Google sponsor 18 ERGs around the globe.

•Members participate in activities such as education outreach, mentoring, professional development, community service and social events.

•Come together twice a year at the Annual ERG Leadership Summit and the Sum of Google events to network, share best practices, and celebrate their work.


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• Black Googler Network

• Women@google

• Hispanic Googlers Network


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• “Flat and grounded” structure- high middle management.

• Collaborative culture.

• High Tech environment.

Organizational Structure

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• The quality that Google puts at the top of the corporate culture chain is TRUST and believes that trust is the very base of Innovation.

• Google provides the infrastructure for building Trust capital in an increasing era of “culture of choice.”


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Practices of Google

•After one year, an engineer can bid to work on anything they want to.

•Employees can use 20% of their time on anything – employees vote and pledge their 20% time to projects that are seen as promising or cool.

•Google constantly builds “dog food teams” – the groups who work to make all products better.


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• Nooglers (new to Google) are given lots of on-boarding support. They are taught early on: o It’s fun to work – have fun.o Think big and take risks.o If it’s broken, fix it or find someone who can. o Invent solutions not yet thought possible.


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•Employees have access to free rental cars if they need to run an errand; free gyms on campus, and some offices even offer on-site daycare.•Health insurance and retirement benefits are also provided.•On-site physicians and nurses, convenient medical services, and comprehensive health care coverage that help keeping employees healthy and happy. 11

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• Googlers and their families are covered with travel insurance and emergency assistance - even on personal vacations.

• New parents get time off and some extra spending money to help them welcome their new bundle of joy.

• Google reimburses its employees for classes or degree programs that help them with what they do.

• Googlers get legal advice at no cost and, in the US, also get common legal services at a generous group discount.

• It also provides free hair-cut services to its employees.


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Google, the future of corporate culture?

•Many new companies following this trend.– Nike, Keen, Wyden and Kennedy

• Each companies culture is different

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