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Transcript of Google Apps for School Counselors Google Apps for School Counselors Michelle Catucci School...

  • Google Apps for School Counselors

    Michelle Catucci School Counseling Dept. Chair, Cheshire HS CSCA Executive Director

  • What Google can offer: ● Chrome Browser

    ○ Omnibox ○ Chrome Web Store/Google Play

    ● Gmail ● Google Calendar ● Google Classroom ● Google Contacts ● Google Drive ● Google Docs

    ● Google Forms ● Google Groups ● Google Hangouts ● Google Keep ● Google Sheets ● Google Sites ● Google Slides ● YouTube

    The Google Apps For Educators training is 4 days long… but worth it! We can’t go over all of these in just an hour, so I’m going to highlight some of my

    most favorite tips and discoveries!

  • Top Tip: When in doubt, click the “Three Dots”


  • Chrome Browser

    ● The “Omnibox” = Search Bar (you don’t have to go to “”) ● Chrome Web Store/Google Play

    ○ Extensions = Third party companies that “enhance” your browser experience ■ Examples: url shorteners, QR codes

    ○ Add Ons = Customize Google applications (“add on” more functionality) ■ Examples: mail merge, poll everywhere

    ○ Apps = Allows the same functionality of a phone app on your desktop ■ Examples: kami, bitmoji

  • The Omnibox

  • Google Extensions

  • Google Add Ons

  • Gmail - Advanced Search

  • Gmail - Canned Responses

  • Google Calendar - Add Attachment/Link to Web

  • Google Calendar - Find a Time

  • Google Classroom

    ● “In domain” only (eg. only emails can be in my classroom) ○ This is why there is not

    parent access and why you can’t share outside of your school district

  • Google Contacts

  • Google Drive - Link Sharing Tips

    ● Folder vs. File Access ● Sharing Settings

    ○ Edit vs. View vs. Comment ○ Can set to expire

    ● Advanced Settings ○ Prevent editors from changing

    access and adding new people ○ Disable options to download,

    print, and copy for commenters and viewers

  • Google Drive - Starred Items

  • Google Docs - How to make sharing less scary...

    Version History Using /copy at the end of a link

  • Google Forms

    Easy to collect data in an up-to-the-minute way (and forms are searchable in Drive!)

  • Google Groups

    Types of Groups:

    ● Email List ● Web Forum ● Q&A Forum ● Collaborative Inbox

    Levels of Permission:

    ● Owner ● Manager ● Member Tip: Use bcc: when emailing groups so

    that other members can’t see who is in it!

  • Google Hangouts

    Our department’s favorite way to communicate to:

    ● Keep a zero inbox ● Get a quick response

  • Google Keep

    ● Online/Phone app notes ○ Photos ○ Reminders

    ● Does not cross over to calendar ● Can have multiple lists

  • Google Sheets - EXPLORE

    All the functionality of Excel, but super quick and easy way to get data sets and visuals!

  • Google Sites - Embed Folders with Public Access

    This is the “School Counseling Documents” folder in my Google Drive.

    Anything I add or update in that folder is updated on our website in real time!

    Can also embed individual documents (that will be updated in real time, too).

  • Google Slides - Personalize your Presentation

    Don’t like the fonts or spacing on the pre-loaded templates?

    Change the master slide once and it will impact all your slides!

  • Google Slides - Replace Publisher/Make Posters

  • YouTube (When you’re signed into your Google Account)

    Save videos you want to watch later (click the clock)

    Create topic driven playlists that you can share with others (click the three dots!)

    Subscribe to YouTube Channels to easily access their content

    Do we need a laugh?

  • Q & A