Golding and the war

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William Golding and the war (1911-19 93) By Christian Anderson, Colton Kelly, and Jacob Oates

Transcript of Golding and the war

  • 1. Was a British novelist. Born on September 19, 1911, died1993 Studied Science and English atOxford Fought in Royal Navy during WWII and was briefly involved in thepursuit and sinking of Germanysmightiest battleship, the Bismarck.He also participated in the invasionof Normandy on D-Day, commandinga landing ship that fired salvoes ofrockets onto the beaches(rocketship), and then in a naval actionat Walcheren in which 23 out of 24assault craft were sunk. Earned the Nobel Prize in Literature

2. He grew up in WWII 1939-1945 The fall of France to Nazi Germany in1940 Britain feared an invasion andevacuated children to other countries. 1940 A German U-Boat torpedoed, aBritish ship carrying children, killingthe boys, suspending the overseasevacuation program. 3. 1939- Britain joined France in war against Nazi Germany 1940- Fall of France 1940- Fascist Italy joins the Axis with Germany 1941- Japan attacks Pearl Harbor causing USA to declarewar on Japan and enter the war 1944- D-Day Normandy Landings 1945- Bombing of Dresden 1945- European victory celebrated 1945- Atomic Bomb dropped in Hiroshima immediately killing60-80,000 people (final death toll 135,000 people) 4. It was simply whatseemed sensible for meto write after the warwhen everyone wasthanking God theywerent Nazis. Id seenenough to realize thatevery single one of uscould be Nazis. -Quoteof William Golding 5. Golding once allowed his class ofboys total freedom in a debate, buthad to intervene as mayhem soonbroke out Experiences in war Critical response to Coral Island byR.M. Ballanytyne Philosophical questions about humannature 6. Rejected 21 times before it was published It was his first novel- published in 1954 Not successful until the early 1960s On the American Library Associations list ofthe 100 Most Frequently Challenged Booksof 1990-2000. 7. Set in mid 1940s when Europewas engulfed in war. A plane carrying British schoolboys is mistaken for a militarycraft and shot down. Only the boys survive the crashand try to form a society andgovern themselves. 8. The theme is an attempt totrace the defects of society backto the defects of human nature. -William Golding 9. Survival Power/leadership styles Civilization vs. Savagery Loss of Innocence Human nature Duality of man Nature Vs. Nurture Good Vs. Evil 10. Heavy use of symbolism Irony Abundant imagery andsensory detail Figurative Language as in:simile, metaphor andpersonification. 11. Golding, William. (2010). Grolier MultimediaEncyclopedia. Retrieved May 21, 2010, fromGrolier Online Galloway, David. "Golding, William Gerald (19111993)." Encyclopedia Americana. Grolier Online May 21, 2010).