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Transcript of GOLD DIGGER 2017

  • Transforming the Experience of Work

    Mike Ivey Gold Digger CCA



    Most people feel overwhelmed in their place of work. This is not surprising considering that our

    world does not stand still and demands a continual morphing in the quest for relevance

    To successfully and significantly navigate these waters requires people who lead self well and

    contribute positively towards a high performing way of being - people, who are resilient and

    agile, aligned around possibility.

    Leadership needs to be responsive and support their people within this dynamic. Through

    deliberate and intentional activity leadership needs to empower and unleash human

    potential. Gold Digger supports organisations in building such life giving cultures where our best

    time is found participating in the art of work.

    Our facilitated processes, talks and products are fresh and innovative, contextual and

    transformational using storytelling, research, deliberate conversations and experiential

    activity to make principles and transformation grip.

    Imagine the possibilities when people show up

    and step up within their place of work.

    Beneath the surface of individuals and teams is a wealth of gold to be discovered if only we are curious?

    Gold Digger Unearthing Potential

    Mike Ivey formed Gold Digger CCA in 2005. Mike, a graduate from WITS university spent

    several years in fulltime pastoral youth work and over twelve

    years in big corporate, where he managed teams and projects

    and participated at an executive level.

    Within Gold Digger Mike

    facilitates transformational processes, coaches across all levels within an organisation,

    designs activities and material to establish living cultures and motivates groups through his storytelling style of speaking.

    In 2014 Mike published his first book called Playfully Engaged. The book practically highlights

    how to find opportunity, connection and life within our

    place of work.

    Clients of Gold Digger include RCL Foods, Discovery Health, DHL, Capitec Bank, SA Natural Products, Sumitomo Rubber,

    Grindrod, Mondi, BASF, Michaelhouse and Durban Girls


    For more information visit

    And the Gold Digger Face book page and Mikes linked in page for regular articles and updates