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Gog and Magog

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  • The Story Of Gog And Magog Satan bound for a 1000 years - TheVictorian era Gog steals South Africas wealth1

The Story of Gog & MagogWill be covered in a series of 10 parts1. Attila, The Rise of Islam and the Khazars2. Genghis Khan, The Russians & the 3 frogs of Revelation3. The Spanish Armada & Inquisition + the English revolution4. The rise of the Rothschilds & the Armenian Revolution5. Satan Bound For a 1000 Years - French & American Revolutions & The Victorian Era6. WW1 & WW2 - Sections 1 & 27. WW3 The secret war 2 The Story of Gog & Magog Will be covered in a series of 10 parts8. Gogs covert attack on western culture,education, legal system, health, art &education.9. False flag operations & 7/7 LondonBombing10. Conclusion 3 Gog Recap Parts 1 - 56) Gog attack on England via the SpanishArmada fails7) Gog dispersed by the SpanishInquisition to Mexico, Sicily andAmsterdam8) From Amsterdam Gog is successful ingaining control of Britains money9) By knowing the Illuminatis occultnumbering code one can identify falseflag operations 4 Gog of The Land ofMagog Analysis of Ezekiel 38 : 15First half of verseAnd Thou (Attila/Genghis Khan) ShaltCome From Thy Place Out Of The North Parts, Thou And Many People With Thee All Of Them Riding UponHorses, A Great Company, And AMighty Army 5 Thou And Many People With Thee All Of Them Riding Upon Horses, A Great Company, And A Mighty ArmyThe horse cavalries of Genghis Khan 6 Gog of The Land of Magog Second half of verseAnd Thou Shalt Come Up Against MyPeople of Israel, As A Cloud To Cover TheLand: It Shall Be In The Latter Days, And IWill Bring Thee Against My Land That The Heathen May Know Me, When I Shall Be Sanctified In Thee, O Gog, Before TheirEyes.7 Satan Bound For A ThousandYearsRevelation 20:1-3 And I sawan angel come down fromheaven, having the key to thebottomless pit and a greatchain in his hand. 2. And he laid hold of the dragon, that old serpent,Gustave Dors which is the Devil, and Satan,depiction of Satan and bound him a thousandfrom John Miltons years.Paradise Lost8 Satan Bound For A ThousandYears 3. And cast him in to the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more until the thousand years should be fulfilled and after that he must be loosed a little season.Angel with the key to thebottomless pit 9 Satan Bound For A ThousandYears This passage is made up of, or about Satan (the Jews - Gog) being cast into the bottomless pit of non-influence for a symbolic thousand years (actually from the time of (Christ) or Yahshua until 1776). 10 Satan Bound For 1000 Years Nowhere do theScriptures say that the1000 year binding ofSatan is in the same timeframe as the millennialreign of Christ.Further if Satan were able to influence the nations togo to war during Christs reign it would imply animperfect reign!11 Satan Bound For 1000 Years The word Satan here isa collective termreferring to his offspringthe Yehudin (accursedones) the Jews. One can see that thisprophecy is beingfulfilled by the Gogcontrolled UnitedNations and confirmedby its insignia.12 Satan Bound For 1000 Years The Jews (Gog) did notgain any great influenceuntil the time of theIlluminati (1776), andsince that time, Satan(the Jews) haveregained their controlover the nations. Ithas developed into the United Nations, which isattempting to control the entire world (fourquarters of the earth).13 Gog & Magog Gathering theNations From The Whole EarthRev. 20, 8: And shall goout to deceive the nationswhich are in the fourquarters of the earth, Gogand Magog, to gatherthem together to battlethe number of whom is asthe sand of the seaThe UN Logo (Israel).14 Gog & Magog Gathering theNations 1) The 2 olive branches represent Israel (2 Houses) being gathered to battle 2) Gog & Magog gathering Israel from the 4 corners of the world3) Note that there are 33represented by thesections on the insignia anworld map.important Illuminati number!15 Gog & Magog In English FolkloreThere are a number ofmentions of Gog andMagog in English legendswhich will be covered inthe next few slides re theirimportance relating tobiblical prophecies.Gog & Magog giving Paddit a lift out of the mire 16 Satan Bound For 1000 YearsThat Satan was Magog &Gog in the symbolismused in Revelation isconfirmed by Old EnglishLore and legends fromthe Middle EastThe Statues of Magog & Goghoused in the Guild Hall London 17 GOG AND MAGOG IN ENGLISH LORE:In Arthurian lore, KingArthur battled the giantcaptains of the nationsGog and Magog and withthe help of Gargantua whoovercame and killed themboth. Afterward they built agreat wall to contain themonstrous legions until theend of the world.King Arthur18 Satan Bound For 1000 Years We have seen that the khazars from the land of Gog & Magog have had a colony in London since the times of the Silk Route.Ancient London19 GOG AND MAGOG IN ENGLISH LORE: These nine-foot tall statues of Gog (left) and Magog (right) stand at the Guildhall in London. First erected in the 1400s, they were restored in 1708 following the Great Fire, then again after the end of World War II in 1953.20 The Guildhall - LondonIt is appropriate that thestatues of Gog &Magog should behoused in Guildhall,London which isGogs Babylonianworld headquartersThe Guildhall London 21 Gog & Magog Paraded In LondonAccording to the LordMayor, the giants Gog andMagog are traditionalguardians of the City ofLondon, and images ofthem have been carried inthe Lord Mayors Showsince the days of KingHenry V. The Lord Mayorsprocession takes placeeach year on the secondSaturday of November.2222 GOG AND MAGOG IN ENGLISH LORE: In the Middle Ages it was believed that Gog and Magog were nations that had been confined behind mountains by Alexander the Great, who had used 6,000 bronze-and iron- workers to build a gate to hold them back. 23 Gog Walled INIn the AlexanderRomance,Alexander chaseshis enemies to apass between twopeaks in theCaucasus knownas the "Breasts ofthe World". He decides to imprison the "uncleannations" of the north, which include Gog and Magog,behind a huge wall of steel or adamantine. 24 Gog Walled IN With the aid of God, Alexander and his men close the narrow pass, keeping the uncivilized Gog and Magog from pillaging the peaceful southern lands. The nature of the pass is never very clear; some sourcessay it is a pass between mountains, while others sayit is a pass between the peaks and the Caspian Sea25 Satan Bound For 1000 YearsHere is a paintingby Qasim, 16thcentury, illustratingthe building of thewall26 Satan Bound For 1000 Years Arab tradition corroborates that the symbolic binding of Satan was Gog & Magog (The Jews) They did not understand anything, because they were so isolated; they were Gog and Abul-Abbas Magog. They were Ahmad ibn spreading corruption Muhammad ibnthrough the earth,Kathir al-FarghaniCirca 833-900AD27 Satan Bound For 1000 Years.. and harming the people,so the people sought helpfrom Dhul Qarnayn. Theyasked him to build a barrierbetween them and Gog andMagog. He asked them tohelp him to build it, sotogether they built a barrierby mixing iron, copper andDhul Qarnayn - tar. Writing28 Satan Bound For 1000 YearsFrom the mapon the left, onecan see thatGog washemmed in withno easy accessto the civilisedworld 29 Khazars Gog & Magog This means that it is highly likely that the prophecies in The Bible concerning Gog and Magog, are directly relevant to the activities and destiny of the Khazar Jews. After being released (scattered abroad) fromMountains of The their Khazar Kingdom Caucuses30 Satan Bound For 1000 Years they were furtherentrapped in theGhettoes of Polandwithin the RussianEmpire and were notpermitted to leave onpain of death hencethe term beyond thepaleOne of the Polish Ghettoes 31 Russia Quarantines Gogs PolishKahal "Empress Catherine II (the Great!) established a (Russian) protectorate over Poland through armed force....prior to the Russian victory over Poland, Russia proper did not have a large Jewish population EmpressCatherine II32 Russia Quarantines GogsPolish KahalCzarina Catherine theGreat established aterritory called the Pale ofSettlement. The purposewas to restrict the Jewishpopulation to this areaand confine the impact ofthe Jewish population onRussian society." (AboveQuotes fromThe Pale"Anti Semitism: Causesand Effects") 33 The Ghettos of Poland34 Sarkel (Itil) Khazarian CapitalLeft: The ruins ofthe Khazariancapital nowcovered by areservoir nodoubt to preventexcavations!Sarkel (Itil) Aerial photo ofremains of the Khazar capital 35 Gog & The Skull & Bones SocietyGog and Magog are two of thetraditional monikers taken bynewly-inducted members ofthe Skull and Bones Society.On an initiates first day in theSkull and Bones society, theyare assigned a name, whichSkull & Bones they will be known as for therest of their life.Logo36 Gog & The Skull & Bones Society The Order of Skull & Bones -- Yale University Circa 1900Two of the names that are regularly used are: Magog, which is assigned to the initiate with themost experience with the opposite sex; Gog, whichis assigned to the least sexually experienced. 37 Gog & The Skull & BonesSocietyMany USA Presidents have been members of this Illuminati organisation together withmany high officials in the administration38 The Skull And Cross Bones Americas wealthiest Families are members ofthe order:-The RockefellersThe DavidsonsThe PaynesThe HarrimansThe BushesArthur Sutton Traced The Occult Traditions OfThis Organisation To The Illuminati39 Bohemian Grove Many of the Skull and Bone Society attend this pagan ceremony it is purported that Tony Blair was invited to attend (2006) with his pal George Bush.40 Satan Loosed From The Bottomless PitSatan (the Jews) being castinto the bottomless pit of non-influence for a symbolicthousand years (actually fromthe