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Goals Articulation

Goals Articulation I started by thinking of what I want to have on my future homestead and what I have now at my parents small farmstead I learned just how much I will have set ahead of myself to do on my new property and what more I will be able to fit on the small family land as of now.

At C and B produce and dairy we try to give the community a place to buy and pick fresh fruits and vegetables. As well as meat and dairy products. We also love to have local people and schools come to visit our roughly 20 acre farmstead and learn a little about where the fruits, vegetables and meats come from. We also encourage teachers and families to teach children and friends about the food they eat and how they can help the environment by composting.

We have 10 acres inside the red paint on the picture. We also have a leased 20 acre hay field as well as 2 family owned pastures each 15 acres at another location about 5 minutes down the road along with a pole barn for cattle .

Key features on all the property used We have a barn big enough to house 10 cows at the main house as well as a small pole barn at the 2 pastures.As well as 2 large garden beds.Already have 2 bee hives set up 2 separate wells a hand dug well along with a drilled well.

Chicken coop with laying hens and incubator inside.Plenty of grazing land.Woodland for firewood.Blackberry and raspberry bushes naturally grow in lots of places on the property

Some of the challenges are for one snow removal is a large obstacle when getting to the pasture gates. The ground is rocky in my area so the gardens are hard to till. coyotes are a big issue as well for livestock protection.I also dont have a big enough barn for equipment.Not many fruit trees so it will take awhile to produce fruit

Some of the potential things I plan to do with this property is to expand the barn by double the size so I can have more livestock.I want to build a sugar shack and I have the potential to make a lot of syrup as I have a few acres loaded with sugar maple.I also have a great spot to create a pick your own pumpkin patch.