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THE STORY OVER THE EVENTFUL YEAR...Looking beyond the embers of the bridges glowing behind us, To a glimpse of how green it was on the other side, Steps taken forward but sleepwalking back again, Dragged by the force of some inner tide. . .Sometime in March, 2011 a bunch of people were celebrating getting an admission to XLRI for the one year General Management Program (GMP). They were celebrating success, their efforts had been rewarded and the ordeal was behind them; though in part they all know, that this was just the beginning. That group now identifies itself as the GMP class of 2011-12. A commonly shared experience is what makes people into a collective. Small and big, ordinary and special, joyous and sad; our common memories start with the one week long intensive induction at the Father Prabhu Hall and are strengthened by the adventure trip, village exposure program, elections, classes, surprise and not so surprise quizzes, placements, international immersion, group study, free riders, TT, notes, late nights, exams, booze, assignments, and so much more. Most of us can easily see a technicolor film of the life and times of GMP 2011-12 in our minds eye. Just to take a trip down memory lane; I can easily see the first time Professor Sengupta asked us to look at the time on the classroom wall clock in his quintessential style, the awe his teaching inspired and the dread his M/ s Pain begins infused. Some might be seeing the fluttering Prarambh banner in that hot and humid evening in July, 2011, one of the first things we organized as a batch. One cannot go through our collective memories without mentioning the Father Jesurajan experience; we have all been at the receiving end of his special brand of humor and the first formal dinner that many of us had ever experienced! Each professor brought his style along with his subject to class. Our adventure trip experiences are probably the richest ones for some, storms that lasted the entire weekend and friendships that will last a life time. Some of us realized that we were no longer as fit as we used to be and some of us discovered the joys of a simple life. The village exposure is a critical component of the XLRI-GMP experience, it reminded us that despite all the progress we had made, a vast majority of Indians can barely make ends meet. It also reminded us that of how fortunate we were to be included in the India growth story. Who can forget the surprise and not so surprise quizzes of Strategy and OB? The sleepless nights of Term II, the sprint to the Learning Center, the quick trips to Daddus between and during lectures! The late night quick cups of tea to the dhaba sometimes culminated into a very early morning tea. We learnt to squeeze in some shut eye whenever the opportunity arose. The CR elections, placecomm bloodbaths (as they are affectionately referred to) and asking Aaj khane mein kya hai? and then finally deciding to go to Bishudas for a parantha are vivid memories for most of us. So many of us picked up a racquet, a sprain and accidents after years of picking up paychecks; Some of us rediscovered alcohol and brushed up on the beautiful art of sleeping in class. There were many firsts along the way - for some it was the first visa stamping on their passport and for some others, it was the joy of fatherhood

and marriage, and for some it was finding love. The international immersion was a much needed and memorable time for many of us. Not only were we going to a foreign country, we were also going to relax and enjoy a break from our crazy schedules. Some choose Australia for the opportunity to visit the MCG, others chose France so they could see Europe. Some chose Manila for the cheap alcohol and some chose USA to meet up with friends. The international projects gave us confidence as well as exposure above and beyond our work experiences. Almost in the blink of an eye, half the course was over and it was time to select electives. Some of us choose electives based on the area of interest and some electives were selected because of the professors. Some chose easy electives to concentrate on placements and others chose tough ones to learn from. Some were disappointed with their choice and others attended electives they had not selected for extra gyaan. Before we knew it or were ready, we hit placement season. Placement fever saw the mercury soaring in December and January and resume making and mock interviews were in full swing. For some it was a time of stress and for others, it was a learning experience. For some, the career track changes came at a much needed time. Life became a bit relaxed and we found time to use our newly purchased ipads and cameras purchased at duty free shops of the Dubai and Singapore Airports. Trips to Sonnet and Hong Kong went up as placement treats piled and the load lightened considerably. Now we played TT and badminton for hours. Some of us started our weight loss programs and discovered the inside of the XLRI gym. Sports tournaments and visits to Bistupur went up and time spent in preparing assignments reduced by half. Fun times went up considerably. We had studied hard and now it was time to party hard. We had found friends we wanted to keep for life and made efforts to create and capture our time there. We could see the finish line and we had to make the best of the time we had with us. Now we stayed up nights to chat with friends and before we knew it, it was time for a new beginning. We wonder about how much we had changed from that day when we first got here. We came in with flighty dreams, with glittering hopes for what XLRI was supposed to offer. Through the year, we had explored ourselves, interacted with many people, and faced many challenges, both academic and personal. But the bottom line is that we have changed and for the better; that XLRI has changed us. The credits are rolled and we packed our bags off to our homes and promised each other that we would keep in touch and hoped with all our hearts that this was in fact true. With suitcases in tow, we departed through the campus gates. In the silence of the morning, unnoticed, we had left a part of us behind.

This one year at GMP has indeed been special, each for a unique reason. And the year at bschool is always worth a flashback!! Flashback in real life is possible only by means of a refresher of treasured memories. And the Yearbook, an earnest endeavor was envisaged to serve this very purpose - offer nostalgic, lighthearted/humorous sentiments in the form of individual student profile write-ups, as a display of the warm feelings of classmates and sweet memories of your friends from b-school.

Abhay BhasinBDay: 29-Jul Email: abhaybhasin@gmail.comA B Baby or Arjun (from the movie Karan Arjun, and you should be able to guess who Karan is) is an ardent party lover who loves his food and his booze. He can electrify a party with his witty jokes (of course double entendre). With his gentle word, he can perk up any depressed soul. He has worked in different committees (Placement, Branding, Mess committee); has talents (sings, plays every other sport but we are not discussing how well here); and has the attitude. What belies a casual, unassuming guy is a determined persona. Abhay does not believe in missing classes whatever commitments he might have. He is one of the most eloquent speakers in the class. In one dreaded lecture, Abhay was suddenly called upon to speak on a topic which his team-member was supposed to present. He managed the show really well without giving anyone the feel that he was actually reading out from the footnotes of the presentation. Eventually, Abhay wants to apply his MBA knowledge to run a successful restaurant business. His motto in life: Live every moment and enjoy life to the fullest.

Abhishek Singh

BDay: 09-Aug


Abhishek fondly known as Netaji is fun loving, aggressive and hard-working. Netaji managed to build up quite a fan club after his sterling performances with 'grammatically correct Hindi' speeches during the village trip and the OB project. Most likely to be ready with the camera wherever he goes, he can cheer anyone with his amiable manner and sense of humor. He can speak for hours on any topic and his gift of gab can silence anyone. He can use Hindi with ease, but his real skill lies in attempting to explain those things to people which dont really matter to them. With interests in Finance and Marketing, he is sure to make it big in life and his experience and acumen provide a perfect platform for his managerial career. Most important value you can learn from him Never give up and always put your best foot forward

Achin Kishore

BDay: 15-Mar


The smart, relaxed, determined and confident personality of Achin, lights up any room as he walks in. His love for parties and delivering gyaan, coupled with his natural hand gestures have earned him the nickname, The Handmover. His insatiable appetite for learning made him probably the first in GMP history to write a case study under the guidance of a professor. Not afraid to express himself and with excellent communication skills, he is inquisitive, and is always ready to take everything in his stride. An active sportsman and an excellent volleyball player he represented XL with his bag of tricks on ample display, and is capable of elastic and vigorous movements (if and when he does move). His never say die attitude, determination and strong will, reflect only when the submission deadline approaches, while rest of the time he just chills. His motto in life is Why do it today, if you can do it faster a day before it is to be done. He aspires to carry his parents legacy and business to newer heights.

Ajit YadavBDay: 19-Jul Email: ajit.yadav83@gmail.comWell known for his outspoken, unusual and witty personality, Ajit is one of the tough co