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A fund focused on investing in global innovators that are improving the world Innovator Fund

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A fund focused on investing in global innovators that are improving

the world

Innovator Fund

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GWC Mission: To connect the world and enable innovation.

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The GWC membership is a private, invitation only community for innovators and executives from leading technology companies to build trusted relationships, share insights, explore collaboration and develop international growth strategies.



Members include executives from:

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The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) hosts mobile industry executives, entrepreneurs, developers and investors from around the globe to build partnerships, learn from industry thought leaders and show how innovation is improving the world.

More than




500 Journalists from

From Over


*2015 Estimates including all GMIC events

Paul GrahamFounderY Combinator

Pony MaCEO and FounderTencent

LeijunCEO and FounderXiaomi

Sachin BansalCEO and FounderFlipkart

Yuri MilnerCEODST

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The G20 Mobile Leader Summit is an exclusive, private dinner followed by a roundtable discussion with approximately 20 of the world’s leading innovators in the mobile industry from key markets worldwide. The event is held bi-annually in Beijing and Silicon Valley.

Previous Attendees Include: • Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder, Facebook• Yuri Milner, Founder, DST Global• Reid Hoffman, Founder, Linkedin• Pony Ma, CEO and Founder, Tencent• Robin Li, CEO and Founder, Baidu• Leijun, CEO and Founder, Xiaomi• Sachin Bansal, CEO and Founder, Flipkart• Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO and Founder, Olacabs• Evan Spiegel, CEO and Founder, Snapchat• Richard Liu, CEO, Jingdong (• Sebastian Thrun, CEO and Founder, Udacity• Ben Silberman, CEO and Founder, Pinterest• Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-Founder, Airbnb

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G-Startup Worldwide is a global startup competition held around the world to find the most innovative, early stage startups, invest $1,000,000 in them, support them

with a global network and enable them to change the world.

Enabling Innovative Startups to Change the World

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• GWC Startup Worldwide is an investment strategy of the the Global Innovator Fund • The fund will invest $1,000,000 into 18 startups through G-startup in 2016

• GMIC will host G-startup at all nine GMIC 2016 Locations• Each local G-Startup winner will get a $50,000 investment prize and the

second place will receive $20,000 investment prize• Each winner also receives a free trip to Silicon Valley for GMIC SV

• The finals will be held at GMIC SV, where the 9 local GMIC Winners will pitch for an additional $250,000 investment (Total Investment $300k) . 2nd place will receive an additional $120,000 (Total Investment: $170k).

G-Startup Worldwide Overview

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Past Judges

Neil  Shen,  Founding  Managing  Director,  Sequoia  China

Dave  McClure,  Managing  Director,  500  Startups

Lei  Jun,  CEO  &  Founder,  Xiaomi

Jenny  Lee,  Managing  Partner,  GGV  Capital

Sasha  Mirchandani,  Managing  Director,  

Kae Capital

Fu  Sheng,  CEO,  Cheetah  Mobile

Tim  Chang,  Managing  Director,  Mayfield  


Charles  Hudson,  Venture  Partner,  SoftTech Ventures

Tim  Draper,  Managing  Director,  DFJ

James  Shen,  Managing  Director,  Qualcomm  Ventures

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Didi Kuaidi• Beijing  2013  “Most  Innovative  App”  Winner  -­ $16  Billion  Valuation  

App  Annie• Beijing  2010  Finalist  -­ Raised  $94  Million  from  Sequoia,  IDG

Polar  Rose• Beijing  2010  Finalist  -­Acquired  by  Apple  in  2010

OpenGarden• Silicon  Valley  2014  Winner  -­Raised  $12.8m  from  August  Capital

Filld• Silicon  Valley  2015  Winner  -­Raised  $3.25m  Seed  from  Lightspeed Venture  Partners

Hyperverge• Won  Bangalore  2015  -­Raised  $1m  seed  from  NEA

Select Alumni

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Target Investments


India 25%



Country Breakdown

China India U.S. Other

Innovative productor service that

benefits humanity

Mobile, Robotics, Education, Health, Social, Commerce

Have Achieved Major Traction in

Local Market

Other includes Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Europe etc.

Global Growth Potential

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Our Shareholders

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Benefits to Our Portfolio

Global Promotion and Thought

Leadership through GMIC

Deep Global Network of Tech and Innovation Leaders

Unique Relationships and

Expertise in Strategic Markets: China,

India, US

Access toInfluential LP’s

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Enabling World Changing Innovation

Innovator Fund