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Global English English as an International Language. Official languages in Sweden :. 1999: Finnish Sami language Romani chib Yiddish Meänkieli (Tornedal Finnish ) 2009: Swedish!. English as an international language. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global English English as an International Language

Global EnglishEnglish as an International Language

Official languages in Sweden :1999:FinnishSami language Romani chibYiddishMenkieli (Tornedal Finnish)2009:Swedish!

English as an international languageEnglish is heard on TV, spoken by politicians from all over the world

The speaker doesnt need to have a perfect command of the culture English expresses (English, American)

It is used by businessmen and tourists

It is used in the communication of ideas and culture

It functions as a bridge between speakers with different linguistic backgrounds

English plays the role of lingua francaCompeting global languagesMandarin 845 /1025

Spanish 329 /390

Hindi/Urdu 240 /405

Arabic 232 /452

Portugese 178 /193

Russian 144 /250

French 68 /120

The five official languages of the UN areEnglish, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese

English 328 / 1500Why only English?Half of the worlds scientific journals is written in English

Three quarters of the worlds mail are written in English

Three fifths of the radio stations of the world broadcast in English

English is spoken as a first language by 300 million people

One in five people speak English competently

Why only English?All international pilots

All international sea captains

7 largest TV broadcasters CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, CBC, CNN, C-Span

Half of all newspapers

Why only English?The flexibility of the English language

Migration to the USA has created a segment of the world population whose aim is to learn English for survival purposes

Some countries use English to avoid having to choose between conflicting local languages

First, second or foreign?First language used as a mother tongue Second language used for administration, broadcasting, education (India, Nigeria, Singapore)Foreign language - used to promote trade, scientific progress, international communication, learnt in school (Sweden)

Countries with English as an official languageThe spread of English as a languageThe industrial revolution, the British economic predominance in the 19th century, the colonization of large geographical areas

The displacement of French as a language of diplomacy

After World War II, there was a rise in economic influence from the United States

The Future of Global EnglishWhat kinds of development could impede, slow down or stop the future growth of English?A significant change in the balance of powerpoliticallyeconomicallyculturallytecnologically

2 questions: Whats interesting to know about another English speaking country?Each of you makes a list!

Look at your list pick 3 countries (from slide 11) that you would like to learn more about!