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    Mn. 'Raymond Bodkin, College alumnA, has been employed aa clerk in the local .lffi ce of the Gil-met County War Price and Ration.-ine Board, a nd began her duties th-ia week. lt:r'J. Bodkin is a former coun-ty teacher and is a siste r or Mrs. J . G. Cain of Glenville, also a College aiOIIIliL

    The Glenville Mercury Stud ent Newpaper


    P!an~ a re be ing mnde ror o. party in the College gymnc.sium SatuYday night under ~he direct.ion o"f the Chemistry Club. (Details nre nO't avai lable.

    GLENVILLE STAJ:E..COLLEGE Published ~eekly

    A week-e nd guest of her siste r , :Min Cwendolyn Sm it h. Co llege alumna now teaching in Po rken1bur~ agh Sr.hool, was Mary K. Smith , ,;.ophom.ore.

    Sincle Copy 5 c-a.

    Principal Speaker Will Be Dr. -John W. Elliott, Philippi

    Dr. Haught Attends School Meetings

    Pres. D. L. H-aught attended a dinner mt>eting of the Association of College Presidents in Huntington where problems of the administu.:. t ion of colleges and the relation of colleges and secondary schools were discussed , Tbursday, April 20, and. on Friday he attended sessions of the l!erondary principalS' meeting. While enroute to t bes& meetings be transacted businesa at Charleston,

    Mrs. Emma Spier , a former house with th'e State Board of Contr.oL di rector nt Ka nawha H all. Glenville State College, was a week-end visi~ I DAN HOOVER EMPLOYED tor in Glenville . k resident of TEMPORARILY AS JANITOR Clarksburg, Mrs. Spier presently is ---serving os a di etit ia n at t he St. Mr. Dnn Hoover ha1 taken oVer Mary's Hospital where about 1251 Mr. H. G. Law's janitorial duties on cadet nurses are in trRining and the Campus while the latter's wife wh ere about 900 meals are served is conva lescing from a serious ill daily to the patients , staff' and the nes!l. Mr. Law will r e.turn wbcn his student. trainees. wif e 'F tnndition pennitsh

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    JIM pltnville Mercury

    Stacleat Weekly Newapaper of Gleawle State CoUece

    Publlllhed e eh 'l'uesda> during tb t! scb oo1 year by the class011 in journalism. Enter.ed. a the post office s ~cond li's ;h i1n2 take up the same olog)r class a1c weeks of M li d cat carvi as the famous in e have fa il ed to appear on the ca mpus yet ... Dave T well . ouT future C. I. 0. (?', makes his sloga n, HNo a.,ugmma1 and shorte r school term" . RenioJ class Prexy, h as a staff of life.' but who of us golden crusted dellcacy as baked by the Mi ll ? ... C>ll ege sh rubbery gets trimming by Mr . nan Hoover . who IS fo r MT. 1:1. G. l aw as College janitor . . ers in the forth noming A. R. C. benefit

    1 ball games are undergoing n rigoro 1ched ul e for Thursday night ... Is

    .Mies Alma Arbuckle will be head enee1r1e.aal!lll at these contest s ? ... Th e fl u bug plays with fa culty member. and tudents alike ing necessitated fhe abcnce of Mr. R Whiting. Coll ege intructor. a nd Homer Heckert, sophomo re ... Dean Rob ert T. ford suft'ered a rei a pe of the was absent from College on Rest wishes to Mrs. Robert nurse (Margaret Prunty to you of t he 'March moon' on Fri (warm weather is SURE to fo llow) , heell ess. etc .. sn nd a l were brought forth by I number of Coll ege co-eds.

    He who reeeivea a "gnod turn should ne'''" ~~~;;;=~~ forget It: he who does one should ne,.t remem- I

    Hnve you had a kindn

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    -' . '

    ;. I _,.

    to t he ben~ fil will be with twenty-five eent!

    ft(toen eents tor ebil the minimum

    will go to the Red belp speed blood plasm::t

    vitally needed m:lte!l31s war tron tl.


    T bc State Bot.Jd o r Edth,;llhon h.u uutbori~d. fo-r the dur.o.ho. or tb.t war, inerettse in t1l t em"t.J~o r hoa rJ or f:'.Xtt'Aion lht m:~y I c ea rned from twehe (12) to sixteen ( 16) hours for the Third Claf!a C,rtl fiote, from ei~:ht~en ( 18) to twenty-four (2l) buurt tor lht S(!cond 1n ~.J; et-t iftc:pte. nnd fro"' twenty-f, ur (24) to thirty (30) l:oun for the "il'l' Clau Certiftrale.


    Cunent EVen t5 Club membel"!! votetl to purchue war r..amp5 with rheir l't!maining Club fundg at s meE't bg Monday nf tC!'rnoon.

    F ollowine a bu.sine111 me~ting, memben hettnl "The lm!lde Story or Pea rl Rarbor.'' by O:avid Tewell: "Why Soldiers Won 't Ta lk About Their Exreriences,"' pre!'ented by El-la Vr: ta Fitrnatr; ' 'How Narles was RAised 'From the Deo. d.'' ' ns dis cussed by Ruth Grove11.

    Miu Bell Entertains At Bridlfe Party

    Mi~ Bec.:ie Bo)d Bell , instruetor in the Coll r ~c. entertained wit'h a bridJ:"e party Snturda) evening ttt her home in Glenville. GueslJJ induded \he. ltf(i!\tlames J ohn E. Arbuekl ~.

    Ot.!i V. Robert!, Erle Arbuckle. C. T. Whiting. R. T. Craw1ord. El. Y. Clark ; lhl' Misses Ma:rgnret Kenney. Lou ,.. \V '- ithw, Knthleen Robertson, nnd Guce Lorentz .. o.ll of Gle1wille. Mis! L:lura Frie3 of Grnfton and ) frg 0 . C. Wilson ot Huntington.

    Betty He rring Obaervea Birthday Annive.raary


    SPORT NEWS and


    a. Tt.e.lma a,. tardne time fCir wcrc"\' t

    VER-R-Y sore ' Mr. U. L. White. who b on the men's quint . d~dined practice a.nd dedttred that he would f~ Rl~ ph1yi ng Thursday ni~ht ! Thos.e p.mes t hoald be wort ~ any t~ ne:'l! money!

    Mrs. Muriel Garrett McGinnis, Mr. Oris Married Saturday in Gantsville

    ' .J G.rnu GIDO ot dovd>tv of Xr. od Jln. 1..._ a. llr. Om G. (llooll _,. Gl

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    On The Land, In the Air, And on Th~ Sea

    With Our Friencfs fn The Servic tt

    Br J .. ette Cua aiarham Pvt. Harold "Pee. \Vee" Ret.'Se is Pvt. Sheldon Riggs, stationed a t now at Truax Field , Madis')n, Wis. ,

    Ft. Benni ng1

    Ga., writ es that he is where he is training as a radio tech now as.signt!'d to a Service CC". which n ician. takes care of ' a ll vehicles in the Regt. Chief Specin list Me1'ril1 G~ in~ and. has charge of supplies ol all spending a leave a t his ho me kinds. " Although we don' t do a!" in Gle nville. Wit h him are his wife mueh firing as those in the line com- and eight-months old son who P a.nies , we take to t hem everything with him at the Navy sta t ion at they need for existence. Befor e com- Char lerton , S. C. inc cSown here I was a record clerk Willi am H. Moss, st::&lioned in !n the Regt. garage. May 2 I' ll grad- S ew Caledonia wi th a construction uate here with a diploma fOr Army battalion of U. S. Seabees. expects .rotor Meehanies. This is m y t enth a transfer soon. Recently he was in week of ~ehool and I've les rned a New Zeala nd where he received hos lot. " pitalizat ion, tho ugp the extent (If his

    Recent week-end visitor a t hi, i llness was not le:nned here. Mrs. home in Glenville was AC Kar l We~t, ltoS!I and their da.ughter, Sonya, live of Fort Benjamin Harr ison., Ind. He ~ n Elkin!. e.xp_ected to be tra nsferred soon af- En ~ign Wnrren Lam b has com-teT hi s return t o c:&m p. l et~d work at Annapoli s, Md., and

    PYt. Belen Goldberg, statione~ :~s been assigned to F.h io duty. His with a WAC detachment of t he Air cet postoffie e address is San Fran-Corps at Orlando, Fla., WTites : " l'rii ch;r". here for five more .weeks and then- Sergt Denver Thompso n l': ns lancl-onlr Un c:le Sam orders. Army lif e, " r! sa (ely in I taly and is servi ng in

    1 nywsy AT mY Air Cilrps life, ia won- the ground forces of t he U. S. Air derful. 1 Jove it ... Still love- t o read Carrn. Mrs. Thom pson. ~he former t he Mereury e.-err though ma ny new Miss Leota Self , is livir:g at hPr names crop UJI." hnme ln Glenville.

    Bfld ree Cantley recen,.tly enlisted Damon West , at Cnmp Stoneman. in t~ Marine Corps and is now tak- Ca lif .. was elected on the post's lftW boot ttaining at Parris Isl and, "dnam team," an a ll-league busket-S'. c. ba ll a..-gregation. West was named a

    Pfc. Br ooks Golden, at Cam;r guard on the fi rst team and the (o!-Stoneman , Calif., writes: u1 was \owinl!' was WTitten about him in the oveneas for a short period and my post newspaper : "Sixty--one vote!l pap, (Mercury) h~td not been for - wen t to Damon West . l!'tl3r~ of the warded to me so when I re tur ned I Special ServiC-es club. West was an fou nd many copies waiting for me. a ll-league selection last year, but he .. Many things happened while I suffered a broken ann and other in-waa rone, some good and some bad. juries before the start of t he '44 but u far as I ean tell , t he Mercur y season which kept him out of most carried an accurate st ory of them of the ga mes. Fast and elus ive, he a U, Thanks f or the Mercury and Was clicking in grent style as the kup 'em coming-.1' season ended."

    1st: Lt. Woodr ow Showen wrlt~s : Darrell Woofter and Harry P tl tt, ' 'The Mor c:urf dt.ive away ma.n7 a f ormer students, and Win ston Col-tlull moment and seems t o br ing me tins, junior, have been ca ll ed by t he closer home. I have been stationed Gilmer County draft board and wi ll in En1land for ae eral months. Dur- l!O t.o Clarksburg tomorrow fo r pre-Jn my stay hen I have had the op- induction phy,iea l examinations. p m nit y of visiting ma.ny of Eng- New a ddresses a nd changes: S-Sgt. 1arad'a histori cal spots. The Englisb Donald Swecker , Service Co., 383rd peeple.. are very hospitable and go to' In!., APO 96, Camp White, Ore. ; ar e:rtremes to make us feel at Russell Belkna p, S 2-c, USS Shreve-home/ ' port, P. F . 23, US Naval Rec. Sta.

    Dn id "Jake" F itzpatrick , J r ., who Com m. Detail, Bldr;". 10, A l~ers, ~.; hu been stationed a t an Army Cpl. Robert Arm!=trong, APO 5598, Clfnl' near Harrisburg, Pa ., w.aa a care Postmaster , New York ; Pvt. bito