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  • 1.GILLETTES Razor SharpEdge Over Its CompetitionPresented by:- Ketan thakurTushar Patodia Nishab jauhriRahul rautBhanu pratap khushwaha

2. Overview Background info on Gillette Problems/Solutions company faced Current info/issues 3. Background Information Founded in 1901 Flagship productsafety razor Companys strengths: Focus on scientific knowledge/studies Innovative products Large-scale manufacturing capability Useful products sold at fair price Sales in 2000: $9.3 billion 4. Global Company Strategy: To manage its business witha long-term, global perspective Over 1 billion people interact with aGillette product every day Manufacturing operations located in 23countries Distribution in 200+ countries 40,000+ employees 5. Vision Statement To build TOTAL BRAND VALUE byinnovating to deliver consumer value andcustomer leadership faster, better, and morecompletely than our competition. Fundamental Principles: Organizational Excellence Superior performance at every level Core Values Achievement, Integrity, Collaboration 6. Products Overview: Worldwide leader in 12 major consumerproduct categories Focus on continual development of newproducts Currently introduces 20+ new productsper year 7. Three Core BusinessesGillette is the undisputed global leader in: Grooming Portable Power Oral Care 8. Grooming Products World leader in maleand female groomingproducts Blades, razors Wet, dry 700 million consumersuse Gillette razor blades Shaving preparationsand after-shaves 9. BLADES & RAZORS SEGMENTGrooming Male & FemaleShaving Products Toiletries Blades & Electric Pre-Shave Post-Shave DeodorantsRazorsShaversDisposable Shaving Replacement RazorsSystems Blades 10. Introduction of projectThe objective of the study is to understand the consumerattitude and buying behaviour for Gillette Razor AndFoam. To understand the former part, we created a focusedgroup questionnaire and conducted a focused GroupDiscussion (FGD) on Shaving Cream, gel and foam. 11. Research Question andHypotheses Are consumers more price conscious or brand loyal? What are the factors that play the most important rolein a consumers choice of buying shavingcream/Razor? What is the effect of non-attribute factors on thepurchasing decision of Gillette shaving gel/foam? What are the factors that play the most important rolein a consumers choice of buying shavingcream/gel/foam? 12. Use of Marketing Research Focus groups and surveys revealed: Gillette must reform its approach by: Emphasizing quality and brand equity Discontinuing use of disposable razor ads Developing new products 13. Role of Marketing Research Told Gillette that it could change its formerprice approach to the market by emphasizingquality and brand equity as well asintroducing new products. 14. Marketing Research Problem To determine the consumers opinionsregarding the quality of products overtheir prices. To determine the impact of Gillettescompetition on its sales. To determine the wants and needs ofconsumers using Gillettes variousshaving products. 15. Observations:1)The surveyed sample considered Gillette to have the best packagingamong all the brands. This feature highlights the fact that point ofpurchase is an important selling point for the shaving cream/shavingRazor market and Gillette has been outperforming the competitors.2)For price sensitive customers products like V-John, Godrej and Dettolwere more satisfying than Gillette.3) The consumers are most satisfied with Gillette in all the cases exceptwhen the purchasing decision is based on price along with additionalfeatures. 16. Factor Analysis A factor analysis was carried out to obtain the group ofattributes which can be grouped together. Hence 4 factorswere obtained as follows Factor 1 Product attributes (Fragrance, Brand Name,Foam Formation, Ease of Use)Factor 2 Price Sensitivity (Price, And Offers/Discounts)Factor 3 Point of Purchase (Availability in Stores andStylish Package Design)Factor 4 Additional Features (Colour of Shavingcream/gel/foam and Ingredients) 17. Competitor analysisColgate-PalmoliveProduct Weight (gms) Price (Rs.)Palmolive Lime70 37Palmolive Moisturizer 70 39Palmolive Delux 70 39 18. Hindustan Lever Limited, Product Weight (gms)Price (Rs.) Axe Shaving Cream 7045 Denim Exclusive 7043GodrejProduct QuantityPrice (Rs.)Godrej Shaving Cream100 gms 25Godrej Premium Shaving Cream 70 gms 25 19. Gillette Marketing Spending Jan. 30, 2003 24% increase in ad spending (fourthquarter) 2002: Global ad spending rose 12%--$650 million 20. New Challenges Jan. 30, 2003 Battery rival Energizer to acquire Schickbrand of razors Energizer to invest $930 million Result: Aggressive marketing wars? 21. Questions and AnswersThe End