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Transcript of Gillette Activation

Activation CampaignIdea Presentation

BriefBrand: Gillette India

Campaign Name: Shave India Movement 4

Campaign Theme: You Shave, I Shave

Requirement: Theme amplification to on ground activities building up to a grand culmination event, Key Messaging has to be maintained throughout the campaign and activities.

Proposed Activation Ideas

Girlfriends & Wives Revolt: You Shave. I Shave.The movement takes a new turn as girlfriends & wives across Mumbai city come out in a major revolt against the stubble. They come out on the streets, they sign a petition, they are out to make it a question of equality. You Shave. I Shave this is their demand & they are ready to go to any length to get their point across This is the Shave India Movement 4 & This is the time for REVOLUTION.

The Revolution:A 3 week intense campaign takes place with multiple activities leading to a mega event: Activity 1: Signature Campaign - Petition Against Stubble Activity 2: Girlfriends & Wives Flash Mob Activity 3: Womens No Shave Week Activity 4: Stubble Patrol Mall activation & pub Crawl Activity 5: Stubble Elections Activity 6: The Big Debate Main Event: Judgment Day - Girlfriends & Wives bring the men to the shaving arena where the men pledge to shave everyday. This is VICTORY!

Please note: These are initial ideas the client can pick all or just a few concepts for execution.

Activity 1: Signature Campaign

Activity 1: Signature Campaign

Setup 4 signature walls across Mumbai:

Marine Drive

Worli Seaface

Bandra Bandstand

Juhu Beach

Each wall is one km long & branded with Girlfriend & Wives Revolt: YOU SHAVE. I SHAVE.

Activity 1: Signature Campaign Promotion campaign radio/ facebook/ sms/twitter drives 50,000 women to these walls where they show their support to the campaign by signing on the wall. The women include star & celeb girlfriends/ politicians wives/ corporate head honcho wives & the local junta of women.

Activity 1: Signature Campaign

The walls are setup for a duration of 7 days during which women from all walks of life show their support.

The activity goes viral and makes the news headlines/ media coverage/ live women sound & video bytes covered on radio, on FB & across the TV for a national impact.

Activity 2: Girlfriends & Wives Flash Mob

Record Breaking Flash Mob

Juhu Beach 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

Record Breaking Flash Mob

Suddenly women start coming wives, girlfriends, singles. Mothers. Sisters. Daughters.

Record Breaking Flash Mob


They carry banners, placards, wear t-shirts: REVOLT AGAINST STUBBLE YOU SHAVE. I SHAVE.

Record Breaking Flash Mob


6000 Women Come Out In Protest; making it to the Guinness Book Of Records for the worlds largest womens flash mob in the world.

Flash Mob AmplificationPre Event: 20,000 t-shirts distributed to women across the city carrying flash mob branding & information. Women are encouraged to wear the t-shirt & participate in the worlds largest womens flash mob United Against Stubble: You Shave. I Shave. Fight For Equality. Additionally, radio, facebook, twitter & other social media platforms used to drive women to juhu beach on Sunday morning to stand united against the stubble.

Event Coverage: The event is covered by Guiness Book Of World Records/ Limca Book of Records/ news channels/ newspapers and other media.

Activity 3: Womens No Shave WeekLead Up To JUDGEMENT DAY MEGA EVENT.

Womens No Shave Week

10,000 women participate in a No Shave Week they refuse to shave for one week, in a lead upto the main mega Judgment Day event.

They go public posting their status I wont shave till he does across BBM/ FB/ Twitter. Judgment Day XXXX Date/venue/time

Sound bytes captured and played across radio & media platforms WE WILL NOT SHAVE TILL HE DOES.

I WILL NOT SHAVE TILL HE DOES. Judgment Day April 24 2012 @ Inorbit Mall

Activity 4: The Stubble Patrol Mall Activation & Pub Crawl

The Stubble Patrol Create a group of female models dressed in a uniform-ish costume with official looking badges. They are the STUBBLE POLICE. The crew goes on ground to malls & pubs & arrest anyone with a stubble. Their condition for release the men get a stubble ticket which is the invite for the main shaving event day.

Stubble Police The Mall Activity

The Stubble Patrol Crew setup at mall location near the entry gate itself.

The Patrol crew covers the mall area in search of Stubble Offenders

They catch anyone with a stubble & arrest them with script sir we are the Gillette Stubble Patrol. Having a stubble is a turn off & almost like a crime. So if you do not want a lifetime of rejection from women, we order you to get rid of your stubble immediately.

Stubble Police The Mall Activity The girls then bring the stubble offender to a branded setup where they write an FIR (First Impression Report) & take the photo of the offender & give it to him as a momento. They order them to shave immediately on the spot & also issue a ticket which is the event invite for the main shaving event.


Stubble Police The Pub Crawl Group of 4 Stubble Police to travel in a branded stubble patrol car & visit series of nighclubs & pub locations. The car is branded with Gillette You Shave. I Shave branding & main event date. At the pub, the Stubble Patrol hands out stubble offender tickets to all men with a beard/stubble ordering them to come out clean at the main event.

Activity Idea 5: STUBBLE Contest/ ELECTIONStubble or Clean Shaven Vote For Your Choice!!

Stubble ElectionsThe Idea: Create a mass on ground voting campaign stubble or clean shaven? Who wins? Who loses? Tie up with 200 on ground locations colleges, hangouts, malls, corporate parks & setup a voting booth at each location. Promoters at each location invite people to VOTE for their choice stubble or clean shaven? Both men & women can vote end result, clean shaven wins hands down!!

Stubble Elections The PollsThe Voting Booth: A draped branded area setup TG goes inside, stamps the polling form.

The Poll Form: A form divided into 2 Vote For STUBBLE & Vote For CLEAN SHAVEN. The TG gets a stamp which they put on their choice.

Stubble Election - AmplificationThe media covers the voting activity.

Female celebs invited to vote

Sound bytes of voters played on radio

FB & Twitter post regular updates & encourage people to vote at their nearest polling station.

The results are announced live on radio, online & next day make the headlines in print.

Build Up To The JUDGEMENT DAY>>>

Build Up Activities

The activation builds up hype more & more women join the U Shave I Shave Movement they talk about it at public events/ pub crawls/college debates etc.

Stand Up Comedy UNSHAVEN. Pub Crawl Comedy: A female stand up comedian creates a You Shave. I Shave stand up routine which is taken across to all pub locations ending with the men receiving an invite to attend the mega Judgment Day event at the mall venue.

The Big Debate (UN)SHAVEN A camera crew with a moderator to visit colleges and corporate parks and engage TG in a BIG DEBATE The topic is Shaving. Do women want it? Is it justified? The moderator invites people to participate and fight it out each debate lasts for half an hour & the outcome is recorded on camera. Activity is amplified on radio.


Judgment Day: Time To COME OUT CLEANAll the buzz leads to the big day.

Couples come in crowds women bring their men and come for You Shave I Shave at a mall venue.

2 separate zones created one for men, one for women women & men both shave & come out clean.

The press is present, the crowds are present and professional shavers are present.

Judgment Day10000 people shave at the event its time to COME OUT CLEAN.

Men bow down to the wishes of the women & both get shaved at the event.

Media takes sound bytes and video bytes of the men who admit they want to COME OUT CLEAN for the sake of the women.

SummaryThese are initial ideas a detailed plan of action will be provided post client feedback.