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Gilded age Politics. Bell Work: 1.What is the spoils system- when did it form? 2.What is a stalwart (Conklin)? 3.What is a half breed? 4.Who was James A Garfield… why did his association with the half-breeds lead to his assassination?. GILDED AGE POLITICS BELL WORK. Bell Work: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gilded Gage Politics

Gilded age PoliticsBell Work:1.What is the spoils system- when did it form?2.What is a stalwart (Conklin)?3.What is a half breed?4.Who was James A Garfield why did his association with the half-breeds lead to his assassination?GILDED AGE POLITICS BELL WORKBell Work:1.What is the spoils system- when did it form?2.What is a stalwart (Conklin)?3.What is a half breed (Blaine)?How did James Garfields association of being a half-breed lead to his assassination?Listen to the Following Details Regarding the Death of Garfield

Era of Good StealingsUlysses S. Grant- Grant had no right to exist. He should have been extinct for ages That, two thousand years after Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar, a man like Grant should be called- and should actually and truly be- the highest product of the most advanced evolution, from President Washington to President Grant, was alone evidence enough to upset Darwin Grant should have lived in a cave and worn skins. Henry Adams

U.S. Grant

U.S. Grant (R) & ScandalsPolitical Failure? Or Rising Star? KKK crackdown.Grant Cabinet- rip off artists Black Friday- Gold Corner (Jay Gould)Credit Mobilier (Oakes Ames)

Tammany HallWilliam M. Tweed (political machines)Political Machines GraftThomas Nast (political cartoons)NastyGrant and Santa Claus

Boss Tweed

Rutherford B. Hayes (R)Elected over Samuel Tilden brought down Boss Tweed2nd Corrupt Bargain- end of Reconstructioncreation of the Jim Crow Laws (segregation)Plessy v. Ferguson Chinese Exclusion Act (political suicide).


James Garfield (R)Spoils SystemRoscoe Conkling v. James G. BlaineStalwarts (Conkling), Half-Breeds (James G. Blaine), IndependentsAssassination- (Charles Guiteau)Chester A. Arthur- Pendleton ActCivil Service Exam

Grover Cleveland (D)Democrat Mugwumps vs. BlaineElection of 1884- Burn this letter v, Ma Ma wheres my Pa? Off to the White House Ha, Ha, Ha!RRR, Romanism, Rum, RuinThough the people support the government, the government should not support the peopleTariff issues (lower the tariff- anti business)

Ma Ma Ma Tatooed Man

Benjamin Harrison (R)Cleveland v. Harrison (Young Tippecanoe)Waiving of the bloody shirt (now pink)Twisting of the lions tail- vote for Cleveland is a vote for EnglandLoss of the surplus (tariffs and veteran pensions)McKinley Tariff

Billion Dollar Congress

Cleveland (again)2nd termPanic of 1893Silver Purchase Act (Repeals)Pullman Strike (original quote- negative president)

William McKinley (R)Bryan v. McKinley (twice)Gold Standard and more tariffsEnds depressionSpanish American WarKilled by Leon Czolgosz (anarchist at the World Fair)Theodore Roosevelt (one shot away)