Gift card and voucher packaging

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Great packaging ideas for gift cards and vouchers to help increase sales.

Transcript of Gift card and voucher packaging

  • 1. Copacking Design Hauptstrae 62 16348 Wandlitz OT Schnwalde Deutschland Gift Card Packaging COPACKING DESIGN Packaging design and manufacturing specialists WWW.COPACKING.COM

2. Create uplift in gift card and voucher sales 87.3% like to receive a gift card 84.3% think gift cards are useful presents 71.1% like to give a gift card 63.9% think gift cards should be available at multiple places (such as gas stations and supermarkets) 47.4% think that gift cards look too simple 42.6% believe that gift cards are not packed attractively enough 33.7% claim that gift cards have a lack of fantasy 33.3% would buy more gift cards if they were in creative packaging 30.7% think that giving a gift card is equal to giving money Adding a fun range of gift pack options has not only made our customers happy but it has increased our margin! Online retailer Graphics and concepts We can design any graphics you want or we can take your designs and bring them to life. We are developing new designs all the time so if you have an idea we would be delighted to make it work for you. We have a wide range to chose from Basic We have a range of simple and inexpensive gift card and voucher packaging which will give your customers much more choice when purchasing. Great eye catching graphics work well. Fun Opening a gift that reveals the gift card or voucher in an unusual way really adds to the experience of receiving. We have a great range of packs that pop, slide, and reveal. Bespoke Innovative new packaging design is important to keep ideas fresh and intriguing for the consumer. Designs that move with the times. 3. Simple yet effective Card A clean, simple and inexpensive card with a neat gift card or voucher holder using a magnetic closure. The starter range needs to be budget driven but can still be fresh and interesting for the consumer. . Pillow pack The pillow pack holder comes flat packed for easy display with an inside card to hold the gift card or voucher. Pull out An outer sleeve contains the pack, which opens to reveal the gift card or voucher which can be easily slipped into place. Add a bit of Wow! Slider Simultaneous slider revealing gift card and company information designed as a bag. But we can make any shape your imagination can come up with. Pop reveal Fun pop out gift card holder revealing gift card to receiver through movement. Encased in wallet which can have any eye catching graphics required and room to write a personal message on the inside. Mini Shopping bag The miniature bag concept works by pulling the tab at the bottom and the gift card simultaneously slides out the top. A cute and effective design for retail cards for all occasions all year round. 4. Get creative Cinema promotion We can adapt your packaging to fit the purpose, in this case a promotion for cinema special offer club cards. Include some goodies These have smarties in them but you could have any product to further enhance the giving and receiving experience, a gift card and a giveaway gift. Basket (miniatures) Lovely idea for a fine food company to present their gift card in a tiny picnic box. You see, its the little details that get you noticed and remembered! Miniature forms always attract consumers interest. Other things we do Promotional If you or your clients are looking to do any promotional campaigns or are launching a new test product we can design and produce small runs of unique solution focused packaging. Magnetic Excellent as signature boxes for all types of retail products, that can be produced in any size. Uses a magnetic closure which creates further perceived added value for the consumer. Overwrap Creates a high end finish and feel to your packaging. Designed in a variety of premium paper finishes and sizes to meet your end requirements. 5. Who we are Copacking is a premium packaging provider that delivers innovative solutions which improve your customer experience, enhance your brand loyalty and reduce your overall costs. Copacking can provide a complete solution from creative design to final delivery as we have the in-house creative experience and we manage the whole production process including supply chain and manufacturing. Copacking has the ability to test and work with a wide range of materials to deliver solutions that work for your business. We have an enormous amount of industry experience for you to call upon and a proven track record of success. By controlling the whole process we can deliver competitive pricing for high quality packaging that will meet your (your customers) quality standards for runs both large and small. Contact Us Hauptstrae 62 16348 Wandlitz OT Schnwalde Deutschland Phone: +49 (0) 33056 418419 Email: [email protected] Web: Imprint Copacking Design Hauptstrae 62 16348 Wandlitz OT Schnwalde Deutschland Come and meet us COPACKING DESIGN Packaging design and manufacturing specialists WWW.COPACKING.COM