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2013 Annual Australian & New Zealand Weight Loss Leaders Summit - Gold Coast - Melbourne - Sydney - Brad Hauck is called ‘Mr Web Marketing’ because he has helped clients achieve millions of dollars worth of sales online. Brad will show you how to: Build a repeatable marketing system that can easily get you more business than you can handle. Learn the 7 simple steps can turn your marketing into a lead generation machine that can’t be stopped. How to leverage Google, email & social media in just minutes a week. Discover how to get awesome search engine rankings. Why trust is the new commodity online and how to build unbeatable trust with visitors. Share internet marketing secrets that require little to no $$$ upfront.

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  • 1. BRADHAUCK MrWebMarke/ng AuthorofTheBillionDollarBlueprint

2. TheBillionDollarBlueprint 7StepstoGe2ngMoreBusiness 3. 50Million plus Visitors 4. Billions? In2011,theonlineshoppingmarketinAustralia reached$13.6billionandwillgrowat12.6%CAGR to$21.7billionby2015. Recentresearchhasindicatedthatworld-wide ecommerceincludingonlineretailsaleswill increaseby13.5%annuallyforthenextfouryears. Reachinganes/mated$1.4trillionby2015. 5. Qn WhyisOnline SOOOImportant? 6. 7. Pre Purchase Purchase Post Purchase Research BuyingSupport 8. 1. Learnwhatthesearch engineswantandgiveit tothem! 9. 56% ApproximateClicksfrom#1onGoogle 10. Findthe Right Keywords Leadwiththewordsthatyouwant peopletondyoufor. GoogleInsights/KeywordTool 11. 823,000 1,500,000 12. FixYour SEO FillinUniqueTitles,Meta tags,contentthatusesyour keywords 13. Title Gold Coast Accountants for Businesses - Joe Walsh & Associates Business Accountants Gold Coast Descrip/on OnPage InGoogle 14. UseinTitles, Metatags, Headings, Content& Footerlinks Using Keywords 15. Qn? Doyouknowwhether youhavecompletedthe SEOoneverypageon yourwebsite? Searchforsite:www. 16. 2. Buildasystemofsites linkingtoyou. 17. WhyLink? Alarge%ofthesearch enginesformularelates tolinks 18. Votes Eachlinkislikea personal recommenda/on thatyourethe expert 19. 32 per Day = .96 sales 700 per Day = 21 Sales TheEectsofLinkBuilding 20. Whereto BuildLinks Directories,Ar/cles, SocialBookmarks, Blogcomments, Forums,Minisites, Web2.0sites 21. Examples Directories Ar/cles SocialBookmarks Blogcomments Web2.0sites 22. HowMany Links? Localmarket 300-400/mth Na/onalmarket 1500up/mth 23. What Dierence ? 24. What Dierence ? 25. 3. Createasocialmedia explosionaroundyour business. 26. TrySocial Media Notallsiteswillworkforyour businessormarket. 27. Like It! Becauseitssocial,you shouldenjoyusingit. Useitoden. 28. Most Powerful Facebook LinkedIn Twi%er Market-centric-Ning 29. Proles CompleteyourProlesonas manysocialmediasitesasyou canwithalinkbacktoyour website GuaranteedResultsonPage#1 30. Social Trac Regular pos/ngsbring tractoyour websiteorlinks 31. 4. Buildalistbygiving somethingaway. 32. GiveItAll Away Givesomethingaway inexchangeforname &email.Nothings free! Neverhavecompletely freestuwithout somethingin exchange. 33. $$$inthe List Is the money $$ $ in the list? 34. Dierent Lists Facebook,Email, Twi%er,SMS,Oine Theyrealllists.Use oneoracombinaDon. 35. Living Lists Alistthatsunusedin 6mthsisadeadlist. Workwithyourlist. Tips,Oers, NewsleGer,Howto, Newgadgets,Videos, Training 36. 5. Publish,Publish,Publish 37. Contentis King Learntolovetowrite orhiresomeonewho does! Newandvariedtyped contentshows experDse,linksbackto you&allowsdierent audiencestodiscover you. 38. Expand yourSite Home Page Services Mini Website Products Service 4 Service 5 Product 2 Service 3 Service 1 Service 2 Product 3 Product 5 Product 1 Product 4 About Us More More More More 39. Mulbple Waysof Publishing Webpages,Videos,Pressreleases, Socialnetworking,Twi%er,Ar/cle submissions,MP3Podcasts, Ebooks,PDFles,Worddocsand more 40. Mini Sites Uniquecontent, 5-10pages,use Wordpress, Unlimitedsites onHostGator 41. More Content More Trac 12,703 keywords 42. 6. Videoeverythingand shareitwiththeworld. 43. Onthe Rise Peopleare watchingmore onlinevideo content. 44. TheKing! Ownedby Google.Loved byGoogle! 45. 30sec-2 min Produceshort videosfor maximum results 46. Whereto Start? 10MostCommonlyAskedQues/ons 10MostCommonProblems Howto Productdemonstra/on Servicedemonstra/on 47. 3Step Formula 1.Introduceyourself 2.Contentofvideo 3.Re-introduceyourselfand howtheycancontactyou. 48. SEOyour Video 49. 7. Plantosucceedquickly andeciently. 50. ThatQn?? WhatamIgoingto writeabout? 51. Planitout Pickatopicforevery monthoftheyear. 52. AWeeks Worth Divideupyourtasks intoarepeatable, outsourcableseries. 53. DaybyDay ExampleTaskPlan 54. Repeat! 55. 7 Steps FixyourSEO StartLinkBuilding GetInvolvedwithSocialMedia BuildaList PublishMoreContent Record&ShareVideos PlantoSucceed Repeat 56. What Next? Iwanttoleaveyouwiththeinformabonso youcanmakemoremoneybusiness,uncover hiddenprotsyouneverknewaboutandlive beferbusinesslives. How? 57. 9 modules Videos Workbooks Flowcharts Train Yourself or a Staff Member! My training will teach what works and how to apply it so you can sell more products and get more clients. Learn everything you need to know about how to get more business online and cut out all the uff Learn How to Promote Your Business Online 58. Onsite SEO 59. Offsite SEO Link Building 60. Email Marketing 61. Social Media Marketing 62. Video Marketing 63. Blogging for Profit 64. Outsourcing for Success 65. Make your Website Sell 8 66. Producing eProducts 9 67. 9 modules Videos Workbooks Flowcharts Train Yourself or a Staff Member! My training will teach what works and how to apply it so you can sell more products and get more clients. Normally: $1733 Learn How to Promote Your Business Online Today Only: $1125 or 9 Payments of $130 via CC 68. 9 modules Videos Workbooks Flowcharts Offer 1 Today Only: $1125 or 9 Payments of $130 via CC Normally: $1733 Optimise your Website and Drive it up the Search Engines Today Only: $2000 or 4 Payments of $500 via CC Normally: $3300 Basic Onsite Local SEO MASSIVE link building package 3mths 480+ Articles 4800_ Forum proles 60 Press releases 720 RSS feeds x 3 months Web 2.0 4800+ 600+ Social bookmarks social networks 480+ 3000+ wikis .edu wikis 240 3 urls + 10 keywords Bonus:Clickcademy.comaccess(100trainingvideos