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  • 1. Getting Successful Leads For YourWebsite

2. A company, no matter how big or small, will not becomplete without an official web site. Millions of peopleall over the world visit the world wide web everyday, andwhat better way is there to promote your business? 3. However, if nobody visits your web site, it will not serve its purpose - which is to inform people about your company. 4. On the other hand, if there are a lot of visitors on your web site but nobody is enticed to buy your products ortake advantage of the services that your company offers,then the web site will still be useless. 5. The key ingredient to a successful web site is getting leads. The purpose of leads is to guide the customers and prospective clients to your web site. 6. Here are some tips on how you can get successful leads to your web site: 7. 1. Review the design and content of your web site. Oncepeople are led to your place on the Internet, then the nextthing that you need to do is keep them there. 8. - Make sure that the site tells people about the productsand services that your company offers. 9. - The web site itself should be user-friendly. A visitor will be annoyed and will browse away from your companysweb site if it has a lot of useless information and the linksare not organized. 10. - More importantly, the web site should be visuallypleasing and have eye-catching graphics, helpful articles and easy-to-follow links. 11. 2. Conduct a study of your target market. Learn about their age and social group and location. If your customerbase is mostly teens, check out their online forums to find out about their likes and dislikes, and their opinions. 12. If most of your prospective customers are regulars of thiskind of web sites, you may actually join their online forums and give out your opinions but do not directly advertise. 13. What you can do instead is give your e-mail address andother contact information while posting on such forums. 14. You can also contact the creators of the web site for theonline forums and ask them about your advertisingoptions. 15. 3. Build a mailing list to make your advertising campaign more effective. 16. You may employ paid and unpaid methods when buildingyour list. 17. With the unpaid method, you are making an effort to convince people to give out their e-mail address. 18. Here, you would have a solid mailing list to make up your customer base because when people volunteerinformation, it only means that they are interested with your company. 19. On the other hand, there is a paid method of building your mailing list. With this, you actually shell outadvertising money for your products to be promoted on popular web sites. 20. There are also "partner" web sites that would let youadvertise for free, in return for a service or product that your company may provide. This is how affiliations are built towards a mutual, beneficial gain. 21. You may also convince your current customers to referyour company and web site to their friends and relatives to increase your mailing list. 22. Freebies, discounts, and coupons may be given out tocustomers who can give you a friends e-mail address. 23. This should be an additional incentive, aside from the freemailings that they will receive from your company. 24. Follow these steps and you will be able to promote yourbusiness, find local and national customers and help yourcompany grow through targeted advertising online. 25. Please visit: for more info