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Transcript of Getting Started - Cake Decorating Supplies And Cake ... · PDF file decorating cupcakes. While...

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    Getting Started

    Step 1

    There is no need to grease the mould, just make sure you place it on a non-slip surface or board so that it does not move. Take the now warm and pliable icing and press it down firmly on the end of the mould.

    How To Make Quick and Easy Lace In Minutes Using Sweet Lace Express

    Sweet Lace Express is a brand new icing that allows you to make lace quickly and easily. It revolutionises the technique for making lace as the icing is a paste, not a liquid that can be spread into the mould, released after 4 minutes and attached straight onto the cake with edible glue. It also goes a very long way so the average cost of a piece of lace is under 15p.

    How To Use Make sure your Sweet Lace Express paste is room temperature. Take a small amount of the paste and knead for at least 10 seconds until really soft and pliable.

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    Step 2

    Using the Sweet Lace Express spatula, spread the icing across the mould pressing the paste down firmly to fill every crevice. If all the crevices of the mould are not perfectly filled you can press the spatula over once again or carefully over just one area of the mould. This technique takes a little practice and if you are not happy straight away with the result, simply take the icing out, re-knead and try again.

    Step 3

    After 4 minutes, turn the mould over and using the spatula, slowly and gently release the paste pulling the mould away as you go. The lace will remain soft and workable for about 10 minutes so if you are not going to use it straight away, cover with a stay fresh mat or put in an airtight container.

    Simply attach the lace around the side of your cake with edible glue.

    The lace can be used in a number of creative ways:-

    The circular lace mould is ideal for decorating cupcakes.

    While the lace is still soft, cut out but- terflies and leave them to set in shape.

    Create a tablecloth effect or larger sections of lace by joining lace strips next to each other.

    While soft, the lace can be gently shaped and left to set over a mould like this umbrella.

    The icing can be coloured before placing into the mould.

    Once we mastered the technique (which didn’t take long), we found making the lace really quick and easy - definitely the best and most economic way of creating lace on the market!

    Available from

    Handy Hint If after spreading the lace into the mould you are not happy and want to start again, there is an easy way to remove the lace from the mould. Take some kneaded lace paste and press it onto the lace, it will pull away from the mould ready to be re-used.