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Getting better pictures depends on effective techniques.

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  • 1. BASICS ABOUT WHATMAKES A GOODPICTUREAccording to Gene Gilmore in hisbookInside HighSchoolJournalism

2. 1. Simplicity2.A focal Point3. Action4. Subject5. A Story6. Mood7. Truth8. Size9.TechnicalQuality10. Beauty 3. FACTORS AFFECTINGTHEQUALITYOFPICTURES 4. 1.The Taking OfPicturesa.Be sure to know workmanship ofyour camera, its every part andfunction.b.There is a need of mind eyescoordination when taking pictures.The photojournalist should make itsure that the angle he is taking is anewsy one. 5. 2. To Be Set ForLayoutA.Sharp PicturesB.Message-ladenC.Well-cropped