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    The LeafThe LeafThe LeafThe Leaf a monthly publication of GLC

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    Rev. June A. Wilkins

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    Dr. Timothy E. Guenther

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    Pastors Message P. 2

    Adult Education P. 3

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    Stuff the Truck P. 6

    Blood Drive P. 6

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    New Members P. 8

    Prayer Concerns P. 10

    On Sunday, April 28, Gethsemane will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the

    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The ELCA was formed when former

    Lutheran bodies, the American Lutheran Church, the Lutheran Church in America,

    and the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches merged to form the largest

    Lutheran denomination in America. The constituting convention of the ELCA took

    place in Columbus, OH April 30 - May 3, 1987 after several years of discussion and

    negotiations. Since Gethsemane was one of the only AELC churches in the area,

    many of our members were a vital part of those discussions and the final

    convention. The ELCA was officially formed on January 1, 1988. On Sunday, April

    28, our own Violet Meek who was a part of the discussions, negotiations, and

    assembly will preach and will lead the education hour with input from others who

    were involved.

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    Experience Easter

    Through Holy Week and Easter, we go through the

    cycle that we go through every year: Jesus eats with

    friends, Jesus is arrested and killed, Jesus is dead,

    Jesus rises from the tomb. Easter is the culmination of

    these days, the exciting conclusion to the story. Its a

    great event. But we know next year, we will do the

    story all over again the same way. Back to the

    beginning, again and again.

    Its important to know that we share the last week in

    Jesus and Easter, not just because they are events that

    deserve commemorating like Independence Day or

    Presidents Day. Holy Week and Easter are what we

    experience as human beings in this world.

    We live and make relationships, we suffer and feel

    pain, and we die. Not just our eventual, final death,

    but all the smaller disappointments and endings and

    devastations that we experience on the way: the

    death of loved ones, the ending of a long time dream,

    financial hardships. And then we all actually do die in

    the end. All of those things are just realities of life.

    Everyone in all sorts of religions can agree on that


    But heres where Christians have a unique spin on the

    whole life thing: we believe that after all those things,

    God makes new things happen. We believe that little

    deaths (and big deaths) are not the end. Are never the

    end. Rebirth, new life, resurrection. We believe in the

    miracles that God can do in us and through us even

    after death, small and large.

    So this Easter season, I hope that you dont just come

    to Easter Sunday Worship to remember an event in

    the past. I pray that you experience the promise of

    hope and love and forgiveness in your life today and

    every day.

    Easter Blessings,

    Rev. June Wilkins

    Gethsemane joins B.R.E.A.D

    In the March meeting, our Congregation Council voted

    to become a member of B.R.E.A.D., the Columbus area

    justice organization. The mission of B.R.E.A.D is to

    draw upon the strength of people of faith to act on

    issues of justice and fairness in the Greater Columbus


    Each year, through a process of house meeting, voting

    and consensus building B.R.E.A.D agrees on an issue to

    research and work towards resolving. For 2013, the

    congregations of B.R.E.A.D chose to focus on

    discrimination against immigrants in our city.

    Our Gethsemane B.R.E.A.D team includes Darlene

    Norman, David Norman, Wendy Luedke and Lee Ann

    Perrin. The congregation is invited to join in on the

    Rally on April 8th at Tifereth Israel Synagogue at

    6:30pm. And the Nehemiah Action on May 6th at the

    Celeste Center at 6:15. B.R.E.A.D relies on the

    attendance of the member churches and the strength

    of numbers to influence politicians and leaders to

    make good and just decisions. If you have any

    questions about any of these events, you can ask one

    of our team members.

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    LIFETIME LEARNING Christian Education about life, for life, and for a lifetime.

    Sundays at 10:45 AM

    In the Multi-Purpose Room

    April 7

    Discussion of Contemporary Worship

    Leaders Pr. June and Dr. Tim

    The people of Gethsemane are invited to share

    thoughts and ideas about the style and content of our

    contemporary worship. If you enjoy contemporary

    worship, come and share!

    April 14 and 21

    Bag It

    Leader Joanne Leussing,

    Environmental Stewardship Ministry Team

    Plastic seems to be indispensable to everyone's life.

    But it is made from non-renewable oil, a lot of oil, and

    seldom used more than once. The film Bag It focuses

    on the downside of plastic in a humorous and com-

    pelling manner. It forces us to see that plastic trash is

    everywhere: clogging waterways, forming immense

    trash piles in the oceans, and killing marine life.

    Landfills are overloaded with this stuff that takes years

    to break down. Chemicals in plastic appear to be

    affecting people's health. Scientists are interviewed as

    the film puts the whole picture together. Can we live

    without plastic? The main character gives it a good-

    natured try. Come to see the film and be a part of our

    Earth Day discussion on caring for God's creation.

    April 28

    On Our Way Rejoicing:

    The ELCA Comes to Columbus

    Leader Rev. Violet Meek

    How did the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

    come into being? Where? Why? Who? What was it

    supposed to be? All questions appropriate to a 25th

    Anniversary. They are especially appropriate here at

    Gethsemane because our congregation was right in

    the thick of the action right here in Columbus when

    the ELCA Constituting Convention came to town. On

    that day, twenty-five years ago, three separate

    Lutheran church bodies came together out of the

    conviction that we could better serve Gods kingdom

    and Gods people together than we could separately.

    The road to unity was bumpy and messy. There were

    speeches, demonstrations, high drama, and

    sometimes the sound of heavenly laughter. Many of

    us were there; some of us were actually the planners.

    All of us were the pray-ers. Remember the dream as

    we plan for the future.

    Violet Meek, now a Gethsemane member, was an LCA

    representative to the Ohio Transition Team, Chair of

    the Southern Ohio Synod Transition Team, and Co-

    Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for the

    constituting convention.

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    Gethsemane Reading Group April 24 7:30 pm

    The End of Your Life Book Club Written by Will Schwalbe

    Discussion led by Carol Prigan

    You are invited to attend this book discussion

    group in the library each month or to come when

    you can.

    For more information, please contact Sharon

    Walton (614-451-4820 or Barbara Ford (614-263-


    Brown Bag Bible Bash Resumes

    The group resumes again the Wednesday following

    Easter, April 3, at 12:00 noon.

    Straying from the usual path for a few weeks the

    group will use material primarily from the Lutheran

    Study Bible, pages 19-27 and 1521-1552.

    The topics are:

    Apr. 3 An Introduction to the Bible what is it and

    what is in it?

    Apr. 10 Martin Luther on the Bible how he read it

    law and Gospel is it the word of God?

    understanding and interpreting the scriptures.

    Apr. 17 The Small Catechism, a simple guide for the

    Book of Faith, and, Lutheran insights that open the

    Bible five key principles.

    Apr. 24 What should we expect when we read the

    Bible?, and, the Bible and Gods Mission looking at

    the Bible from th