Get Hired to Do SEO - MozCon 2015

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Transcript of Get Hired to Do SEO - MozCon 2015

  1. 1. Most SEOs didnt set out to do SEO they took a circuitous path to get the skills theyve learned. @ruthburr #MozCon
  2. 2. 3+ years SEO experience with medium to large sites/brands. Experience with (industry) websites a plus. Bachelors degree in business, marketing, communications or other related subject preferred. @ruthburr #MozCon Unfortunately, most SEO job descriptions look more like this.
  3. 3. Build a Website! @ruthburr #MozCon A lot of SEO career advice boils down to just build a website! which doesnt always help you qualify for your dream job.
  4. 4. Time to Give Up. @ruthburr #MozConSo are you going to give up like this sad puppy?
  5. 5. J/K LOL LETS DO THIS @ruthburr #MozConOr are you going to make some money?
  6. 6. Job Description Translator 3+ years of experience Know how to do this already @ruthburr #MozCon
  7. 7. Job Description Translator Bachelors degree in Marketing Bachelors in something OR Know something about marketing @ruthburr #MozCon
  8. 8. @ruthburr #MozCon
  9. 9. Your Actual Resume @ruthburr #MozCon Use your resume and cover letter to address where you dont match up to the job description.
  10. 10. Special Skills: Agency-Side @ruthburr #MozCon Be sure to highlight non-SEO skills at an agency, written and verbal communication and a cool head under pressure can be more important than experience.
  11. 11. Special Skills: In-House Edition @ruthburr #MozCon In-house, experience is more important because there might not be anyone to train you. The ability to get buy- in and work a P&L are big pluses.
  12. 12. Your Online Resume @ruthburr #MozCon I KNOW he can get the job, but can he do the job? Hiring managers dont actually care if you match the job description perfectly. They care if you can do the job.
  13. 13. Who ARE You? @ruthburr #MozCon In addition to whatever you say about yourself, you better believe Im going to Google you.
  14. 14. @ruthburr #MozCon Social media profiles (Yes, LinkedIn counts) Buy your domain name (if you can) Join communities Dont forget pictures!
  15. 15. @ruthburr #MozConOf course, thats easy for me to say, because my names not
  16. 16. @ruthburr #MozCon Choose a brandable version of your name, or a modifier, and use it everywhere to carve out your personal niche.
  17. 17. @ruthburr #MozCon And Yeah, Build a Website @ruthburr #MozCon And yes, having a website is a great way to try out new techniques, and showcase your abilities to prospective employers.
  18. 18. HTML @ruthburr #MozConYou should know some HTML, and know your way around a WordPress site.
  19. 19. Learn HTML (and WordPress) @ruthburr #MozConThere are lots of places to learn this.
  20. 20. Write in the Wild @ruthburr #MozCon Find places where you can showcase your writing ability in the wild blogs, articles, etc.
  21. 21. Content Strategy and Design @ruthburr #MozCon Were you paying attention earlier? Or were you on Twitter? Your website should demonstrate some thought around content strategy, which you should have learned earlier in the conference..
  22. 22. @ruthburr #MozCon User intent Local Search Penguin Analytics Anchor Text Duplicate Content Panda Crawl Keyword Research Inbound Links Page Speed Mobile Search Meta tags Usability Free Space! And, you know, you should know SEO.
  23. 23. What Blogs Do You Read? @ruthburr #MozConI will definitely ask what blogs you read. Where do you go to stay current?
  24. 24. How I Got My Job @ruthburr #MozCon I got my job because I met my current boss at MozCon 2013 and we became friends. By the time he was hiring and I was looking for a job, wed built trust.
  25. 25. Networking Doesnt Have to Be Weird @ruthburr #MozCon Networking is about making connections and friendships to build trust. Over time, your network will get to know you & how great your work is.
  26. 26. @ruthburr #MozCon Dont mob the keynote. Take that same time and build lasting connections with people who have more time to talk. Youll get more value out of it.
  27. 27. Stay in Touch @ruthburr #MozCon After the conference, make sure you keep track of your new friends stay in touch!.
  28. 28. Speaking of Which +RuthBurr @ruthburr in/ruthburr @bigwingagency
  29. 29. Image Credits Slide 2: Icons made by Freepik from licensed under CC BY 3.0 Slide 9: Slide 13: Joe vs. the Volcano, Warner Bros. 1990 Slide 19: Slide 26: Rudy Lopez Photography, Moz at SMX Advanced 2013 Slide 27: Moz February Adventures! By Moz on Facebook All other images via Pixabay