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  • 1. Geology 3 Field AssignmentExploring and Learning Nature By: Laura Lopez

2. Oakhurst, Ca Oakhurst is part of the Sierra Nevada Foothills Oakhurst is the Gateway to the most beautiful park in the world Yosemite Oakhurst, Ca is part of Madera County as well as the Sierra Nevada region. Oakhurst is formerly known as Fresno Flats (Oakhurst History, 2000) 3. Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe is the largestalpine lake. It is locatedbetween California andNevada. Snow falls from Novemberand April and with some raincausing snow to melt; Thiscauses massive floods. There are many pine trees.These in the background seemto be Lodgepole Pine. *My mother-in-law in Lake Tahoe 2010 It drains into Nevadas GreatBasin via the Truckee River(Peters, 2004) 4. How has it changed? Made up of mostly Quaternarysediments and granite rocks.(Geologic map) Rocks older than 600 millionyears are rare in California. The oldest rocks, which are morethan 1,000 million years old, arelocated in the eastern deserts andthe eastern Transverse Ranges(San Bernardino and San GabrielMountains). (Williams, 2008) With the erosions so powerfulit propelled sediment into thevalley which then becamethousands of feet thick (GeologyOverview, 2006) 5. Trees here at Oakhurst havebeen around for manyyears. Trees you see are: Oak,Pine and many plantsEx: bushes, flowers, etc These trees are locatedall around the Oakhurstarea In the winter there arecovered with snow andchange color with thechanging seasons 6. How has it changed? Trees have been called the *One of the oldest trees instructural elements of theCalifornia from the GiantSequoias (Alex, 2007)ecosystem They are very tall and big allaround, some reach 250 and 300feet tall They have existed longer thanwe have. For thousands ofyears, trees have grown. It is important that the treesretain their needles throughthe winter. So they canimmediately beginphotosynthesis once springreturns. (Plants, 2011) 7. Lake Tahoe AnimalsLake Tahoe is home to a wide variety of animals. Animals thatlive in the forest, on ground or in the water. I didnt get to see anyanimals while in Lake Tahoe. In addition, I did some research(Keep Tahoe Blue, 2011) and I learned about some of the animalsthat roam around Lake Tahoe. Therefore, when visiting thiswonderful place, you just might encounter an animal or two.Mountain WhitefishPikaWillowFlycatcher*Pictures from Black Bear 8. Animals I Encountered in OakhurstAs I took a walk into the woods in Oakhurst. I did comeacross a paw print though I am not too sure what animal it maybe. Lion came in mind and I was a bit terrified so I had to leave.Moreover, I went to another location about 10 miles away I seen adeer walking across the dirt road its a far away picture I didntwant to get too close and scare it away. Though I was a bit scaredand even though I didnt see a mountain lion I am glad that I gotto take a picture. In the state of California there are many animalsand plants. From different birds, fishes, bears to trees, plants, etc. 9. *Brown deer possibly looking for food.-Deer live about 9 to 11 years. *Big paw print*Pictures while on a nature walk in Oakhurst 10. How has it changed?Mountains outside of OakhurstMountains are formed is when magma from beneath the Earths surface is pushed up, butMany mountains are made up ofdoesnt actually crack through (Cain, 2009).volcanic activity. Or simply by theThen it will harden like a granite rock.Earths crusts. Mountains consist ofsedimentary rocks. Snow and rainAnother way mountains are formed is along fault lines. Blocks of Earth are uplifted anddont change the appearance of these tilted over as two plates grind together. Themountains. Also, this mountain seemuplifted part forms a mountain, and the loweredto be a glacial. You can see a bit ofparts are filled in with eroded material. Ansnow on top. example of this is the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. (Cain, 2009) 11. Igneous rocks Means fire-formed Formed from thesolidification of moltenrock material It can be weathered andbroken down to formsediment Most igneous rockscontain quartz and will begranite *Two top rocks from my house which I found in the outskirts of Firebaugh, Ca. *Bottom rock found on the side of the road on Hwy 152 12. Sedimentary RocksThere are three basic types: Clastic sedimentary rocks-sandstone and shale Chemical sedimentary rocks-rock salt and somelimestones Organic sedimentary rocks-such as coal and somelimestones which form fromthe accumulation of plant or*Top photo was taken in Oakhurst*Bottom photo found on Hwy 152animal debris. 13. Metamorphoric Rocks Modified by heat, pressure and chemicalprocess usually while buried deep belowEarths surfaceQuartzite There are foliated and non-foliated rocksGr Foliated consists of slate, gneiss, etc awhich consists of layered that is n -----------iproduced and exposed to heat andtdirected pressure e Non-foliated consists of quartzite andmarble that dont have a layers Slate 14. Angular Disconformitywhere horizontallybetween parallel layers ofparallel strata ofsedimentary rocks whichsedimentary rock arerepresents a period ofdeposited on tilted erosion or non-depositionand eroded layers,producing an angulardiscordance with the Non Conformityoverlying horizontalexists between sedimentary rockslayers.and metamorphic or igneous rockswhen the sedimentary rock liesabove and was deposited on the pre-existing and eroded metamorphic or *Definitions from Wikipedia, 2011igneous rock. 15. HumansHomo Sapiens Population is about 18,000 excluding visitors. (Oakhurst History, 2000) Residents and visitors/tourists keep this town as well as the foothills clean. They do not harm any of the plants and animals. Everything and everyone are affected by air. Humans create pollution that can harm all living things and can affect the mountains as well. We must take care of our environment.Thats Me 16. HumansHow has it changed?Chukchansi YokutCaptain John (ShibanaChiefor Poko-Tucket Horse Eater),Mono PaiuteMiWok Indian Chief There have been many people who wondered the now Oakhurst, Ca. Mi Wok, Mono and Chukchansi people graciously lived and flourished, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the rolling Sierra Foothills peppered with oak and pine trees. (Oakhurst History, 2000) Miwok once relied on its 135 acres of meadows, mixed pine forest and oak woodlands to furnish materials for shelter, tools and food (Maurer). However, many settlers (white folks) in 1850 came to the Indian land and wanted raise their children, farm and to seek for gold. 17. References Alex. (2007, March). Retrieved November 1, 2011. from 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World. Website: Animals & Plants. (2011). Retrieved November 1, 2011. from Barrow, Mandy. (2011). Retrieved November 1, 2011 from The Mountain Environment. Website: Cain, Fraser. (2009, April). Retrieved November 1, 2011 from How Mountains are formed. Website: Images. From Maurer, Debi D. Retrieved November 1, 2011. from Native Americans: Chaw-Se: Honoring the CaliforniansWho Were Here First. Website: Native Languages. (1998-2011) Retrieved November 1, 2011. from Oakhurst History. (2000). Retrieved November 1, 2011from Oakhurst History travel through timeon Hwy 49.Website: Peters, G. L. (2004). California. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishing. Plants. (2011, July). Retrieved November 1, 2011. from Short, Nicholas M. Retrieved November 1, 2011. from Geologic Map of California. Website: Vartan, Starre. (2011, February).Retrieved November 1, 2011 from Mother nature Network. Website: Wikipedia. (2011). Retrieved November 1, 2011. from Sierra Nevada U.S. & Unconformity Website: & Williams, M. (2008) California Geologic History. Retrieved November1, 2011. From University of Colorado.Website:snobear.-colorado.-edu/-Markw/-Mountains/-08/-CaliforniaMtns/-California_geolo-gic_history.-pdf