Geographic Significance Oedipus Rex

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Geographic Significance Oedipus Rex. Eric Helmold. Impact of Geography. Geographic circumstances shape play events Facilitate plot progression Setting Approximate date 430 B.C . Ancient Greece. Geographic Background. Troy. Birth of Oedipus. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Geographic Significance Oedipus Rex

Geography of Oedipus Rex

Geographic Significance Oedipus RexEric HelmoldImpact of GeographyGeographic circumstances shape play eventsFacilitate plot progressionSettingApproximate date 430 B.C.Ancient Greece

Geographic Background

TroyBirth of OedipusSon born to Laos and Iokast at ThebesLaos seeks future of his sonOedipus prophesy is given


Abandonment Laos gives son to shepherdLeft to die at Mount CithaeronSignificance of Mountains to Greeks


Mount Cithaeron5Prince of CorinthShepherd gives child to Corinthian shepherdAdopted by Polybos and Merop

ThebesMount CithaeronCorinth

6Journey to DelphiOedipus questions ancestry, Oracle at DelphiYet the suspicion remained aching in my mind (1108)Fumes of the Earth

ThebesMount CithaeronCorinthDelphi

7Return to ThebesHears prophesy, decides to not returnTravels to Thebes, crossroads incidentPhokis [] where the Theban Way divides [] toward Delphi and DauliaBackcountry

ThebesMount CithaeronCorinthDelphiDaulia8ConclusionOedipus leaves Thebes, wanders to Athens By Google EarthTotal Distance: 153 miGeography allows for event feasibilitySophocles uses geography to move plot


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