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Transcript of Genuine Accessories for E-Class Coup© and Cabriolet


    This brochure has been compiled by Daimler AG of Germany or one of its Group Companies to provide a general indication only of the range of vehicles, optional extras (for example satellite navigation systems, interface and telecommunication kits), accessories, merchandise and/or products (together, the range is known as the Products) available in various countries. Some of the Products shown may not be available in Australia, or may only be available in a different specification. Additionally, some Products may only be available in combination with others. Colours may differ slightly from those shown in the brochure, owing to the limitations of the printing process. Products available while stocks last. Changes may have been made to the Products since this brochure was printed. The information in this brochure is therefore indicative, illustrative and provided only for guidance and should not be relied upon. For current information on the availability, design, features and prices of Products

    available in Australia you should contact your local authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

  • Genuine Accessoriesfor E-Class Coup and Cabriolet.

  • ContentsTelematics MultimediaReversing cameraNavigationTelephony

    ExteriorLight-alloy wheels Wheel accessories

    Mercedes-Benz Sport EquipmentGenuine individualisation

    InteriorInterior appointmentsChild safety

    Cargo & CareCarrier systemsBoot accessories

    AMGLight-alloy wheelsBodystylingInterior

    Quality & Safety

    Digital Accessories World


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    Telematics Multimedia

    Reversing cameraNavigation Telephony

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    Telematics Multimedia

    Reversing cameraNavigation Telephony

    01 Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone

  • Willpower. You drive an E-Class Coup or Cabriolet because you know exactly what you want and you dont want to compromise.

    With the extensive range of telematics accessories from Mercedes-Benz you dont have to: you can go online at any time, make phone calls or locate the nearest fashionable restaurant. Its all about what you want.

    For further information about the Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone, go to

    01 Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone

    The Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone comprehensively integrates your iPhone 4/4S into the E-Class. Integration is based on the combination of the Mercedes-Benz Digital DriveStyle app and the Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone the on-board interface to which the iPhone is connected and via which it is charged.

    The Digital DriveStyle app is available free of charge from the iTunes App Store1. In the app an extensive range of functions are seamlessly integrated into the new, revolutionary user interface which appears on the vehicle display2. When an iPhone is connected, the Digital DriveStyle app can be operated safely and conveniently using the ergonomic Controller.

    Some functions of the Digital DriveStyle app: Advanced navigation solution from Garmin, with internet-based real-time traffic information, point of interest search and 3D map views.

    Local search for points of interest powered by Google with Street View and transfer of destination to navigation system.

    Siri3 can act as a personal assistant, providing answers to questions or carrying out commands which would otherwise require manual input.

    AUPEO! Personal Radio for an individual music programme. Internet radio from national and international broadcasters. Access to songs saved on your iPhone. Facebook feeds and Twitter tweets from friends are read aloud4. Socially interactive experience with option, for example, of sharing and posting current song choice or navigation destination on Facebook and Twitter.

    Glympse: share your location, vehicle speed and estimated time of arrival with your friends in real time.

    Intuitive CarFinder automatically stores vehicles location in iPhone. Integral pedestrian navigation on the iPhone makes it easy to find your vehicle again.

    1 Digital DriveStyle app available in iTunes App Store in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Other countries to follow.

    2 In conjunction with Audio 20 CD or COMAND Online.

    3 Audio support only. A list of Siri commands can be found at

    4 Languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese.

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    Telematics Multimedia


    Google Search



    My Music



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    Telematics Multimedia

    Reversing camera

    01 Mercedes-Benz InCar HotspotIntroduces the internet to your E-Class. All you need is a WLAN end device (laptop, mobile phone, MP3 player). Operating via your vehicles roof aerial, the system supports fast, stable connections to data networks such as HSDPA/UMTS or GSM/GPRS/EDGE. Up to four devices can be connected at the same time.System requirements: Convenience Telephony (Code 386); WLAN device with WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g interface.

    Connection to the internet requires a data-enabled SIM card (not included).

    Product is available for Coup only.

    02 Reversing cameraThe reversing camera is automatically activated when reverse gear is engaged. It assists the driver when reversing into a parking space. Static and dynamic guide lines show the driver the steering angle and the available clearance.Available from 4th quarter of 2013.

  • 01 0302

    Use of new Mercedes-Benz Apps for COMAND Online:

    News: Access to news from around the world, in categories such as finance, politics and technology.

    Parking Finder: Search for parking options near your current position or destination, with details of free parking, parking charges and opening hours.

    Morningstar Finance: Receive details of indexes and share prices from funds rating agency Morningstar*.Mercedes-Benz Apps are available at

    Please ask your Mercedes-Benz partner whether your mobile phone is suitable for use with COMAND Online.

    The Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth (SAP) telephone module with integral UMTS module and a direct connection to the vehicle aerial ensures that COMAND Online has a fast, stable and reliable internet connection (see page 12).

    * Please note that the market details are not delivered in real time.

    For further information about Mercedes-Benz Apps, go to http://

    01 COMAND Online with 6-DVD changerHigh-performance multimedia system with 6-DVD changer, hard-drive navigation system, telephone keypad and internet browser, shown on high-resolution, 17.8 cm display with TFT technology. Navigation system with 2D/3D map views, Speed Limit Assist and automatic congestion avoidance (TMC Pro).

    Unrestricted internet access when vehicle is stationary. MUSIC REGISTER with 10 GB storage for diverse audio files (MP3, WMA, AAC), USB interface incl. CD cover display and AUX-IN socket (in centre armrest), Bluetooth interface with hands-free function and audio streaming for music, SD card slot, DVD Video.

    LINGUATRONIC voice control system for audio, phone and navigation.

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    Telematics Navigation

    02 Europe navigation DVD for COMAND Online Did you know that we update 20 % of the information on our navigation CDs and DVDs every year? Changes include new roads and junctions, altered priorities, new points of interest such as filling stations and restaurants and additional countries, above all in Eastern Europe. For the latest navigation CDs/DVDs, visit our online shop at Orders can only be placed and deliveries made within Germany.

    03 Europe travel and restaurant guide SD card for COMAND Online, Version 2012/2013 Here you will find information from Michelins famous Red and Green Guides, detailing restaurants, hotels, sightseeing destinations and tourist routes throughout Europe. You can access audio files, images and text relating to the tips and routes included in the guide. The SD card, which covers the whole of Europe, is available from your Mercedes-Benz dealer. In many European countries the restaurant guide is also available via the online shop as a download or on an SD card. For further information and updates, go to

    SD memory card | not picturedThe COMAND Online system in your vehicle features a slot for SD memory cards. Play music directly from the SD memory card or upload it to your COMAND systems hard drive.

    Audio 20 CD with 6-CD changer | not picturedDouble-tuner radio with 14.7 cm TFT colour display. Bluetooth interface with hands-free function and audio streaming. CD changer is MP3-compatible.

    04 Becker MAP PILOTTransforms your Audio 20 radio into a high-performance navigation system with 3D map views. Becker MAP PILOT uses the standard-fit 14.7 cm display with TFT technology and is conveniently operated via the vehicles Controller and the Audio 20 keypad.

    The plug-in navigation module can be connected to your PC via USB to download the latest updates and additional services from the Becker MAP PILOT website. Available in Europe, Russia, Turkey and China.

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    telephone module + mobile phone telephone module + SIM

    01 Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth (SAP1) telephone module2 Experience a new dimension of web access, telephony and navigation support in your E-Class with the combination of the Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth (SAP) telephone module and the COMAND Online multimedia system. The telephone module with integrated UMTS module and a direct connection t