GenteGas!S.A.!to!launch! crowdfunding!campaign!on ... GenteGas!S.A.!to!launch!...

GenteGas!S.A.!to!launch! crowdfunding!campaign!on ... GenteGas!S.A.!to!launch! crowdfunding!campaign!on!
GenteGas!S.A.!to!launch! crowdfunding!campaign!on ... GenteGas!S.A.!to!launch! crowdfunding!campaign!on!
download GenteGas!S.A.!to!launch! crowdfunding!campaign!on ... GenteGas!S.A.!to!launch! crowdfunding!campaign!on!

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Transcript of GenteGas!S.A.!to!launch! crowdfunding!campaign!on ... GenteGas!S.A.!to!launch!...


    GenteGas  S.A.  to  launch   crowdfunding  campaign  on   Indiegogo  to  raise  funds  to   expand  consumer  loans  for   customers  switching  from  wood   to  gas.    

    Press   Kit   Launch  Date   Monday  August  24th  @  8am   EST  (30  day  campaign)  

    Funding  Goal   $15,000   Extend  credit-­‐lending  pilot  to   100  families.     Stretch  Goal  1  -­‐  $20,000     2  Motorcycles  for  LPG  deliveries   and  payment  collection.     Stretch  Goal  2  -­‐  $25,000   Delivery  Vehicle  (balance  due   $5,000).     Stretch  Goal  3  -­‐  $40,000   Extend  credit  lending  to  an   additional  100  families.    

    GENTEGAS  S.A.   1era  Calle  3-­‐42,  Zona  1   Ciudad  Vieja,  Sacatepéquez,  Guatemala  

    PHONE   +502-­‐7888-­‐6713  (Ofice)   +502-­‐3511-­‐0565  (Cell)    



    Beginning   August   24,   2015,   GenteGas   will   launch  a  Crowd  Funding  Campaign   to  be  used   to  continue  funding  LPG  stove  packages  to  low-­‐ income   families   in   Guatemala.   Additional   information   regarding   the   Crowd   Funding   Campaign   can   be   found   on   the   Indiegogo   ( -­‐expanding-­‐credit-­‐access-­‐for-­‐ guatemalans/x/10967778  -­‐  /story)  website.  

    GenteGas   is   a   high-­‐impact   social   enterprise   dedicated   to   improving   the   quality   of   life   of   families   in  Guatemala.  GenteGas’  mission   is   to   reduce   the   entry   costs   of   clean   burning   gas   stoves   and   fuels   as   well   as   provide   income   generating   opportunities   to   women   with   the   purpose  of  eradicating  toxic  cooking  smoke  and   the   associated   diseases   and   death,   increasing   public   awareness   about  health   risks   from   solid  


    fuel   use,   alleviating   the   pressure   on   local   forests,   promoting   local   economic   development,   and   ultimately   increasing   the   quality  of  life  for  families  in  Guatemala.  

    In  a  global  context,  cooking  smoke  is  the  fifth   worst   threat   to   public   health   in   the   developing   world.     Household   air   pollution   (HAP),   from   burning   wood,   charcoal,   dung,   agricultural   waste,   and   other   solid   biomass   cooking   fuels,   affects   2.7   billion   people   worldwide,   38%   of   humanity.   Toxic   cooking   smoke   is   responsible   for   over   4.3   million   premature   deaths   a   year...that   is  more   than   deaths   from   malaria,   HIV/AIDS   and   tuberculosis  combined.  

    In   Latin   America,   household   air   pollution   from   solid   fuels   annually   causes   80,000   deaths   and  2.7  million  disability  adjusted   life   years   lost   (WHO   Global   Health   Observatory   Data  Repository  2012).   In  Guatemala,   fifteen   Guatemalans   die   every   day   in   the   country   from  cooking  with  wood  and  a  staggering  9.6   million   people   are   affected   by   HAP   (GACC   2015).  Guatemala  has  the  highest  percentage   of   disease   attributable   to   solid   fuel   use   in  


    Central  America  (WHO  2012).  Wood  fuel  is  used   by  94%  of   rural   households   in  Guatemala,  and   is  responsible  for  death  and  major  health  issues   such   as   acute   respiratory   infections,   chronic   obstructive   pulmonary   disease,   low   birth   weight,   perinatal   mortality,   asthma,   tuberculosis,   cataracts,   and   cardiovascular   disease  (Bruce  et.  all  2014,  EPH).  

    GenteGas   is   the   first   social   enterprise   to   offer   market-­‐based   affordable   gas   stoves   to   low-­‐ income  families  exposed  to  toxic  levels  of  wood   smoke.   The   proposed   solution   is   to   use   clean   burning   and   reliable   LPG   stoves   via   a   community  engagement  program  that  teaches   entrepreneurship,   empowerment,   and   leadership.   As   part   of   the   GenteGas   business   model   and   proof   of   concept,   the   Universidad   del   Valle   (UVG),   Guatemala,   received   a   Grand   Challenges   Canada   Stars   in   Global   Health   -­‐   Round   6,   Phase   1   grant   for   the   project   titled   “GenteGas:   Delivering   affordable   gas   stoves   and  household  health  education  to  low-­‐income   families   exposed   to   toxic   levels   of   woodsmoke.”   This   is   an   academic-­‐community   partnership   between   the   University   of   California   San   Francisco   (UCSF)   (Lisa  




    Thompson,   co-­‐PI),   the  Universidad  del  Valle   in   Guatemala   (Anaité   Diaz   Artiga,   co-­‐PI)   and   community   partner   (Christina   Espinosa   of   GenteGas   S.A.).   Grand   Challenges   Canada   is   funded   by   the   Government   of   Canada   and   is   dedicated   to   supporting   Bold   Ideas   with   Big   Impact   in   global   health.   GenteGas   also   partnered   through   grants   with   the   Center   for   Disease   Control   (CDC)   and   Public   Health   Institute  (PHI)  to  study  air  pollution  monitoring   in  households  transitioning  from  wood  to  LPG.   Additional   funding   supporters   include   a   grant   from  the  Cordes  Foundation  and  an  investment   from  Pomona   Impact.    GenteGas   is   also  proud   to   be   an   implementing   partner   of   the   Global   Alliance   for  Clean  Cookstoves,   a   public-­‐private   initiative  led  by  the  United  Nations  Foundation   to   save   lives,   improve   livelihoods,   empower   women   and   preserve   the   environment   by   creating   a   thriving   global   market   for   clean   cooking   solutions.   Learn   more   at  

    GenteGas   offers   customers   the   stove,   tank,   tubing,   and   regulator   in   a   single   affordable  


    package   along   with   the   ability   to   finance   the   entire   package   for   12   months.   Presently,   the   biggest  barrier  to  adoption  of  LPG  is  due  to  lack  of   access  to  credit  mechanisms  to  support  financing   the   stove   package.   Due   to   the   lack   of   interest   from   big   banks   and   local   micro-­‐finance   institutions   to   offer   credit,   GenteGas   developed   an   in-­‐house   credit   mechanism   to   serve   these   families.  

    In   a   2014   UVG   and   UCSF   study   of   families   that   were  interested  in  purchasing  LPG  stoves,  71%  of   households  preferred  to  buy  a  stove  using  credit.   However,   income   in   these   households   was   predominately   generated   in   an   informal   economy.   These   findings   support   the   conclusion   that   while   many   of   GenteGas’   target   customers   are   interested   in   product   financing,  most   will   be   unable   to   obtain   credit   because   of   their   participation   in   the   informal   economy,   which   often  results  in  the  inability  to  supply  the  required   income  documentation  to  local  banks.  Therefore,   the  GenteGas   in-­‐house  financing  option   is  critical   to  the  success  of  the  business  model.