Genomatica and DuPont Tate & Lyle announce commercial-scale production of bio-based BDO

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Transcript of Genomatica and DuPont Tate & Lyle announce commercial-scale production of bio-based BDO

Page 1: Genomatica and DuPont Tate & Lyle announce commercial-scale production of bio-based BDO

Genomatica and DuPont Tate & Lyleannounce commercial-scaleproduction of bio-based BDO

Genomatica and DuPont Tate & LyleBio Products Company LLC (DT&L)announced the first commercial-scaleproduction of 1,4-butanediol (BDO)using a bio-based manufacturingprocess. BDO is used a solvent incosmetics and personal careproducts. This campaign, whichspanned five weeks in late 2012,produced more than 5 M lbs (over2000 tonnes) of BDO by directfermentation using conventionalsugars as feedstock. This marks thefirst time that BDO, with a worldwidemarket of more than 1 bn lb/y, hasbeen produced biologically on thisscale and at this rate. This campaignwas completed less than five yearsfrom when Genomatica firstdemonstrated the ability for amicroorganism to produce BDO in2008. DuPont Tate & Lyle has beenrunning its biochemical plant inTennessee since 2006, producing 1,3-propanediol at commercialvolumes. The collaboration withGenomatica utilised DuPont Tate &Lyle’s commercial-scale batchfermentation operation to feed theplant’s continuous downstreamprocessing.

Original Source: Genomatica, 2013. Found onSpecialChem Cosmetics and Personal Care Innovationand Solutions, 18 Feb 2013, (Website:

Invista collaborates with Arzeda forbiobutadiene

Invista Technologies (subsidiary ofKoch) has entered into a partnershipwith the Seattle-based start-up firmArzeda. The two groups will developnew technology for plant-basedproducts. Invista will contributeexpertise in biotechnology andcatalysis with Arzeda providingcomputer-aided design of newenzymes. The first project covers thedevelopment of a process forbutadiene.

Original Source: Chimie Pharma Hebdo, 18 Feb 2013,(623), (Website: (inFrench) © ETAI Information 2013. Original Source:Chemical and Engineering News, 11 Feb 2013, 91 (6),20 (Website: © AmericanChemical Society 2013

Novomer announces completion offirst large-scale PPC polyolmanufacturing

Novomer Inc has announced themanufacturing run of polypropylenecarbonate (PPC) polyol, producingover seven tonnes of finishedproduct. The PPC polyol was scaledup and produced with Albemarle attheir Orangeburg, SC, USAmanufacturing plant using Albemarleequipment that was modified for PPCpolyol production. This work wascompleted in conjunction withNovomer’s three-year, $25 M USDepartment of Energy (DOE) award.The produced material, a 1000molecular weight PPC diol, will beused to accelerate productqualification and adoption in a rangeof conventional polyurethaneapplications including flexible andrigid foams, adhesives and sealants,coatings, and elastomers. Novomeris working with several majorcompanies in various segments ofthe polyurethanes industry and thismaterial will enable commercial scaletesting of Novomer polyol. Novomerpolyols are claimed to be designed toreplace conventional petroleum-based polyether, polyester, and poly-carbonate polyols. The polyols arebased on the co-polymerization ofcarbon dioxide and epoxides and theresulting products contain more than40% carbon dioxide by weight.

Original Source: Novomer, 2013. Found onSpecialChem Coatings and Inks Formulation, 20 Feb2013, (Website:

DOE award supports Novozymes’enzyme development

The US DOE has awarded as muchas $2.5 M to Novozymes to fund thecompany’s enzyme developmentefforts. Novozymes is teaming upwith MBI International to developnew enzymes to be used in theproduction of advanced biofuels andchemicals from corn stover. MBI willcontribute its Ammonia FiberExpansion pre-treatment technologyto the project.

Original Source: Ethanol Producer Magazine, Mar2013, (Website: © BBI International 2013

Novozymes acquires enzyme businessfrom Canadian Iogen Corp

Novozymes has acquired Iogen Bio-Products, the industrial enzymebusiness of Ottawa-based Iogen Corpfor C$ 67.5 M and potential earn-outpayments of up to C$ 12.5 M. Thedeal provides Novozymes with allcommercial rights to Iogen Bio-Products’ existing product portfolio,pipeline, facilities, and know-how.Novozymes acquires all of IogenCorp’s industrial enzyme business.The acquisition does not include thepurchase of assets that relate toIogen Corporation’s bioenergyprocess technologies. Iogen Bio-Products, which entered the industrialenzyme industry in 1991, producesand sells enzymes for the pulp &paper, textile, grain-processing, andanimal feed industries. The companyhas close to 70 employees and sellsmore than 20 products globally.

Original Source: Novozymes A/S, Krogshojvej 36,2880 Bagsvaerd, Denmark, tel: +45 4446 0000, fax:+45 4446 9999, e-mail: [email protected],website: (31 Jan 2013) © Novozymes 2013

Acquisition of the enzymes business ofIogen Corp completed

With reference to companyannouncement of 31 Jan 2013, theclosing conditions for the transactionhave been met, and the acquisition ofthe enzymes business of Iogen Corpby Novozymes has been completed.

Original Source: Novozymes A/S, Krogshojvej 36,2880 Bagsvaerd, Denmark, tel: +45 4446 0000, fax:+45 4446 9999, e-mail: [email protected],website: (22 Feb 2012) © Novozymes 2012

Novozymes receives the HenkelInnovation Award

One of Novozymes’ major customers,the leading consumer and industrialbrand products company Henkel, hasrecognized Novozymes with theHenkel Innovation Award for “BestInnovation Contributor Laundry &Home Care 2012”. The award wasconferred to Novozymes inrecognition of collaboration efforts aspart of the launch of an enzymaticsolution for difficult stains on cuffs and

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