Genius Charles Chaplin

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Genius Charles Chaplin. Charles Chaplin. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Genius Charles Chaplin

  • Charles Chaplin was born on April, 16th, 1889 in London, has died on December, 25th, 1977 in Vienna (Switzerland). Is not present in a world cinema of other actor which glory would be so great and long. Almost half a century appeared Charli Chaplin on the screen, causing delight of spectators and criticism.

  • Almost half a century appeared Charles Chaplin on the screen, causing delight of spectators and criticism. For this time have ascended and thousand other stars have gone out, and it continued to remain the favourite of public. In what a secret of this not passing popularity? The answer to this question far is not unequivocal. Here and huge actor's skill, and irreproachable possession of art ridiculous, and surprising ability to connect comic with the tragical. The main thing, that always provided to it success, it is love to the people, received a visible embodiment in the image created by it Charles , - the small, poor little man with the big heart and kind sad eyes

  • This character is well familiar to the actor: after all he left a thick national, in the childhood having learnt all weight of half-starved existence. Early remained without the father, it still the child has started to appear on stage. And when to it it was executed 18, has been accepted in pantomimic troupe of Fred Karno with which in 1913 and has arrived on tour to the USA

  • Genius Charles Chaplin has made deep impact on development of a world cinema though equal to it there and has not appeared. The figure of this surprising master still costs independently. In 1954 it has been awarded by the Soviet International award of the World.