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Genious - Investor Pitch

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  • 1. Investor DeckJanuary 2014

2. Genious:Will provide easy, mobile access toinstructions (manuals, technical guides,etc) via a gorgeous, functional interface.The robust data platform will provideessential user analytics to manufacturersfor unparalleled insight into theend-users experiences.Milestones:Strategic, proven development partner inplace for executionMVP wireframes and design completedFinancing:Seeking to raise $100,000Funds will be used to initiatedevelopment and design of MVP andsocial and traditional marketing effortsWHAT & WHERE WE ARE 3. USERS CONCERNS MANUFACTURERS CONCERNS CURRENT STATE LIMITATION! Paper manuals alwaysbeing lost and hardlyaccessible whenneeded. Manufacturers have noway to track usage ofuser manuals. Need to constantlysearch multiple sourcesto find manuals, andthey are hardly user-friendly.! Need to access manualson smartphones. Need easy one-stopdestination for manuals. Need image-driven,infographic style visualsof instructions.! User manuals printedon paper with no wayto track usage. Printing costs andpass-through costsassociated with theprinting process. Inability to meet theneeds of todays hyperconnected consumer.MARKET PROBLEM 4. VALUE PREPOSITIONUSERS MANUFACTURERSUse smartphone to find manualseasily, in one place with no hassle.Use search function to findmanual or scan a productsbarcode.Reduce costs of having to printmanuals.Increase usability of manuals.In-depth understanding of usagevia analytics. 5. MinimunViableProduct 6. AppHome 7. Findinga Manual 8. Scanning aCode to Getthe Manual 9. Gettingthe Manual 10. ManualsMobileStore 11. Using theManual 12. UserAccount 13. USERS MANUFACTURERS225 Million Smartphone users inthe US*.Smartphone users check theirdevices about 150 times a day.Demanding user-friendly, mobileversions of manuals.250,000 manufacturers(printing instructions)**.No way to intelligently trackusage of manuals. Little to no strategy for usabilityof manuals for mobile device.MARKET OPPORTUNITY* According to Business Intelligent report:!** According to The Statistics Of U.S. Businesses (SUSB) 2011 U.S. all industries ( 14. RECENT SUCCESSES Significant investor appetite Opportunity to participate and disruptCompany Description Funding Funding partnersWorlds largest digital library(includes publications of allkinds, including user manuals)Retrevo has over 100,000manuals from more than1,000 brands.Manage post-purchaseexperience (including usermanuals and warranties)$ 12M$ 26M$ 3.25MAlloy VenturesNorwest Venture PartnersY CombinatorThe Kinsey Hills GroupRedpoint VenturesMarc AndreessenCharles River VenturesSVB Capital & OthersMorten LundWestTech VenturesHigh-Tech Grnderfonds 15. MONETIZATION STRATEGYThere are various indicators that drive KPIs. In Geniouss case we can define indicators that will:!Help manufacturers make decisions about how they develop manuals, communicateproduct offerings and develop marketing materials.Show the successes and failures in user engagement with manuals.Provide insight into the investment made specifically in Genious, and morecomprehensively, in the creation of product manuals.Assist in determining general long term health of the manufacturers with regards to salesgrowth and other financial health indicators relevant to their businesses.Demonstrate significant insights into high-importance areas such as consumer loyalty andquality of products!Provide knowledge about who uses product manuals and how they are accessing thesemanuals. 16. MONETIZATION STRATEGYMANUFACTURER KPIs (Examples)Times Manuals Numbers of Manuals Being Accessed Time Spent Viewing Manuals in are Being Accessed1,4581,642875 354Samsung S4Samsung LCDSamsung ChromebookSamsung Galaxy Note IIIManufacturers can determine if theirinvestment in Genious is actually leadingto users viewing their manuals. They canview the trend in user increases/decreasesover time. They can measure the success ofmoney invested in Genious as a platform todistribute manuals. They can see this astheir manuals inventory count on Genious.380285190950Samsung S4Samsung ChromebookSamsung LCDSecondsManufacturers can understand thelength at which Genious users interactwith manuals.Samsung S4Samsung LCDSamsung ChromebookSamsung Glaaxy Note III68340 2 4 6 8Manufacturers can gather informationpertaining to sales, issues with productaccessibility and other product relatedinformation.Seconds 17. MONETIZATION STRATEGYMANUFACTURER KPIs (Examples)Key Search Terms Users/ Type of devices1401057035"Kill an App"53 48Manufacturers can see which search termsGenious users are using the most whenlooking through product manuals, and thefrequency of searches.2,4391,1928,54312,368Manufacturers can learn which types ofdevices (and operating systems) are beingused to access manuals the most via Genious.0"Take screen shoot""Change Baterry""Setting hotspot"87134AndroidIphoneWindows PhoneBlackberry0 3500 7000 10500 14000Users 18. MONETIZATION STRATEGYMANUFACTURER KPIs (Examples)POINT OF ACCESSAnd many more KPIs to bedefined in our product roadmapManufacturers can gaininsight into the geographicalareas from which users areaccessing their productmanuals through Genious. 19. ASSUMPTIONS AND PROJECTIONSThe revenue projections here take an alternate perspective. They are projected based onthe size of the company that signs up for using Genious.Using this lens, we see that the focus shifts on the size of the company that is accessing theinformation, rather than the amount of information it wants to access. The distinctionhere being that there are options between basic and premium features. The reasoningbehind going in this direction is to initially offer as little barriers to the manufacturers aspossible to allow showing true capabilities of the analytics/insight available from theGenious platform.Small-sized Company1 - 100 employeesMedium-sized Company101 - 500 employeesLarge-sized Company501 - 1000 employeesEnterprise Company+ 1000 employees 20. ASSUMPTIONS AND PROJECTIONS$4,000,000.00$3,000,000.00$2,000,000.00$1,000,000.00$0.00Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Enterprise-sized CompanyLarge-sized CompanyMedium-sized CompanySmall-sized CompanyRevenue ProjectionsDetailed info in the attachedspreadsheet 21. THE TEAMI've worked in the internet industryfor the last 10 years; been employedin many forward-looking companiesin the online-payment ecosystem;been involved with businessdevelopment plans, building teams,setting up operations, taking care ofrevenue goals and making plansbecome reality.Marcelo is an award-winningrecognized entrepreneur Hisprevious leadership experienceincludes co-founding and overseeingCynergy Data, an electronicpayments processor in the U.S. Underhis tenure as CEO, the company grewsignificantly, reaching annualrevenues in excess of $135 million.From idea validation to funding,product development, launch,growth and support services wework with you to build successfulproducts and launch greatcompanies.David GarciaCo-Founder & CEOMarcelo PaladiniCo-Founder & InvestorTechnical Partner 22. Thank You 23. Investor DeckJanuary 2014CONFIDENTIAL, ,LLC 2014