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Transcript of General Terms & Conditions Chubb Travel Insurance · PDF file LU_PW0001_General...

  • General Terms & Conditions

    Chubb Travel Insurance

  • LU_PW0001_General Conditions_201902


    Advice to


    Important Phone Numbers

    Plea se make a note of the following phone

    n umbers or add them to Your mobile; You

    m ay need them in an emergency or if You

    n eed to make a Claim .

    Ch u bb Assistance

    For ov erseas medical emergencies please con tact Chubb Assistance on:

    Telephone: +35 22 848 0848

    (2 4 hours a day, 365 days a y ear)

    Ch u bb Claims

    Telephone: +35 22 848 0840

    Em a il: [email protected]

    Ch u bb Customer Service

    Telephone: +35 22 848 0840

    E-m a il: [email protected]

    Helpful hints for y our insurance

    • Ta ke copies of Your policy documents

    on Holiday with You;

    • Repor t any Loss of theft to the hotel

    or local police within 24 hours and get

    a r eport from t hem;

    • Keep V aluables safe (for example in a

    sa fety deposit box);

    • Don ’t leave Valuables ly ing around or

    in v iew of other people;

    • Leav e yourself enough t ime to get to

    th e airport, park, and g et through

    security. Remember to a llow time for

    delays in traffic or travel

    • Con tact Us if You have a change in

    h ea lth that may lead to You having to

    ca ncel or alter Your Holiday

    • Con tact Us for a dvice before incurring

    costs that You would seek to

    su bsequently Claim for under this

    Policy +35 22 848 0840.


    You may need extra immunisations when

    tr avelling A broad. Check whether You do

    befor e travelling online at


    If You a re travelling to Europe (all EU

    cou ntries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein,

    Nor way & Switzerland) You should obtain a

    Eu r opean Health In surance Card (EHIC)

    a n d take it with You when You travel. This

    w ill allow You to benefit from the reciprocal

    h ea lth arrangements, which exist with these

    cou ntries and, if You have a valid Claim for

    Medical Expenses under this Policy, We will

    n ot deduct the Excess where the cost of

    You r Claim has been reduced by You

    u sing Your EHIC.

    You can g et more information about the

    EHIC, a pply or renew Your EHIC:

    On line at


    If You h ave a valid Claim for medical

    ex penses under this Policy, which is reduced

    by You

    • u sing an EHIC; or

    • ta king a dvantage of a reciprocal health

    a g reement with the Luxembourg or

    • u sing Your private medical insurance

    a t the point of treatment,

    We w ill not deduct the excess.

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • LU_PW0001_General Conditions_201902


    Contents Advice to 2

    Travellers 2

    Im portant Ph one Number s 2

    Helpful hints for y our in surance 2

    Immunisation s 2

    EHIC 2

    Waiv er 2

    Welcome 6

    Table of Benefits 7

    Important Information 8

    How to Claim 8

    How to Cancel 8

    General Conditions and General Exclu sion s 8

    Per sons Cov ered 8

    Policy Definitions 8

    Children 8

    Holiday s Cov ered 8

    Holiday s Not Cov ered 8

    The Cov er We Pr ov ide 8

    When You Are Cov ered 9

    When Cov er Will En d Automatically 9

    Automatic Extension of the Period of In surance 9

    Leisure Activ ities and Sports 9

    Chubb Assistance 11

    Section 1 - Cancellation 13

    What is cov ered 1 3

    What is not cov ered 1 3

    Section 2 – Medical Expenses & Repatriation 14

    What is cov ered 1 4

    Special Con dition s 1 5

    What is not cov ered 1 5

    Section 3 – Hospital Benefit 16

    What is cov ered 1 6

    What is not cov ered 1 6

    Section 4 – Travel Delay / Abandonment 16

    What is cov ered 1 6

    Special Con dition s 1 6

    What is not cov ered 1 6

    Section 5 – Missed Departure 17

    What is cov ered 17

    Special Con dition s 17

    What is not cov ered 17

    Section 6 –Curtailment 18

    What is cov ered 1 8

    What is not cov ered 1 8

  • LU_PW0001_General Conditions_201902


    Section 7 – Personal Effects & Baggage 19

    What is cov ered 1 9

    Special Con dition s 1 9

    What is not cov ered 1 9

    Section 8 – Loss of Passport / Driving Licence 20

    What is cov ered 2 0

    Special Con dition 2 0

    What is not cov ered 2 0

    Section 9 – Personal Money 21

    What is cov ered 2 1

    Special Con dition s 2 1

    What is not cov ered 2 1

    Section 10 – Personal Accident 21

    What is cov ered 2 1

    Special Con dition s 2 1

    What is not cov ered 2 1

    Section 10 – Personal Liability 21

    What is cov ered 2 1

    Special Con dition s 2 2

    What is not cov ered 2 2

    Section 11 – Overseas Legal Expenses 23

    What is cov ered 2 3

    Special Con dition s 2 3

    What is not cov ered 2 4

    General Exclusions 25

    Making a Claim 27

    Reporting Lost, Stolen or Damaged Pr operty 2 7

    Claim Conditions 28

    Other Insurance 2 8

    Recov ering Our Claims Payments fr om Others 2 8

    Comply ing with Special Condit ions 2 8

    Supply ing Details & Documents 2 8

    Your Duty to Av oid or Minimise a Claim 2 8

    Pr otecting Pr operty 2 8

    Sending Us Legal Documents 2 8

    Subr ogation 2 8

    Things You Mu st Not Do 2 8

    Recognising Our Rights 2 8

    Fraudulent Claims 2 9

    Pay ing Claims 2 9

    General Conditions 30

    Contract 3 0

    Ch oice of Law 3 0

    Third Party Rights 3 0

    Compliance with Policy Requirements 3 0

    Changing Your Policy 3 0

    Cancelling Your Policy 3 0

  • LU_PW0001_General Conditions_201902


    Other taxes or costs 3 0

    Misr epresentation and Non -Disclosure 3 0

    Interest 3 1

    Bank Charges 3 1

    Complaints pr ocedures 3 1

    European Online Dispute Resolution Platform 3 1

    Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority 3 1

    General Definitions 32

    Protection des données caractère personnel 35

    Contact Us 36

    About Chubb 36

  • LU_PW0001_General Conditions_201902



    Thank you for choosing Chubb Travel Insurance.

    Th is is Your Policy Wording which, together with Your Certificate of In surance and the

    in formation supplied when applying for this insurance, is a contract between You and Us.

    Cov er provided under this Policy is underwritten by Chubb European Group SE.

    (Ch u bb/We/Us).

    Th is Policy pays benefits, if shown as insured in your Certificate of In surance, in a ccordance

    w ith this Policy Wording, in the ev ent that You:

    • n eed to cancel Your Holiday before it begins;

    • su ffer illness or injury; or

    • a r e delayed along the way; or

    su ffer Loss or damage to Your Personal Property whilst on a Holiday

    Th is Policy does not cov er:

    • a ny pre-existing medical conditions; or

    • m anual work of a ny description; or

    • a ny Holiday where Winter Sports is the main reason for Your t rip

    You (a s specified in the Certificate of In surance) and Chubb agree that You shall pay the

    pr emium as agreed. The Certificate of In surance and this Policy Wording prov ide the full

    terms and conditions of the insurance with Us. You acknowledge that We have offered this

    Policy and set the premium using the information which We have asked for and You have

    pr ov ided, and that any change to the r esponses prov ided by You may r esult in a change in the

    terms and conditions of the Policy and/or a change in the premium.

    You sh ould check ov er the Policy Wording and Certificate of In surance carefully to ensure

    th ey are correct and meet Your requirements, and notify Us immediately, if anything is

    in correct, as this could a ffect Policy cov er in the ev ent of a Claim. You should keep these

    documents in a safe place. You must tell Us if either Your insurance n eeds or any of the

    in formation You have g iven Us changes. A change in circumstances may affect Policy cov er,

    ev en if You do n ot think a change is significant, and We may n eed to change this Policy. We

    w ill update the Policy a nd issue a new Certificate of In surance each time a change is agreed.

  • LU_PW0001_General Conditions_201902


    Table of Benefits

    Benefit Amounts /Limits

    Sect ion T ravel Insurance

    Including Cancellation

    T ravel Insurance

    Exclu ding cancellation

    Ca ncellation Insu rance on ly Excess


    1 . Ca n cellation Flight Cost2 plus up to