General introduction of Clear Quartz Crystals are available at Full Circle SG.

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Clear Quartz is able to hold and transmit energy. These crystals will help a great deal with all of the creative endeavors as well If you want to more details you can also visit at Full Circle SG.

Transcript of General introduction of Clear Quartz Crystals are available at Full Circle SG.

  • 1. General Introduction of Clear Quartz Crystal
  • 2. What is Clear Quartz Crystals ? Quartz crystals are the most common and abundant in the world, comprising the largest and most diverse family in the mineral kingdom. Quartz crystal is valued for its piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, by which it can transform mechanical pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy Its ability to focus, amplify, store and transform energy is used throughout the technology world in ultrasound devices, watches,
  • 3. How to indentify Special Properties of Quartz Crystals ? Clear quartz crystals sometimes have other special attributes that enhance their power. If you want to identify these special types of crystals, pay particular attention to the largest of the faces that slope toward the point. Does it have pyramids (triangles) on it? You have to Count the number of edges surrounding the face. This number can be anywhere from 3 to 8, and is one of the things that determines the special characteristics of the crystal
  • 4. New Crystals are added in collection of Clear Quartz Manifestation Quartz Crystals Isis Quartz Crystals Spirit Quartz Crystal Wulfenite Crystals
  • 5. Manifestaion Quartz Crystals You can also purchase Manifestation Crystals at only 438 (SGD) at Full Circle SG.
  • 6. Manifestation Quartz It is said that the power of crystals lie in their ability to amplify the energy behind our desires. These crystals will help a great deal with all of the creative endeavors as well They are also believed to help align our vibration with our intentions. Crystal energy and the various types of crystals can be seen as important tools to help us to quickly manifest desires of all kinds. if you wish to manifest something, You must also believe that you deserve this, whatever it is. You can also Meditate daily with your Manifestation Quartz, visualize what you wish to have, and allow yourself to feel what it would be like to have that thing.
  • 7. Isis Quartz Crystals Isis Quartz have five edges surrounding the largest sloping face. These crystals strongly amplify the feminine energy, and can help you get in touch with the 'female' or unselfish side of yourself, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. These crystals are useful in balancing your male-female energy if the female energy has been suppressed, or if you need a greater balance of female energy for any reason. Isis crystals put you in touch with the power of the Goddess. You can also purchase in minimum price so visit at Full Circle SG.
  • 8. Isis Quartz Crystals You can also purchase Isis Crystals at only 33 (SGD) at Full Circle SG.
  • 9. Spirit Quartz Crystals It is a powerful healing energy is directed through the main crystal while also being simultaneously radiated out in all directions by the tiny crystals that cover it. There are many paths the magnified energy of Spirit Quartz can take, and it stimulates on all levels the physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and subtle bodies. Simultaneously, Spirit Quartz brings focus to the energetic center of an issue, the heart of the matter or the core of dis-ease. Its ability to focus and bring energies together also makes Spirit Quartz an excellent stone for groups
  • 10. Spirit Quartz Crystals You can also purchase Spirit Crystals at only 250 (SGD) at Full Circle SG.
  • 11. Wulfenite Quartz Crystals Wulfenite almost always forms in crystals, usually tabular, often very thin. Sometimes octahedral pinacoidal plates with pyramidal faces. At times the pyramids become prominent and psuedo- dipyramidal crystal habits are seen, sometimes because of twinning. Prismatic faces are also seen and can make psuedo-cubic crystals Wulfenite is most commonly found as thin tabular crystals having bright orange-red to yellow-orange color. Sometimes it is also found in brown color. You can buy online at 80 (SGD) at Full Circle SG.
  • 12. Wulfenite Crystals You can also purchase Wulfenite Crystals at only 80 (SGD) at Full Circle SG.
  • 13. Thank You To know more information Visit at Full Circle SG.