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All about gemstones and the beliefs that go with them.

Transcript of Gemstone Beliefs


    Winston and Andy



    Defends against the evil eye.

    Protects against storms, lightning, headaches and fever.

    Draws out the venom of insect and reptile bites.

    Cures fever and eye infections.

    Improves eyesight.

    Relieves inflammation and tiredness of the eyes.

    Staunches bleeding.

    Relieves skin irritations.

    Promotes fertility.

    Increases athletic prowess.

    Renders the possessor eloquent, lovable, and invisible.

    Gives you health and long life.

    Cools boiling water.

    Can turn an enemy's sword against himself.

    Makes you lucky in love.

    Reveals where hidden treasure is buried.

    Ensures a good yield when tied to a plow or worn while gardening.



    Worn on the throat to prevent nasal congestion, hay fever, and asthma.

    Makes a woman smell more desirable to her lover.

    Cures whooping cough, asthma, erysipelas, goiter.

    Protects against witchcraft, nightmares, indigestion, loss of teeth,

    deafness, the plague, the spread of infection (if held in the mouth), fits during the teething of babies.

    Attracts compassion and understanding.



    Protects against wounds, the plague, infections, and all diseases of the throat

    and stomach.

    Raises the spirits.

    Dispels evil thoughts.

    Reconciles friends who have quarreled.

    Attracts success in business.

    Grows dim where death and danger are near.



    Protects against evil, impure thoughts, lightning, fever, indigestion, and all

    stomach troubles.

    Staunches the flow of blood.

    Ensures friends.

    Banishes fear and gives self-confidence

    White Carnelians protect against rheumatism and neuralgia



    This stone protects against all diseases of the chest and throat

    It also cures asthma

    Soothes the nerves

    Owners' fortunes never diminish



    Wards off evil

    Imbues reason and wisdom

    Prevents nightmares, epilepsy, and arguments in the home

    Prevents sterility in women

    Prevents and cures fits and whooping cough in babies

    Cures ulcers and sores

    When rubbed on the gums it strengthens teeth

    Protects against madness

    When scattered on fields, shields crops from storms, blight, and locusts

    Eases internal pains

    Red Coral protects ships and houses from storms and turns pale when the

    wearer is ill

    White Coral embues modesty

    Black Coral embues fortitude and perseverance

    Loses its hue when the wearer's health declines



    Increases capacity to love.

    Produces great inner strength to help one through stressful situations.

    Strengthens muscular structure.

    Used in treatment of blood disorders.



    It improves self esteem, hope, healing on emotional and mental levels

    It helps with wisdom and peace

    It increases cash-flow

    It also stimulates mental focus, endurance, and creativity.


    Jacinth (Zircon)

    Protects from fever, plague, dropsy, and disorders of the stomach

    Cures indigestion

    Is an antidote against poison

    Stimulates appetite

    Strengthens the heart

    Worn on the third finger, it brings peace of mind and a sound sleep

    Has power over robbers.



    Prevents nightmares and eye troubles

    Is a remedy for spleen, kidney, and digestive ailments

    Makes men fertile

    Brings success in games of chance

    Brings rain

    Averts epilepsy

    Cures animal bites

    Jade placed on the eyelids or in the mouth of a dead person brings back

    their spirit to another life on Earth.



    Lessens pain

    Staunches bleeding

    Prevents digestive pains

    Treats epilepsy

    Used to conjure rain.


    Lapis Luzuli

    When worn as a necklace it cures apoplexy, epilepsy, skin troubles, and poor


    Relieves the pain of neuralgia

    Strengthens friendship

    Allays eye inflammation

    Raises drooping spirits

    Secures fidelity of a lover.



    Protects travelers, especially from danger by sea

    Cures consumption, dropsy, and kidney troubles

    Allays fever

    Reconciles lovers

    Brings good fortune

    In divination it is placed in the mouth during a waning Moon to help determine

    course of action



    Ensures a happy marriage

    Can make lawyers more eloquent

    Lessens the pain of childbirth

    Protects against plague and the bites and stings of poisonous reptiles and




    Alleviates fear, calms nerves and increases wisdom

    Aids rational processes and eliminates confusion

    It is an excellent peace maker

    It fosters commonality of goals



    It restores mental and physical health

    It aids in forgiving one's self

    It also eliminates hostilities

    It is excellent for headaches



    Januarys Birthstone


    Repels flying insects

    Protects against lightning

    Is an antidote to plague and fever Wards off inflammatory diseases

    Helps the wearer to be firm and steadfast

    Guarantees cheerfulness if obtained lawfully

    Is a curse to those who have acquired it unlawfully

    Changes color when danger approaches

    Perpetuates friendships.


    Februarys Birthstone


    Protects against nightmares, thieves, storms, hail, locusts, plagues, and infidelity.

    Changes brightness when near poisoned foods.

    Encourages calmness.

    Cures headaches, toothache, gout, neuralgia, and nerve troubles.

    Brings contentment and sincerity.

    Prevents drunkenness, falling in love foolishly.


    Marchs Birthstone


    Brings wisdom, success, and popularity.

    Prevents stomach and liver troubles.

    Cures toothache


    Aprils Birthstone


    Endows the wearer with courage and fortitude

    Brings victory and good fortune

    Wards off evil

    Protects against the plague.

    Promotes constancy in a marriage.


    Mays Birthstone


    Protects against eye diseases, faintness, and loss of memory

    Considered an aphrodisiac

    Placed beneath the tongue, enables you to conjure evil spirits

    Eases pain in childbirth

    Cures epilepsy, dysentery, and fits

    Negates the effects of snakebite

    Touching an emerald helps sufferers of blindness

    Ensures a life of love and success

    Confers happiness for ma