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  • 1. SouthLakeTahoe ByKeithDennis-Taylor

2. HistoryofSouthLakeTahoe SouthLakeTahoecameintoexistencebyanormal faultinwhichcreatedtheCarsonRangetothe eastandtheSierraNevadatothewest. Twoprincipalstepsevolved:1.Theeasternmargin createdtheCarsonRange,2.whiletheSierra Nevadamountainsroseonthewestside. Moraines,whichareglacialdebristhatwereleJ behindduringthelasticeage,createdthe present-dayTruckeeRiveratTahoeCity. 3. TherstsofLakeTahoe Twomillionyearsago,LakeTahoewascreated byashiJinatectonicplateandbyVolcanic acNvity. Therstvisitor'stoLakeTahoeweremembers oftheIndiantribes. TherstrecordingofwriNngwasdonebyJohn C.FremontinFebruary1884. LakeTahoewaspartoftheregionofgoldrush 4. WhatisLakeTahoeLikeToday? Onemillionyearsago,duringtheCenozoicEra glaciersformedTheLakeTahoeweseetoday. TheLakesthatwerecreatedinLakeTahoe include:Emeraldbay,CascadeLake,FallenLeaf Lake,andEchoLakes. TheTahoebasinwasbeginningtotakeshape. 5. 21stCentury,LakeTahoe ThepopulaNonofLakeTahoeisabout21,286 residents(2012) LakeTahoeistheseconddeppestlakeinThe UnitedStates LakeTahoehasapopulaNonof23,000people LakeTahoeisabigtourista`racNonforpeople allovertheworld. 6. Igneous-Granite Igneous Grantee is one of the rock that is most common in South Lake Tahoe. You can nd this rock deep inside the earths crust. It contains processing crystals that slowly cools the rock. 7. Igneous Basalt This type of rock is thick. It is basically ned grained that contains microscopic crystals. This rock is a volcanic type rock Surfaced by Water, and can be found by Fallen Leaf Lake. (Michaelsen, 2012) 8. Metamorphic Rock This type of rock, can be found at spooner summit. This is the highest peak in South Lake Tahoe Can be found anywhere in South Lake Tahoe 9. This type of Rock is also common in the South Lake Tahoe area. This type of Rock can be found at Mt.Talc Sedimentary Rock can be softer than the metamorphic rock. The sedimentary rock is easier to nd in South Lake Tahoe. Sedimentary Rock 10. Jeffrey Pine This type of species of Pine trees i the most common in South Lake Tahoe. One of its most common ancestors is the Ponderosa pine. This species is the dominant species in Lake Tahoe. The most common place to nd this type of tree is at the top of Heavenly. (MacRae, 2009) 11. The Evolution of Jeffery Pine This tree rst came to the Lake Tahoe area during the Devonian Period. Almost, 400 million years ago tree has evolved over time Discovery of the Pine was done by a Scottish explorer in 1852 in Shasta Valley, CA.(Macrae, 2012) 12. Manzanita Arctostaphylos There are over 100 species of Manzanita Arctostaphylos. The Manzanita Arctostaphylos is the most common types of species in Lake Tahoe They can also be found else where in North America. Text 13. Evolution of the Arctostaphylos This species came to us during the Mesozoic Era, and during the Cretaceous Period, about 150 million years ago. It is believed that the common ancestor of the Arctostaphylos is gymnosperms, their fossils records are not that clear so the ancestry is unknown. This type of species can be found in New Mexico, and other places out side of the United States. 14. The Brown Bear of Lake Tahoe The South Lake Tahoe Brown Bear is the most common type of Bear in Lake Tahoe. The South Lake Tahoe Brown Bear can be found in the forest of Lake Tahoe. The Brown Bear is a native to Lake Tahoe. The Bear is about 500 pounds and can weigh more 15. The Bear Evolution The Brown Bear has been around for million of years. Bears like to Hibernate during the winter time. The Bear came on the planet about 200 million years ago. The Bear, is one of the most hunted animals on the planet. 16. Reference Page 1. Michaelsen, J. (1992, September 22). Sierra Nevada. Retrieved from http:// 2. The Lake Tahoe Basin | Lake Tahoe Vacation Guide. (n.d.). Retrieved from http:// 3.MacRae , T. C. (2009, March 2). Trees of Lake Tahoe The Pines | Beetles In The Bush. Retrieved from the-pines/ 4. Lake Tahoe Fast Facts. (n.d.). Retrieved from recreational-paradise/ 5. Facts about Lake Tahoe. (n.d.). Retrieved from 17. Referance Page Continued 6.Lake Tahoe Basin Mgt Unit - Home. (n.d.). Retrieved from detail/ltbmu/home/?cid=fsm9_046595