Geert Weggen Photography - · PDF fileHe started with black and white photography in 1984,...

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Transcript of Geert Weggen Photography - · PDF fileHe started with black and white photography in 1984,...

  • Geert Weggen Photography

  • This portfolio will be updated several times a year. It will be only available as e-book.

    This e-book is free of charge and can be shared with everybody.

    LOOKING FOR OBJECTS If you have a nice small prop and want to have a photo with a squirrel with it

    you can sent it to me and you will get a digital photo

    which you can use for private use for free.

    Second edition 2017

    © Geert Weggen

    Article about use of photos BEWARE: Copying Photos or Artwork is Not Allowed

  • Article about Geert Weggen

    Geert Weggen is a Swedish/Dutch national and an internationally awarded nature photographer.

    He has worked extensively with wild squirrels and birds over the past several years.

    He started with black and white photography in 1984, when he purchased dark room equipment and worked for

    the youth magazine “The Bierkaai”, in Holland. In 2013 he became a full time photographer.

    His current focus has been on photographing wild squirrels in a unique, beautiful and often whimsical way.

    His portfolio also includes landscapes, macro shots, interiors and people. Geert’s work has been published in many countries, newspapers,

    magazines and videos. He is the author of 8 squirrel photo books; published in 4 different languages.

    Bio Geert Weggen Björkstigen 3

    84441 Bispgården Sweden 046(0)768492056

    [email protected],+840+73+Bispg%C3%A5rden/@63.0293953,12.1452261,6z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x46653ce02636ddd5:0x877f937df90a88f!8m2!3d63.0293953!4d16.6276478

  • Contents Squirrel

    Bird and other animals




    Interior and other



    Articles and recognitions



    Small selection of new work

    Squirrel, Bird and Nature Photo Workshop


  • Squirrel Photography


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  • “Geert is so in tune with nature and captures it quite remarka- bly in his photography!”

    Dianne Potter


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  • “Geert also takes photos in subzero temperatures, in the rain and while snowing”.


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  • Photos are frozen moments of wonder.

    G. W.


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  • Bird Photography and other animals


  • This photography is poetry, is to enter a cute and sweet world where Squirrels and Birds build with Mr.Geert Weggen. Fan-

    tastic moments that surrounded my soul of magic harmonies of cuteness. Thank you Sir for put on my lips smilings.

    Jossette D’Hermanni home

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  • Macro Photography


  • Wonderful storytelling photos. Lovely.

    Anni Birgit Sørensen


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  • House and working place Geert Weggen has named his company Hardeko.

    It is settled in Sweden in a village called Bispgården


  • Landscape Photography


  • I love your photos and videos make me smile a lot. Thank you for upload these beautiful contents!

    Noelia Soledad Russo


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  • Most of these landscape photos are taken in Jämtland. A region in the middle of Sweden


  • People Photography


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  • Interior and other Photography


  • HDR technique with high contrasts


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    “Your photos are great antidepressant cure:))))) they make smile, laugh and feel good :)))))) they always transmit huge quantity of positivity!! You are a great art-

    ist and your models are simply the best!! Thank you” Olga G. (Italy)

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  • Awards

    winner contest odla 3 times published and wins in photo of the month in National Geographic

    magazine 2015 – 2016 published in dec 2016 on 8 pages finalist 13th Annual Photo Contest

    3 place in photographer of the north European counties 2015 winner in loobster easter contest 3 place in fotoland contest 2016

    different wins in 2 times winner in Viewbug with about 30 times finalist 2014- 2016

    finalist and published in Digitalfoto magazin win and published 2015 and 2016 okt

    Telegraph 7 times photo of the day Fotosidan magazin price and published 2015

    Won prices in delicious finalist in 35awards 2016

    Two years chosen as one of the best 50 pictures in Sony World Photography Awards. It was selected from 105,692 images from 182 countries

    Finalist in Shoot and share from more the 300000 photos 5e place in fotosidan 2017

    In the first 100 best photos of 2017


    http://In the first 100 best photos of 35

  • Published

    About 25 times in Newspapers in countries like, Ireland, England and Swe den in: Metro, Times, Sunday Mirror, Telegraph, ÖP, Lt etc.

    Books : Artists across continents 2 different books Animals that saw you naked 8 squirrel books in 4 languages “print at demand”

    (Looking for a publisher) Boekscout in Holland the book “Samen met eekhoorns het

    alphabet leren”

    Magazines : Korea Child magazine Digitalfoto Fotosidan National Geographic Wild planet Focus Junior (Italy) Året runt nr 19 2015 and nr 22 2016

    Postcards with publisher Heart of a garden and 10 postcards in own print Calendars with publisher Willow Creek and Amazon


  • Articles and recognitions

    He developed Squirrel tarot cards. (looking for a publisher) He is part of the photo jury in Fotor and 35awards

    Exhibitions in Italy, Stockholm, London, New York,Bispgården He works together with postcard publisher Heart of a garden, with calendar publisher Willow Creek, Herkules PR and many agencies like: Caters, So-

    lent, Hotspot, etc. On Tv In Japan, France, Sweden and America

    On english radio 2016 small selection of the many articles in many countries on the internet

    Yahoo Article about my Robin Hood shots Svensk Sony Artikel

    Shotkit artcicle about my gear lightstalking

    ÖP mashable

    boredpanda dailymail

    ltz Nataliastar, squirrels on horses Nataliastar, autumn squirrels


  • Articles and recognitions

    Article in Japan 2017

    Photographer of the week

    Article in Dailymail

    Article National geographic Poland june 2017

    Mail online june 2017

    The Sun june 2017

    via google search many more articles can be found