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Transcript of GEAUGA PARK DISTRICT Special eddings, MUse Permit Written ... · PDF file Special eddings,...

  • Event Details (Please give specifics) Type of event: Expected Attendance:

    Date/time: Park:

    Sponsoring organization:

    Park District policy requires this written request AT LEAST TWO (2) WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT for your safety and ours. You may submit this form via email (button below when filled out), fax it to 440-286-1285 or mail to: Geauga Park District, Attn: Permits, 9160 Robinson Road, Chardon, Ohio 44024-9148. Allow up to three (3) weeks for processing, during which we will hold your facility for you. We will notify you of the finished process. To cancel a request or reservation meanwhile, call 440-286-9516 as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.



    City: Zip:

    Phone number:


    NOTE: Please read the special use permit disclaimer prior to submitting your permit request.

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    Yes No Will you be using trails for your event? Yes No

    Will you be using a shelter/lodge? (If not specify location in box below)

    If so, which trail/s or location:

    Yes No If yes, Setting up my own tent Having a company do it Will you bring any equipment? (Tent, chairs, tables, speakers, other items,

    please list in box below) If company, name and address:

    food or beverages promo items other Will you be selling or using outside vendors ? (DJ, Caterer, Equipment etc.) Please provide all other relevant information and specific event details here:

    GEAUGA PARK DISTRICT Special Use Permit Written Request - Parties, Weddings, Meetings, Sporting Events & Catering

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