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Transcript of GDL:Module Title Presentation Title Presentation Subtitle

  • Slide *Template guidelines 1Use Gill Sans MT font throughoutStandard text size is 32Standard line spacing is Single (7.68 before, 0 after)This blue ink colour is RGB 51/51/153GDL Turquoise is RGB 0/128/128The slide title text size is 36 Bullet points look like this

  • Slide *Template guidelines 2You dont need to start every sentence with a bullet point I generally avoid full-stops at the end of each sentence to retain a cleaner look to the text Use bold and colour sparingly in the text No need to animate every object on your slide

  • Template guidelines 3Feel free to move the text around on the page in order to fit in with images, tables, diagrams or other objectsAs long we stick to the basic rules (font, colour, size) and include plenty of space, the slides will look neat

  • Slide *Diagrams and drawingsBoxes should have 2.25pt line, with slight shadow

    Use block arrows or line arrowsCriminal LawCriminal LawCriminalLawCriminal Law

  • Slide *Diagrams exampleWhen do you plan to study part-time GDL?Start GDL in Jan 2010Start GDL in Sep 2010If passStart LPC or BBTC in June 2011Start LPC or BBTC in June 2012RetakeIf passIf failIf fail

  • Slide *Section TitlesBreak up large sets of slides with section title slides, which use a smaller version of the main image Indicate progress through the topics ideally using a diagram (but a list will do) Heres an example

  • GDL Programme ContentSlide *Contract LawConstitutional and Administrative LawCriminal LawEquity and Trusts LawLand LawLaw of European UnionLaw of TortFoundation Modules

  • Slide *Tables example 1Small tables should use 1.5pt blue linesShade the title column/row for impactCallouts like this are a useful way to comment on a figure in a table


    Items to remember Exam registration form ID (eg driving licence) Pens Calculator Ruler

  • Slide *Tables example 2For larger tables use 1pt lines & lighter column/row shading

    Full-time GDL term dates 2009/10 Enrolment/Term 1 starts 1st or 2nd October 2009 Assessment week Week commencing 16th November 2009 Term 1 ends 18th December 2009 Term 2 starts 11th January 2010 Assessment week Week commencing 15th February 2010 Term 2 ends 26th March 2010 Term 3 starts 12th April 2010 Term 3 ends 7th June 2010

  • Slide *ClipartOnly use clipart that would not look out of place in a professional BPP brochureAcceptableNot acceptable

  • Slide *ClipartUse clipart with highlight boxes for emphasisKey formula Rf = Rn (1+g)n


    Module TitlePresentation TitlePresentation SubtitleThanks foryour time!Feel free to manipulate clipart images to enhance your message