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  • 1. Supporting research through a new Library Services strategy Gavin Beattie Associate Director, Research & Learning Liaison Library Services, Kings College London RLUK Redefining the Research Library Model Workshop 1 July 2013 1

2. About Kings About Library Services Existing support for research Areas for growth Challenges Developing a new strategy Emerging themes2 3. Kings College London Founded in 1829, one of top 30 universities in the world Fourth oldest University in England Multi-disciplinary Member of the Russell Group heavily research-intensive Top seven in the UK for research funding Over 25,000 students from 140 countries Part of Kings Health Partners AHSC, partner in the Francis Crick Institute Five campuses in London the most central University in London 3 4. Library Services at Kings Kings was founded in 1829, but Library Services has only been in existence since 2011 Library Leadership Team is mostly relatively new Six libraries, plus Special Collections and Archives reading rooms 2 million printed volumes, access to over 50,000 journal titles 1.5 million visits annually Almost 2 million books borrowed annually 4 5. Library Services in the Kings structure Formerly Library and IT functions were heavily integrated as Information Services & Systems De-converged from IT and super-converged into Students and Education Directorate (SED) SED covers the whole student lifecycle from Application to Graduation Obviously Library Services provides significant support for research Separate from, but work closely with the Research Management Directorate 5 6. Support for Research Research intensive university, so support for research is heavily integrated across the Library Until recently one post specifically dedicated to research support Library Liaison Manager (Research) Two additional temporary posts Research Data Management Administering OA funds Support our CRIS which contains our repository6 7. Support for Research Collections Training Digitisation and collection description One-to-one support by request Recent support for research data management Developing policy Ensuring compliance Help with data management plans Training7 8. 8 9. Areas that need to grow RDM OA - policy, advocacy, funding Support for our CRIS and repository More training and support for researchers Build on existing relationships with the Graduate School and Research Management Directorate Collaborative Collection Management Etheses / eresearch / escience Engaging across the research life-cycle 9 10. Challenges Meeting new demands within existing resources Maintaining support for research in an environment concerned with student satisfaction Engaging with impact, less on bibliometrics (?) Inter-disciplinarity Finding and engaging with researchers Prioritising uncatalogued legacy gift collections Compensating for historic under-investment10 11. Challenges Balancing print and electronic collections Managing our space (in central London) Turning projects into business-as-usual Licensing Massive developments in health Francis Crick Institute, KHP Increasing student numbers New and developing disciplines11 12. Developing a new strategy Our new strategy is still in development, so nothing is final! Five strands Community Collections Expertise Quality & Efficiency People Research is embedded throughout rather than a separate strand 12 13. Emerging themes from our strategy Customer engagement and support Better use of feedback and usage data in collection development Representation at research committees Define and promote our expertise Improved communication across the service Defining roles & responsibilities Commit to cataloguing relevant gift collections Ensuring researchers meet funders' requirements CPD 13