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What would you do, should the world as you know it break down abruptly? Youre seeing changes already. Weather patterns gone awry Intense heat waves when there should be winter, devastating floods in summer, unseasonal super storms levelling lives and livelihoods indiscriminately

What would you do when it is finally upon you?

This is a story of three sisters. Their unorthodox years, the secret they struggled with, and their desperate fight for survival, told in individual voices and timelines that alternate between past and present.


The youngest sister at 17 years, is a telepath who can bend wills. She can also communicate with animals in her mind. Her Familiar is the demoniacally loyal pariah, TirSITARA


The middle sister at 22 years is an Empath who can alter the very nature of reality. Her gift cannot be contained, she is being torn apart by its intensity. Her Familiar is the surreally beautiful pony, Badal.

PadminiThe 25-year-old eldest sister is the one with who the story begins. The Garud appears to her first in her magical card deck left to her by her Aji, her mystical healer grandmother, hinting at an impending apocalypse. He then appears in real time, as amajestic Eaglewhen she is 13,also sighted at thetime by her littlest sibling Sitara , then 5 years old, as heconveys his terrible secret.

Soham, nickname AumPadminis childhood playmate who is also Sitaras soulmate. He helps the three sisters fulfil their combined destiny.

Vayu and Waman

The twins, slightly older than Padmini, who appear almost magically when the sisters need them most. And then seem not what they appear to be.

When Sitara sees the mysterious Garud for the first time at age five, she does not yet know the terrible secret he conveys to her telepath elder sister Padmini.

When she learns the truth it is only so she can participate in a desperate race against time as the elements wage war.

A race for survival that tests endurance, filial and societal bonds and spells sacrifice for Sitara, her siblings and her betrothed. Will they make it?

This is the story of a journey. A journey that tests spirit and strength, whilst seeking that one truth to hold onto, when the world turns upside down. What would you do if it happened to you?

Mystic, yet rooted in reality, exploring the other worldly, yet very much reflecting todays global environmental concerns: The Garud Prophecies: Sitaras story by Gauri Sinh channels the transformative nature of love its power both talisman and guardian in an uncertain world.