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Qualification presentation about 4 minutes

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  • 1. Total length of this presentation is about4 minuteslong. You can use thespace barto skip to the next item if you want to speed it along. Please have your sound turned on. Press any key to start the presentation Gary Darby Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation Project - Program Manager

2. Organizational and Project Management Gary Darby The First 60 Days 3. Operations Services Delivery Manager Background

    • Over 20 years of Real Hands-on Experience
    • Sr. Field Manager - Technologist Engineer
    • Department Manager (Hewlett Packard)
    • Degrees in Business, Electronics and Computers
    • Currently Completing Masters Degree
    • Use of ITIL v.3 methodologies
    • Use of PMI methodologies
    • Certified as a Process and Productivity Specialist (Association of Productivity Specialists)
    • Multiple Industry certifications.
    • Services Delivery Manager

4. Department ManagerBackground

    • Manage and Organize in-house and multiple-state Field Service Groups
    • Innovative in creating Teamwork and SuperiorCustomer Service
    • Development and Oversight of Service Contracts
    • Change Management Initiator
    • Top Secret SBI (non-active) Clearance

5. Project Management Background

  • Project Management
    • Knowledge and use of Project Management standards established by PMI and ITIL through my Masters Degree Studies
    • Oversee and Manage operational aspects of multiple ongoing projects with budgets over $1m
    • Review status of Scheduling and Budgets on multiple projects to ensure time and cost requirements
    • Manage sub-contractors, change management, risk management
    • Prepare scheduling, status reports, presentations
    • Supporting large-scale proposal development efforts for IT service delivery efforts extended over several states

6. Project Management Background

    • Strong customer services skills including functional and operations interfacing capabilities
    • Types of projects (examples):
      • Design and build Software and hardware testing Labs at HP
      • Enterprise Software migration for over 1000 units
      • Design and installation of Top Secret Comm. Systems (USAF)
      • Research, design, and build unique coffee delivery systems (White Cloud Coffee

7. Project Management Background

    • Additional background in the following fields and industries:
        • Fabrication,
        • Electrical,
        • Electronics,
        • Communication systems,
        • Radar systems,
        • Aeronautics,
        • Sailing,
        • Small craft prop design (currently working on patent).

8. Summary of Abilities and Skills

    • Matching business needs with Project objectives
    • Projects ranging from Enterprise networks and system installations to software, hardware migration and facilities
    • IT Department and Field operations re-design as well as non-IT Project Management
    • Department operational experience, budget formation, reporting, team building, customer service with responsibility for over 50 in-house and field technicians
    • Extensive knowledge and background ranging across industries allowing innovation outside of primary profession
    • Expertise includes; Hardware, software, organization, strategic planning, proven decision-making abilities, problem solving skills, with an overall logical and analytical mindset
    • Able to monitor and maintain projects and subcontractors to maintain budget constraints, scope and scheduling.

9. Summary of Abilities and Skills

    • Analytical Outside the box problem solver, able to anticipate risks, resolve stakeholder concerns, and improve productivity
    • Ability to manage many wide ranging Projects
    • Reputation for writing clear and concise reports for technical and non-technical stakeholders
    • Business-driven: bottom-line, communication and decision making, with an in-depth understanding of the business goals of a company in relation to the speed and completion of a project that is in alignment with the business bottom line.
    • Able to lead a project or organization through the craziness with the business goals firmly in front while providing executives the information they need

10. Leveraging Project Management

  • A Navy ship is an incredibly complex engineered product. Over a thousand engineers, and project managers from more than a hundred companies, create the design and manufacturing information.

11. Roles & Responsibilities:Establishing a Baseline

  • Meet the primary stakeholders, managers and executives
  • Finding office, setting up, organizing, resources
  • Learning what the current situation is
    • Current business policies and procedures
    • Prevailing attitudes and beliefs
    • Who is doing what and where
  • Assessment of technical staffing and subcontractors
  • Assessment of each field location issues, supply chain logistics, workload, equipment availability, troubleshooting trends and needs.

The first 60 Days 12. Roles & Responsibilities:Assessment and AnalysisThe first 60 Days

  • Assessment and analysis of business Goals, Strategies, Expectations, Mission Statement, Budget, etc..
  • Development of standardized processes and protocols
  • Project Management:
    • Assessment of current Projects on the table
    • Analysis of projects for cost, policy alignment, resources
    • Development of accurate/complete plans
    • Project budget formulation
    • Cost estimation

13. Roles & Responsibilities:Taking Action The first 60 Days

  • Establish and maintain an open line of communications with all stakeholders and staff
  • Establish a follow-up system for customers to have customer input for customer service improvements
  • Be proactive in keeping executive upside communications through reports and memos
  • Encourage executive upside to express their opinions, visions, and inputs on issues
  • Create a reputation that is based upon customer service, respect, integrity, honesty, getting things done and cheerful smiles


  • Bringing over 20 years of responsible Real Hands-on experienceBecause I started at the bottom and worked my way up, I understand the issues executives, staff and contractors experience. I understand their frustrations and what works for them, as well as what doesnt work for them. I understand how to deal with them.
  • As a Project Manager and Business Owner, I also understand the importance of the business side of the equation. Especially the requirement for creating efficient and effective processes and procedures, cost analysis, risk management, and cutting out waste in order to maintain viable cost management.

Just Say Yes 15.

  • A strong technical and professional education combined with cross industry direct hands on experience in Project Management, Customer Service instigation, business case analysis, developing service level agreements, being organized with multiple projects:
    • Scheduling, Risk Management, Benefit Analysis, hardware and software review, developing relationships within my team as well as with senior and junior stakeholders, maintaining quality control among other PM and managerial responsibilities concurrent with managerial responsibilities of a R&D IT department.

Make it Happen 16. No Excuses The background and Professional Expertise that I bring to your company is combined with a passion for excellence and service. It is