Gaming In Libraries March2009

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Presentation for Computers in Libraries 2009

Transcript of Gaming In Libraries March2009

  • 1. We cut them out, talked about them to others, played alone and in small groups and probably remember them fondly.
  • 2. Create dolls, share stories, play
  • 3. Our library created a presence in the Doll Palace in 2007. The original intent was to engage patrons and staff on an online social network and to reach a population of patrons that we did not feel we were serving.
  • 4. Librarians play a role in encouraging users to write Book reviews and suggestions shared with users It is readers advisory & outreach Connecting patrons globally and to each other Learning what patrons want to read Young adults volunteer for the library Live chat reference Members add friends to chat, share files, upload pictures, create dolls, add diary entries (blog), can search databases, and email
  • 5. Webkinz FoundationCharitable Giving Trading CardsCollections StoresCollaborate With Local Stores Stuffed animalsAnother Collection
  • 6. We have to meet our users where they are with the tools they can [use] and are comfortable using. ~Anonymous
  • 7. References Webkinz World by Ganz The Doll Palace Whyville Sonja Plummer-Morgan, MLIS Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library 39 Second Street Presentation available by email or on Slideshare Presque Isle, Maine 04769 (207) 764-2571
  • 8.