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Gaming in Libraries. Michael (Zhao Yang). Game. Skill. Curiosity. Rules. Competition. Mystery. Fantasy. Goals. Challenges. Scott Nicholson’s Research. Dose the library support gaming? 77% libraries supported gaming - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Gaming in Libraries

Gaming in libraries is a way to teach

Gaming in LibrariesMichael (Zhao Yang)


Scott Nicholsons ResearchDose the library support gaming?

77% libraries supported gaming

If patrons were allowed to play game on the computers in the libraries?

82% of libraries did allowInternational Games Day @ your library1,281 libraries registered17,152 participants played games in libraries worldwide

Gaming in libraries is a way to teach!Evidence 1: Education BenefitPokmon can be educational !!!Some tasks are boring, but can bring big returns.Every area is a unique environment.Resource management.

Evidence 2: Rule-learning skillsLibrarians Guide to Playing Game

They help us set up the equipment, teach each other how to play, and police themselves so that everyone gets a turn

-- New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans, LA

and seeing them help each other learn and understand the game rules.

-- Woodburn Public Library, Woodburn, OR

Evidence 3: Social SkillsGaming program allow the library to become a community hub.

ConclusionBesides knowledge learning, all the processes of skill learning are considered teachable.

Gaming in libraries is a way to teach!

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