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Presentation for Geed 162. GAMBLING SHOULDN’T BE LEGALIZED


  • 1. Gambling shouldnt be legalized
    Gambling is the easiest way of earning money. With gambling people can earn a lot of money or can lose all their wealth.
  • 2. Gambling shouldnt be legalized
    As gambling is a risky game which can cause a lot of problems, it is prohibited in many countries. Although gambling is illegal game in many countries, a lot of people interested in it. People who are interested in gambling think that gambling should be legalized, because it is the easiest and amusing way of earning money. However I strongly believe that gambling should not be legalized to prevent problems such as losing all wealth, negative effects of gambling on family life and causes of committing suicide.
  • 3. Gambling shouldnt be legalized
    First reason why gambling should not be legalized is loss of all wealth. Gambling makes people greedy and angry. If gambler wins a lot of money he/she becomes greedy and wants to play again to win much money or when gambler loses his/her money he/she becomes angry and wants to play again and again
  • 4. Gambling shouldnt be legalized
    Otherwise in big games between rich people, gamblers put lots of money, even all their wealth and if they are not lucky they lose all their money. So all this examples finishes with losing all wealth
  • 5. Gambling shouldnt be legalized
    Second reason why gambling should not be legalized is the negative effects of gambling on family life. For example, gambler pays attention only to gambling and does not care about his/her family, comes home late and loses lots of money in one game which he/she gained in many years. Because of these motives appear a lot of arguments between husband and wife. Thus arguments finish with divorce which affects childrens psychology in bad ways.
  • 6. Gambling shouldnt be legalized
    The last and the most serious reason for not making gambling legal is the possibility of suicide. After losing everything such as family, wealth and respect in society losers cannot find way out from the situation. These losers become hopeless and miserable, so they see suicide as only way out from the troubles. Or losers get into much amount of debt which they cannot pay back and so they kill themselves. However, if they try to earn money from other, legal ways which is more safe and useful for everybody, everything would be different for them.
  • 7. Gambling shouldnt be legalized
    To put it briefly, all these examples and explanations, losing all wealth, negative effects of gambling on family and causes of committing suicide proof that gambling should not be legalized. Since, people begin gambling for the first time only for amusement and when they begin to earn much money they become greedier and make many mistakes, which causes lots of insolvable troubles. I strongly believe that gambling is not safe way of earning money and causes only troubles. In my opinion, people should earn money in safe and legal ways.
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