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Photographic collections by Gallery M a division of McKay Photography.

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  • Gallery MCollections

  • The NewbornCollection

  • Age- First few weeks


  • Baby Expressions

  • Those precious babyexpressions photographed close-up and personal. At this age, babies are full of

    expression, joy and tears. Their expression, joy and tears. Their faces have formed into the build-ing blocks of how they will look as adults or even those in their family. How many times have

    you ever looked at your baby and thought,

    "wow, they look a lot like ........"

    This is a time to photograph your baby close-up and personal with

    deining images of expression and wonder.

    These images are perfect for These images are perfect for Wall decor in the baby's room as well as gifts for your relatives

    and friends.

    Ages 6-9 months

  • The ToddlerCollection

  • Strong willed, deter-mined, and nonstop are qualities that make photographing

    toddlers a dificult, yet in-credibly rewarding task. Your toddler and David and Ally will spend time playing, laughing, smiling and frowning to create some of the most

    memorable moments of a childhoods life.

    Photographed either on Photographed either on location or studio, in color, Black and white and McKay Brown tones, your toddler portraits will be an event to re-member and one you cannot live without. cannot live without.

    Imagine the stories around the

    Thanksgiving Day table 20 years from now as you revisit these images!

    Age 2-4 years

  • The KidsCollection

  • Happy, care-free, curious, fun, and the innocence of childhood are the reasons behind our Kids Collection. Photographed individually and with siblings, the Kids Collection is a great way to remember the innocence of remember the innocence of childhood we all long for.

    To be child-like in Faith and Curiosity is an amazing gift, one that you do not want to miss the oppor-tunity to capture. Let us work with you to design and create images that speak of your children in an environ-ment or studio setting that captures this innocent time

    of life

    Ages 5-12

  • The Teen Collection

  • Independent and youthful are qualities that often times deine those inter-esting and yet wondrous times known as the teen years. The television show "The Wonder Years" may come to mind. A time to photograph and capture the transition from being a child, to becoming a young adult. The changes that occur during these ages are an incredible transition time. Do not miss the memories and moments of capturing your teen forever in his or her own

    unique way that deines this time period of adolescence to becoming a young adult.

    Ages 13-16

  • High School Senior


  • Natural never looked so beautiful is the theme of Gallery M Senior portraits. Photographed In studio and on location in places such as Old Sacramento or the American River, your Senior portraits should be Senior portraits should be natural, beautiful and full of class. Most of all, your Senior portraits should be a relection of your unique personality. As part of this portrait experience, we also can incorporate the also can incorporate the things in life you love. Whether it be suring,

    wake boarding, or guitar as examples, your High School Senior portrait should be a true relection of your


  • The Elegance Collection

  • Images of Elegance is a collection of ine art portraiture in Color Studies celebrating the Studies celebrating the beauty and tradition of Classic, Timeless Beauty and Emotion in such styles as the great artist


    Photographing IndividuPhotographing Individu-als, Couples and Unique groupings, we create images of an Elegant yet contemporary style. These are images where you enjoy being dressed in your most beautiful in your most beautiful and elegant clothing creating Masterful Art pieces inspired by the greatest Artist of all time. Beautiful, Elegant, Timeless and Classic, Images of Elegance are Portraits of beauty not seen in most of todays portrait market.

  • Furry Friends Collection

  • We love our furry friends.After all, they are an extension of our are an extension of our families and many times, they are our "kids" as well. Having your pet photographed is a won-derful way to commemo-rate the bond that you share together. Make sure you have a portrait done of your pet alone or with you. You will cherish

    it forever.

  • Gallery Mby

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