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Transcript of G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories...

Page 1: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4


TUSCANY’S € 2.50

The magazine for those who live in Tuscany

– or wish they did

Second s


es, Y



No. 3 - A


l 2018

with the sponsorship of



8-page fold-out

Page 2: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4

Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 20182

































LUNATA - LUCCA tel. 0583.429333 - fax 0583.429158

[email protected] www.systems-pool.com

For food lovers and professionals alike, daily cooking classes: fresh pasta and sauces, fish and seafood, Tuscan specialties, risotto, pizza, focaccia, Hands-on classes in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Participants cook the dishes themselves, then enjoy these with plenty of wine and home-made liqueurs. Highly recommended by Tripadvisor!Monday to Sunday 10am to 2.30pm. Afternoon classes upon request.

Info: www.cucina-italiana.com

Via di Sant’Alessio no. 3684, Lucca Tel 0583 329970 – 338 6718641

Open every day for lunch and dinner. Special menus prepared by Chef Paolo Monti for you. Special Dinner with Typical Tuscan trattoria with local specialties: zuppa di farro, tordelli demo in the cooking class lucchesi, wild boar pasta, porcini, asparagus, artichokes. Specialties from

kitchen, by reservation only. [email protected] the charcoal grill: Bistecca alla Fiorentina (T.Bone steak), lamb, mixed grill. Specialized in seafood dishes, with fresh fish every day!

In the green Lucca countryside, ten minutes from the city center and adjacent to the cooking school, four newly remodeled Tuscan style

apartments. Terracotta floors, wooden beam ceilings, wrought-iron beds, cooking facilities … but with all modern comforts: private bathrooms, telephones, air-con, free Wi-Fi, 32” flat screen TV. Info: www.tuscansunapartments.com

tel 0583 329970

Via di Sant'Alessio n. 3684, Lucca

La Cantina Di Carignano

Tuscan Sun Apartments

Restaurant Tasting menus


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3Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018


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The Florentine Music Tradition (book review) 6

Cluster, European Composers in Lucca 6

Lucca Classica Festival 7

The American Dream 9

Tattoo Festival 25

Stories behind Objects, the Antique Market 4

Palazzo Blu Hosts Exhibit by Grapevine 8

GreenheArt 20






Flowers & Flour, Santa Zita’s Biscuits 5

Utopia Festival, a new tradition 10

Recipes & Remembrances, Nonna Fernanda 21

Food Fairs: Selvaggia, Veganfest 22

Granny’s Bonnet 24


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Direttore ResponsabileGiuseppe Brandani

EditorNorma Jean Bishop

ContributorsHelen AskhamNorma Jean BishopChiara CalabreseJudith EdwardsTom England (photograph)Simone LippiDonna PilletereJenny SchutzShimon ShemtovMorena Ana Russo ToribioMaria TsaousidouNicolò Urbani

Marketing & DistributionClaudia CasoliDiana GattiNicola Girolami

Adam WalkerSilvano Simi

Cover: Clothes in the sun (Lucca)by Nicolò Urbani

Dear Readers,In these beautiful spring days,

we have many reasons to be happy. Besides the sunshine, which makes everything and every-one grow, stretch out, and embrace the sky, we can enjoy so many festivals. Lucca and the surrounding hills and towns are just brimming with festivals. There are little ones and big ones, and little ones inside big ones. Within these pages we can't tell you about everything, but we have men-tioned some of the more classical, traditional events (Classica Music Festival, Film Festival, VerdeMura, Santa Zita Flower Show, and Lucca's monthly antique market) and also newer, more original ones (Lucca Tattoo Festival, VeganFest, Selvaggio, GreenheArt, Utopian Festival).

There's a lot happening. This month to some degree we had to squeeze out articles about our regional history and culture. Not to worry, these will appear in future issues! We might even try to get a grasp on the new Italian government, but this is so in flux, it still seems premature.

Our writers this month include two students from our Work-Study exchange program at Liceo Vallisneri, Nicolò Urbani and Morena Ana Russo Toribio, and from the European Erasmus program, Maria Tsaousidou, who spent three months working at the Grapevine office last fall (and could we have done this if Italy were not a part of Europe?). Maria is now graduating from the University of Thessaloniki and we wish her well.

We also want to mention our regular contributors, who are always prompt with unique topics and valuable insights. This month these are Judith Edwards, Chiara Calabrese, and Simone Lippi. For lack of space, we could not publish all of our writers’ contributions, but we appreci-ate their dedication, and many years of involvement.

Finally, I would like to personally invite readers to the inauguration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. tribute, which Grapevine Editions has curated in collaboration with Pisa's Palazzo Blu and the New York English Academy. We are very excited to be opening on 4 April at 4pm! Thanks to all involved, and to all those participating in this Utopian Festival “for courageous dreamers.”

Wishing you blue skies and happy reading, – Norma


Page 3: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4

he third weekend of each month is very special for Lucca. Its squares are TTflooded with colorful tents

and people who are casually strolling and looking for another antique purchase. The antique market is a unique experience; it makes you want to live in Lucca permanently, so that you can stuff your place with all these old pieces of art and furniture that are impossible to transfer back home. I am of the opinion that objects are not that important; they only keep us from remembering that we do not really own anything. But once I strolled around the open-air antique market in Lucca, the terms “object” and “antique” came to attain a different meaning. All the trinkets, old pictures, and pieces of furniture under the tents had a story to narrate. As I realized it was impossi-ble to buy everything I wanted, I started trying to imagine the story behind each object that caught my eye. Most things were older than I am, so I let them guide me to the city they knew better than I did, as I lost my sense of direction and just followed the flow of the market.

I ended up buying nothing, and you may wonder why. I almost felt I did not

have the right to buy those objects and take them away from Lucca. It was as if they were created to be exposed in the town’s sunny squares, which were their home. This city has changed the meaning of home for me, as I now have a story to narrate about living and having a second family in one of the most beautiful places of Tuscany. I don't know where all these things came from: this hat probably belonged to a fine gentleman, or that little wooden horse could have been the favorite toy of a child back in the 60s. No matter where they used to be, they're in Lucca now, telling all kinds of stories to locals and tourists who happen to hold them in their hands for a few seconds, reflecting on their own stories and background.

Lucca's antique market is not just an opportunity for someone to buy something. It's a whole world within the flow of society. Restaurants bring their tables out into the streets, next to the tents, and people are enjoying their food and drinks while talking to the salesmen. The market seems to be a motive for everyone to go out,

chat with people, and create a new bond with the city. I t ' s no t abou t buying, but about sharing stories. Each object has a story to narrate and s o d o e s e a c h person.

– by MariaTsaousidou

Stories behind ObjectsA few impressions of Lucca’s antique market

photos by Grapevine

Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 20184

ave you ever asked yourself why the city is full of A local liqueur, Zitino, this too named for Santa Zita, is a flowers, in particular during the last part of April? perfect accompaniment to these biscuits. A mixture of ingredients Well, it sounds incredible, but flour and flowers are and spices typical of Lucca, Zitino was created by Mauro Picchi, a HHconnected to each other in Lucca. One of the many renowned and very popular barman in Lucca. The secret

legends in Lucca can help us to figure this out: that of Santa Zita. ingredient of Zitino is Biadina di Tista liqueur, which gives the You can still see her in her glass tomb in San Frediano church, drink its good flavour.

how incredible! Born in Monsagrati (near Lucca) on 27 April I recently visited an employee of Caffè Biscotteria Santa Zita in 1218, she was a young servant who worked for a rich Piazza San Frediano and asked her some questions about her work.and strict master. However, she would always find the courage to - How long have you been making these biscuits? Is Sandra still help people in need, by offering her master's bread to them. One baking them?day her master approached and asked about the contents of her - We've been making them for just over a year. Sandra apron. Stunned by fear she blurted out: Roses!, and a stream of entrusted the recipe only to this shop. They're produced in roses fell from her apron in a gentle manner. Poggibonsi.

Thanks to this miracle, and many others, Zita is venerated as a - May I ask you or Sandra for the recipe for the biscuits?patron of Lucca. You can still feel the atmosphere today, by - I'm sorry, but the recipe is top secret: this is the only shop paying a visit to her at San Frediano Church, smelling the flowers that knows it.in the streets, and tasting the food dedicated to her: square-shaped - Are there other places where you sell these biscuits, especially biscuits that look like little fields raked by contadini. during the festival of Santa Zita?

It was Michele Tambellini who had the initial idea of creating - Not for now, we sell them only here, but during the Desco these biscuits and who gave them to Sandra Bianchi of Angolo Sapori & Saperi festival, we also offer some tastings.Dolce in Borgo Giannotti to bake. These biscuits, also called - Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?miracolo 1, can be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee, cheese - We really recommend them to you, they're delicious and a snacks, wine, beer, or liqueur. different kind of biscuit to taste!

– by Nicolò UrbaniLiceo A. Vallisneri


Flowers and Flour

A strange connection born from the famous legend of

Santa Zita

5Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018

Page 4: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4

Among the composers we find the Lucchese Gaetano Giani twentieth century Composition. In response to this Luporini, but also the American-born Dominick Argento (1927). tradition, Cluster has decided to give new life to a Argento has spent decades in and around Tuscany. As a student, FFunique volume on this subject, with a presentation at the he returned to the land of his heritage to work in Florence with the

Caffè Letterario Lucca Libri (Viale Regina Margherita), on 27 first great master of post-war Italian composition, Luigi April at 6 pm. The book, Firenze e la musica italiana del secondo Dallapiccola. Later Dominick would spend his time away from Novecento, written by Renzo Cresti and Eleonora Negri, was teaching at the University of Minnesota, in an apartment not far published a few years ago by LoGisma. from the Ponte Vecchio, becoming himself a part of Florence. His

This in-depth study on music composition in Florence in the critically acclaimed American opera buffa Casanova's second half of the twentieth century starts from Luigi Homecoming, which premiered in 1983, was performed in Lucca Dallapiccola, and deals with the composers who were either born in 2003 by the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, in or worked in Florence at that time. The book also deals with an Italian version commissioned by the University for the important Florentine institutions such as the Maggio Musicale occasion.Fiorentino, the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory of Music, and the Fiesole Music School. – by Chiara Calabrese

lorence has played a fundamental role in the history of

Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018 6

The Florentine Music Tradition (Book Review)

Cluster, The Association for European Composers in Lucca

Friday 27 April, 6pm, Caffè Letterario Lucca Libri, Viale Regina Margherita 113.Association of contemporary composers sponsored by the The book Firenze e la musica italiana del secondo Novecento, Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, will start its spring season by Renzo Cresti and Eleonora Negri, will be presented by the editor (LoGisma, O with a concert for flute, guitar, and piano, featuring music by Firenze).

composers belonging to the SIMC (Italian Society of Contemporary Music), Saturday 28 April, 5pm, Oratorio di San Giuseppeamong them Francesco Cipriano and Girolamo Deraco. The concert will take Ensemble LabMusCont: place at 7 pm at the Oratorio di San Giuseppe, in San Martino Square.Laura Basteri, Riccardo Lippi flutes

Saturday 21 April, 7pm, Oratorio di San GiuseppeFrancesco Genovesi, Carlo Benvenuti cellos

Aurora Ensemble (flute, guitar, piano)Matteo Bogazzi, Marco Longo piano

Music by SIMC (Italian Society of Contemporary Music) composersMusic by George Crumb, Matteo Bogazzi,

Andrea Nicoli, Marco Simoni, Stefano Teani

(before the concert presentation of a new CD by Andrea Nicoli)

Sunday 29 April, 5.00 pm, Auditorium Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca

piazza San Martino, 7.

Stefano Giannotti conducts the Orchestra of the Sinfonia Music School

Sunday 22 April, 5pm, Auditorium Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca piazza San Martino, 7.

Round table on Contemporary Music with A. Talmelli (President of SIMC) followed by a concert for clarinet and electronic instruments, with Fernando De Cesario and Alberto Gatti, music by di S. Chelotti, E. Capurso, B. Putignano, D. Venturi

n 21 April, Cluster - Lucca Compositori Europei, the Lucchese

ucca Classica Music Festival is celebrating its fourth consecutive year in late April/early May, opening with an Anteprima on 29-30 April and 1-2 May, and the festival proper on 3, 4, 5, 6 May. Each LLspring the city bursts into music, and this year at least 30 concerts and

many more collateral events are scheduled for theaters, town squares, palaces, churches, auditoriums and museums throughout the historic center.

Cellist Silvia Chiesa will open the festival on 3 May, together with pianist Claudio Baglini. On the second day, 4 May, Enrico Bronzi and his cello class from the Salzburg Mozarteum will perform the Bach cello suites, while that same evening at Teatro del Giglio, Nicola Campogrande’s Trois langages imaginaires, a concert for public and orchestra, will offer a unique involvement of the public, under the direction of the second conductor. There will also be an open rehearsal with Beatrice Venezi, and later in the evening, at 11 pm in the auditorium of the Boccherini Institute, a concert in the dark will evoke a unique auditory sensation, with music by Bach and Hindemith performed by cellist Enrico Bronzi.

On Saturday 5 May, an unusual workshop by a choreographer, a musician, and an astrophysicist will explore gravitational waves with Bach accompaniment. On the same day, a never-yet-presented work by Giacomo Puccini, Torre del Lago 1904, will be performed by pianist Simone Soldati. The cashmere “king” Brunello Cuccinelli will be given the Lucca Classica 2018 award for supporting the arts, followed by a concert by pianist Pietro De Maria. In the evening, Uto Ughi will present his latest production, with music by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saens, and De Sarasae.

Closing the festival on 6 May will be ballet star Eleanora Abbagnato, dancing with the ballet company of the Teatro dell’Opera of Rome.

This is just a taste of the many treats in store!

Promoters: Associazione Musicale Lucchese, Teatro del Giglio, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca

Supporters: Mibact, LuccaTown & Province, MIUR, Lucca PrefectureOrganizers: Fondazione Giacomo Puccini, Centro Studi Luigi

Boccherini, Teatro del Giglio, Anteprima ViniSponsors: Akeron, Wolters Kluwer Tagetik, Fondazione Banca del Monte

di Lucca, Lucar BMW, Esedra Formazione, Banca del Monte di Lucca, palestra EGO, Farmacia Novelli, Unicoop Firenze

Media partners: Amadeus and Radio3 Rai


– by Norma Jean Bishop

Lucca Classica Music Festival

Photos (top to bottom):

1. Uto Ughi

2. Brunello Cucinelli

3. Pietro De Maria

4. Enrico Bronzi

5. Beatrice Venezi (left)

7Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018

Page 5: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4

ast month, our magazine joined the New York

English Academy of Pisa as a media partner

for the Utopia Festival (www.utopiaitaly.com) LLtaking place in Florence, Pisa, Livorno, and

Lucca throughout the month. The festival this year wishes

to celebrate and promote the life and values of Martin

Luther King, Jr. Grapevine Editions, working with

Palazzo Blu in Pisa, has collaborated to create a

documentary and photographic exhibition honoring the

life and times of this great man, who sadly was

assassinated on 4 April 1968. This will be inaugurated on

4 April at 4 pm and will continue until 30 April.

Schoolchildren in Pisa and Lucca in particular have

participated in the project by responding (in writing) to

the questions, “What is your dream? And what will you

do to make this dream come true?” Their hand-written

responses – some in English, some in Italian – will be

posted as an integral part of the Palazzo Blu exhibit.

Compliments and thanks go to the Scuola Media Chelini,

Liceo A. Vallisneri, and InAcademy for their

participation in the project. The Grapevine team of

Claudia Casoli, Silvano Simi,

Chiara Calabrese, Tom England,

and Anna-Livia Walker also

deserve thanks for their excellent


Also at Palazzo Blu, Luciano

Federighi (at the piano), will If you can't be a pine on the mountain, present Riflessi del sogno: I blues be a scrub in the valley,nell'epoca di Martin Luther King but be the best little scrub on the edge of the stream.

Be a bush if you can't be a tree.(Reflecting the dream: the blues If you can't be a highway, just be a trail.in Martin Luther King's time), on

If you can't be the sun, be a star.Saturday 7 April at 6pm in the Be the best that you can be.Palazzo Blu Auditorium.

Martin Luther King, Jr. gave Palazzo Blu, Lungarno Gambacorti 9, Pisa

this message to his followers: Hours: Mondays to Fridays 10am to 7pm

Saturdays & Sundays 10am to 8pmwww.palazzoblu.it

I Have a Dream

Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018 8

photo by Thomas S. England, 1968


for total hair care

Shampoo and dry € 17.00Cut €13.00/20.00Colour €28.00Manicure €14.00Hair drying self-service €5.00

Hours Monday 13.30 to 18.00Tuesday to Saturday 8.30 to 18.30

Piazza San Frediano 3 - LuccaTel/fax 0583 467375

[email protected]

closed Sunday evening

and Monday

Via della Cervia - LUCCA

Tel. 0583 55881

Fax 0583 312199www.bucadisantantonio.it

[email protected]

Since 1860

Traditional Lucca cuisine

Lucca - Via Anfiteatro, 5-7-9tel. and fax 0583 [email protected]

arrying his camera, Gusmano Cesaretti went to the U.S.A. at the age of 19, stepping off the boat in New York City on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. After this inauspicious CCbeginning, the young photographer from Porcari (just east of

Lucca) went on to develop his art, first in New York, then Chicago, and finally in Los Angeles.

The Fondazione Lazzareschi, with curators Riccarda Bernacchi and Lucia Morelli (www.ventidarte.com), has welcomed an exhibition for Porcari's native son that masterfully presents two facets of Gusmano's talent. Downstairs, you can see his “street photography” of people from East Los Angeles, Mexico and other places. These are quite special people: members of motorcycle gangs and an elderly female shaman, for example. A video, with an energetic musical soundtrack made by his son Vasco, conveys the spirit of LA by night. Upstairs, you can see photographs from films and tv series he worked on with directors such as Michael Moore, Tony Scott, and Marc Forester. Miami Vice (starring Don Johnson) and The Last of the Mohicans (starring Daniel Day Lewis) are certainly the most famous.

So, an American dream fulfilled for Gusmano, but we might find ourselves asking questions about the people in his photographs…. For now at least, during Lucca's Film Festival and Europa Cinema Festival, we welcome Gusmano Cesaretti back home, to Porcari and to Lucca.

Fondazione Lazzareschi, Piazza Felice Orsi, Porcari

www.fondazionelazzareschi.itHours: Tuesdays to Saturdays

10am to 1pm / 3pm to 7pmSaturdays & Sundays 3pm to 7pm

Closed Mondays, and also 1-2 & 25 April & 1 May

For further information about the film festival, see our What's On pages as well as:


The American Dream

9Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018

Page 6: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4


Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018

General markets Books and prints Arts & Craft

Lucca, Piazza Don Baroni (fairground) Wed & Sat a.m. Lucca, Corte del Biancone Daily Lucca, Piazza San Giusto last Sat/Sunday

Marina di Pietrasanta Wednesday afternoonsLucca, Piazza del Carmine Monday to SaturdayAntiques Castelnuovo Garfagnana 1st weekend of the monthB. Giannotti, Foro Boario Sat a.m.Lucca 3rd Sat/Sunday Pieve Fosciana last SundayS. Maria a Colle Thurs a.m. Altopascio 2nd Sunday

Ponte a Moriano Tues a.m. Montecarlo 2nd Sunday Plants and flowersForte dei Marmi 1st Sat/Sunday Lucca, Corso Garibaldi Friday morningsS. Maria del Giudice Mon a.m.Pietrasanta 1st Sunday Pietrasanta 3rd SundayPietrasanta Thurs a.m.Barga 2nd Sunday

Marina di Pietrasanta Sat a.m.Markets in Florence (the biggest)Viareggio 4th Sat/Sunday

Tonfano Sat a.m. Piazza San Lorenzo 7-2 daily, 7-5 Sat, closed SundaysBientina 4th Sat/SundayCastelnuovo Garfagnana Thurs a.m. Pescia 4th Sunday Parco delle Cascine Tuesdays 7am to 2pmPescia Sat a.m. Querceta Saturday mornings Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Market 9am to 7.30pm daily


April 2018 fold-

out events calendar

Page 7: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4



Colle di Compito & Pieve di Compito


Massa Carrara

Forte dei Marmi


Sant’Anna di Stazzema


Corsanico (Massarosa)


Torre del Lago

San Rossore Park




San Giuliano Terme


Celle dei Puccini(Pescaglia)


Villa Basilica

Pieve a Elici


Ponte aMoriano



Castelnuovo Garfagnana

Bagni di Lucca26km

Lucca: Outside Lucca: 34. Pisa, Teatro Verdi, Via Palestro 40. 050 94111, www.teatrodipisa.pi.it

1. Lucca Summer Festival, Pza Napoleone. 20. Sinfonia Music Association, Via N. Sauro, 527 35. Pisa, Scuola Normale Concerts. www.sns.it, 0584 46477 www.ticketone.it 21. Montecarlo, Teatro dei Rassicurati 050 941111 or 050 94118836.

2a/b. San Giovanni and Dei Servi Churches. 22. Porcari: Auditorium Vincenzo Da Massa 36. Pisa, Music under the Tower (OPA). www.puccinielasualucca.com Carrara & Piazza Felice Orsi www.opapisa.it See page17.www. sagramusicalelucchese.com 23. Capannori, Artè, Via Carlo Piaggia. 37. Florence, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

3. Lucca Opera Festival, Oratorio Angelo 24. Tenuta dello Scompiglio, Via di Vorno 67, www.operadifirenze.itCustode, Via degli Angeli Custodi. Vorno. 0583 971125, 38. Florence, Teatro Verdi, Via Ghibellina 99. www.iconcertidegliangelicustode.com www.delloscompiglio.org www.teatroverdionline.it

4. Fond. Ragghianti, San Micheletto, AML, 25. Ponte a Moriano 39. Florence, Santo Spirito, Piazza Santo SpiritoLucca In Musica. 0583 469960, a. Teatro I. Nieri, Piazza Cesare Battisti, www.accademiadelispiritati.orgwww.associazionemusicalelucchese.it 0583 465320. 40. S. Anna di Stazzema Peace Organ Festival,

5a. Teatro del Giglio, Pza Giglio. 0583 465320, b. Accademia Montegral, Convento 0584 772025, www.santannadistazzema.orgclosed Mondays and Sundays, dell'Angelo, 0583 406300. 41. Tonfano, Marina di Pietrasanta, Teatro Sant’www.teatrodelgiglo.com 26. Celle dei Puccini, Pescaglia. Puccini Antonio, Via Verdi, 335543579, 3471305764.

5b. Teatro San Girolamo, Museum. 42. Torre del Lago Puccini, Festival Pucciniano.www.teatrodelgiglio.com 27. Altopascio. Via Francigena Festival, 0584 359322.www.puccinifestival.it

6. Real Collegio, Piazza del Collegio Gemignani Music School. 43. Pieve a Elici (Massarosa), AML 0583469960, 7. Boccherini Institute Auditorium, Pza Del 28. Colle di Compito and Pieve di Compito, www.associazionemusicalelucchese.it

Suffragio, www.boccherini.it Compitese Culture Centre. 44. Corsanico (Massarosa) Organ Festival. 8. San Francesco Church, Pza San Francesco 29. Camigliano (Capannori) www.corsanicomusica.it 9. San Michele Church, Pza San Michele 30. Bagni di Lucca, Teatro Accademico, Via 45. Gattaiola, Villa Rossi10. San Paolino Church, Via San Paolino Roma. www.prolocobagnidilucca.it/ 46. Pietrasanta, Teatro la Versiliana. Viale Morin 11. San Romano Auditorium [email protected] (320 6320032) 16, Marina di Pietrasanta. 0584 265757, 12. Palazzo Pretorio Loggia, Pza San Michele 31a. Barga, Villa Libano. Nuovo Circolo dei Complete program www.laversilianafestival.it13. Santa Maria Corteorlandini Church Differenti. 47. San Giuliano Terme. Villa Roncioni (loc. 14. Piazza Cittadella, Puccin’s birthplace, 31b. Opera Barga. 0583 711068, Pugnano). Costumes & hats. Tuesdays to

museum. [email protected], www.operabarga.it Sundays 4pm to 8pm. 050 817900, 15. Botanical Garden concerts, 31c. Barga Jazz. 0583 724418, [email protected], www.fondazionecerratell.it

www.ortobotanicodilucca.it, 0583 442160. www.bargajazz.it 48. Montecatini Terme, Estate Regina Music 16. San Martino (Duomo) 31d. Belcanto in Barga. 340 5831419, Festival, at the Terme & Teatro Verdi. Until 4 17. Amphitheatre Jazz, [email protected] Oct. 0527 78903, www.estateregina.it

www.comune.lucca.it/anfiteatrojazz. See www.belcantoinbarga.com 49. Forte dei Marmi, Villa Bertelli, Viale Mazzini article in June Grapevine. 31e. Il Ciocco, Castelvecchio Pascoli. 0583 7691. 200. 0584 787251 www.villabertelli.it

18. Santa Caterina Church, Via Vittorio Veneto 33a. Castelnuovo Garfagnana, IAM Music 50. Prato, Teatro Metastasio, Via B. Cairoli 59.19. Palazzo Ducale, Sala Tobino Festival, www.iamitalia.com 51. Badia di Camaiore Organ Festival,

33b. Teatro Alfieri, Castelnuovo G., 0583 644185. www.camaioreorganfestival.it

1 2a2b




































Music & Theatre Venues

Via S. PaolinoVia S. Croce Via Elisa

Via Fillu



Florence 90km

Montecarlo 20km

Montecatini Terme








Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018 WHAT’S ON IN & AROUNDEVINE Magazine

Lucca: Around Lucca: S. Seravezza, Palazzo Mediceo, Viale L.

Amadei 230. Every day 5pm to midnight, also A. San Francesco Church Complex. L. Vorno: Tenuta dello Scompiglio. Via di Vorno Sat-Sun 10.30am to 12.30pm (noon). 0584 AA. ex Casa del Boia. 67. www.delloscompiglio.org 757443.B. Lu.C.C.A. Museum of Contemporary Art, Via M1. Montecarlo: Pasquinelli Gallery, Via Roma.

SS. Torre del Lago. Art for the Puccini Festival della Fratta 36. www.luccamuseum.com M2. Porcari, Fondazione Lazzareschi. (www.puccinifestival.it). Puccini Theatre Foyer.C. MUST, Urban Museum of Lucca, Palazzo M3. Tassignano, Artemisia Cultural Center &

Guinigi, Via Guinigi 29. History, archaeology, Library, via dell’Aeroporto 10. 0583 936427.Pisa:photography. M4. San Gennaro, Palazzo Bocella, Via Celli 52.T1. Palazzo Blu, www.palazzoblu.it D1. Fondazione Banca del Monte, Pza San N. Ponte a Serraglio: Grapevine Cultural Assoc. T2. Piazza dei Miracoli. www.opapisa.it Martino 12. www.fondazionebancadelmonte.it La Rondine Gallery, Via V. Emanuele. T3. SMS Centro Espositivo Museale. Via S. D2. Banca del Monte, Piazza San Martino. 0583 O. Ponte a Moriano

Michele degli Scalzi 176. 050 544767. 450278. Barga: T4. Graphics Museum, Palazzo Lanfranchi E. Fondazione Ragghianti, San. Micheletto. 0583 P1. Town Hall Gallery, Via di Borgo 18.

Lugarno G. Galileo. 050 2216060. 467205. P2. Mount Tabor Ecumenical Center, Via delle T5. San Giuliano Terme, Roncioni Villa.

F. Cathedral Museum, Pza Antelminelli. 0583 Mura 12. www.mounttabor.it.490530, [email protected], P3. Villa Libano, Via del Sasso, 7. Nuovo Circolo

Prato:www.museocattedrale.lucca.it dei Differenti. Art exhibitions with live music.

U. Palazzo Pretorio. G. Villa Bottini, Via Elisa 9. www.facebook.com/circolodifferenti.

www.palazzopretorio.prato.itH1. Palazzo Ducale, Pza. Napoleone. P4. Fondazione Ricci, Via Roma 20.

V. Textile Museum. Via S. Chiara. H2. Palazzo Mansi, Via Galli Tassi 43. tel. 0583 Versilia: www.museodeltessuto.it

55570 www.luccamuseinazionali.it Q1. Pietrasanta. Sant’Agostino Museum, Pza V V. Teatro Metastasio. Via B. Cairoli 59.I1. Santa Giulia Church, Pza del Suffragio. Duomo. 0584 795268.I2. San Cristoforo Church, Via Fillungo. Q2. La Meridiana Gallery, Via Barsanti 29. Florence:J1. State Archives, Piazza Guidiccioni. Q3. Viareggio. Mercurio Arte Contemporanea 43. W. Palazzo Strozzi. www.palazzostrozzi.orgJ2. State Archives, Piazza Macelli. Corso Garibaldi 116. X. Accademia Gallery. Via Ricasoli 58/60.

New exhibition space. Q4. Viareggio. L. Viani Gallery of Modern & www.unannodarte.itJ3. Domus Romana archaeological site. Via C. Contemporary Art. 0584 976510, www.gamc.it Y. Palatina Gallery. www.unannodarte.it

Battisti 15. 0583 050060. Tues & Thurs Q5. Viareggio. Villa Paolina, Via Machiavelli. YY. Villa Bardini, Costa San Giorgio 2. 10am to 5pm www.domusromana.it Forte dei Marmi: Z1. Argenti Museum. www.unannodarte.it

K. Uscher Gallery, Via della Zecca 15. R1. Villa Bertelli, Viale G. Mazzini 200, 0584 Z2. Palazzo Medici Riccardi. KK. Real Collegio, Pza del Collegio 13. 280292, www.villabertelli.it Z3. Uffizi. www.unannodarte.it R2. Satire Museum, Pza Garibaldi 1. Daily 5pm Z4. Gucci Museum. Piazza della Signoria 10.

www.guccimuseo.comto midnight.


Florence 90km



San Gennaro


Massa Carrara

Forte dei Marmi






Ponte a Moriano

Castelnuovo Garfagnana

Bagni di Lucca26km


















Via S. PaolinoVia S. Croce Via Elisa

Via F



Art Exhibition Venues from A to Z

Montecarlo 20km



Torre del Lago


PISA 26km Vorno



SS W,X,Y,YY,Z1,Z2,Z3,Z4







San Giuliano Terme

Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018

Page 8: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4


16pm, Lucca, San Martino Cathedral. Organ concert.

1511am, Piazza Mercanti, Dance Meeting with singers & guitar11.30am, Piazza San Martino, Dance Meeting with horn trio11.45am, Piazza San Michele loggia, Dance Meeting with guitar quartet11.30am, Piazza San Frediano, Dance Meeting with oboes12 noon, Piazza Cittadella, Dance Meeting with flutes12.15pm, Piazza San Michele, Grand Finale

5pm, Teatro del Giglio Dance Talent on stage. Tickets available at the Giglio Box Office.

9pm, Teatro del Giglio Dance Final Gala. Tickets available at the Giglio Box Office.

1611am, Vorno, Tenuta dello Scompiglio. Dance & performers masterclass with Salvo Lombardo. www.delloscompiglio.org

179pm, Lucca, Boccherini Auditorium. Guitar Festival concert.

189pm, Lucca, Boccherini Auditorium. Guitar Festival concert.

239.15pm, Forte dei Marmi, Villa Bertelli, Via Mazzini 200. National Piano Competition 23 to 25 April. www.bramanti.it



45.30pm by Enrio Bronzi & the Mozarteum cellos.8.15pm, Lucca Cinema Centrale Simulcast: Macbeth.9.15pm, Lucca, San Martino Cathedral. Northern Spirit Singers (UK).



105pm, Lucca Cinema Centrale Simulcast: Giselle (ballet).

Lucca Dance Meeting, 10 to 15 April, throughout town. Sites: Teatro del Giglio, Boccherini Auditorium, Palazzo Guinigi, Villa Bottini, Agorà, & many town squares. www.aed.com

37.45pm, Lucca Cinema Centrale Simulcast: Così Fan Tutte.

225pm, Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca Auditorium, Piazza San Martino, 7. Round table on contemporary music with A. Talmelli, followed by a concert for clarinet & electronic instruments.

5.30pm, Vorno, Tenuta dello Scompiglio. Casual Bystanders by Salvo Lombardo/Chiasma.

295pm, Lucca, S. Maria dei Servi Church. Neapolitan music by Nuove Assonanze.5pm, Lucca, Oratorio of San Giuseppe. Ensemble LabMusCont (flutes, cellos, pianos) will perform, followed by the concert presentation of a new CD by Andrea Nicoli.6.15pm, Lucca, S. Maria dei Servi Church. Neapolitan music from the Baroque to the Novecento. www.animandolucca.it

Lucca Classica Music Festival, 29 April to 6 May with symphonic concerts, chamber music, listening guides, children’s concerts, etc. www.luccaclassica.it, Facebook: LuccaClassicaMusicFestival. See article on page 7.

Wed Mon Tues Sunday

ed[email protected] Tuscany’s GRAPEWHAT’S ON IN & AROUND

Music & TheatreApril 2018

30 1 May3pm, Capannori, Piazza Aldo Moro. Annual May Day concert beginning with Indi-Rock group Giorgieness. At 9.30pm, Giusy Ferrari with Karima & others. Free.


Lucca D

ance M



9pm, Lucca, Boccherini Auditorium. Boccherini Open concert. piano, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon.


r &

the W


2610am, Lucca, Boccherini Auditorium. Peter & the Wolf by Prokofiev. Dip Dance Intensive Program & music by the Boccherini Orchestra. Free with precedence to children.

27 6pm, Caffè Letterario Lucca Libri. Firenze

e la musica italian del secondo Novecento by R. Cresti & E. Negri will be presented by the editor, LoGisma, Florence. See article on page 6.10am, Lucca, Boccherini Auditorium. Peter & the Wolf by Prokofiev. Dip Dance Intensive Program & music by the Boccherini Orchestra. Free with precedence to children.

286pm, Lucca, San Pietro Somaldi Church. Trombone & organ concert.

9pm, Lucca, Boccherini Auditorium. Boccherini Open concert with antique instruments.

126.30pm, Lucca, Piazza San Michele. Boccherini Open concert with Orchestra & dancers.


133pm to 7pm at Villa Bottini, Via Elisa 9 & adjacent ex-Pia Casa. Dance masterclasses. www.aed.com

5.30pm, Lucca, Piazza San Michele. Flash Mob, music & dance. (Lucca Dance Festival)

9pm, Teatro del Giglio Dance Gala. Tickets available at the Giglio Box Office.

9pm, Torre del Lago. La Buona Novella a tribute to Fabrizio D’Andre. By David and Chiara Rondino in collaboration with Fabio Battistelli (clarinet). Reserve tickets at 0584 359322.

69pm, Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, Sala Ademollo. Archos String Quartet concert. (Boccherini, Beethoven, Sinigaglia) organized by Animando.9pm, Lucca, Boccherini Auditorium, Open Piano Concert.


6pm, Pisa, Palazzo Blu Auditorium. Blues in the era of M. L. King, presented by Luciano Federighi (at the piano).

9pm, Lucca, San Martino Cathedral organ concert.

199pm, Lucca, Boccherini Auditorium. Guitar Festival concert.9pm, Teatro del Giglio. Lo Stallo by Sandro Luperini (for 30 years co-author with Giorgio Gaber). David & Chiara Rondino (interpreter & singer).9.15pm, Montecarlo, Teatro dei Rassicurati, Via Carmignani 14. Benvenuto in Casa Gori. Tickets €15. www.comune.montecarlo.lu.it

Friday Thu

To locate the venues, see the map and the list above.

The listings published by Grapevine are taken from reliable sources and reproduced in good faith.

However, to avoid disappointment, readers are advised to check information

before setting off.

20 217pm, Lucca, Oratorio of San Giuseppe. Aurora Ensemble (flute, guitar, piano). Music by Italian Society of Contemporary Music composers.9pm, Lucca, Boccherini Auditorium. Boccherini Open Piano concert.7.30pm, Vorno, Tenuta dello Scompiglio. Casual Bystanders by Salvo Lombardo/Chiasma.

145pm, Piazza San Martino, Dance Meeting with trombones.5.15pm, Piazza Suffragio, Dance Meeting with harp & percussions5.30pm, Piazza Mercanti, Dance Meeting with violins

5.30pm, Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, Concentus Lucensis offers Boccherini and his portraits. Conversation with cellists Marco Mangani, Gaetano Nasilio & Sara Bennici.

9pm, Teatro del Giglio Choreography competition. Tickets available at the Giglio Box Office.

Puccinielasualucca for its summer season (31 March to 31 October)offers daily concerts at the Church of San Giovanni at 7pm.

Tickets are sold at the door, or call 340 8106042.www.puccinielasualucca.com - [email protected]

Program: Mondays Puccini & Mozart, Tuesdays Puccini’s Women, Wednesdays Italian Opera Recital, Thursdays Puccini & Verdi, Fridays Puccini Opera Recital, Saturdays A Night at the Opera,

Sundays Puccini & the Neapolitan Song Tradition

EVINE Magazine WHAT’S ON IN & AROUND www.luccagrapevine.com

Coming Up/Ongoing

Lucca Classica Music Festival, 29 April to 6 May with symphonic concerts, chamber music, listening guides, children’s concerts, etc. www.luccaclassica.it, Facebook: LuccaClassicaMusicFestival. See article on page 7.

Lucca Animando (Il Settecento Musicale a Lucca) Concerts: 1 June (Under the walls of Lucca), 28 July (at the Casinò Bagni di Lucca), 7 October.

Lucca Cinema Centrale Simulcasts: 3 May Manon, 12 June Swan Lake.

Lucca International Choir Festival, Teatro del Giglio, 31 May 9pm.

Lucca Summer Festival (concerts scheduled so far): 23 June Queens of the Stone Age. 7 July Johnny Depp with Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper & Joe Perry (Aerosmith). 8 July Ringo Starr & the All-Starr Band. 11 July Roger Waters. 12 July Gorillaz. 17 July Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. 18 July Lenny Kravitz. 22 July Gianni Morandi. 23 July Nic Cester. 25 July King Crimson.



Page 9: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4



Picciorana (Lucca),


Fondazione Lazzareschi, Piazza Felice Orsi. Il Sogno

Villa Guinigi Museum, Via della Americano, photography by Quarquonia. This museum houses treasures that Gusmano Cesaretti. 24 March to trace the history of Lucca.In January the Cristo 27 May 2018. Curated by Riccarda Eucaristico, a polychrome terracotta by Matteo Bernacchi & Lucia Morelli. See Civitali (1436-1501), was returned to Lucca by article on page 9.the Italian police and placed in the museum more than 70 years after it was stolen by the Germans from Santa Maria della Rosa Church on 7 or 8 Vivai Marino Favilla, Via February, 1944. The museum is open Tuesdays di Picciorana 262. “Emotional Space” to Saturdays 8.30am to 7.30pm. inaugurated on 24 March. Exhibition of

sculpture by Choi Yook Sook, glassworks by Lu.C.C.A. Museum of Contemporary Art. Bruno Pedrosa & Simone Crestani &

Mario Sironi & the Illustrations for Il Popolo photography by Riccardo Bagnoli. Events d’Italia 1921-1940. Political cartoons from 1921 (concerts, yoga, etc.) will be planned for to 1927. Until 3 June 2018. Friday afternoons. See the article on page 20.


ed[email protected] Tuscany’s GRAPEWHAT’S ON IN & AROUND



24 25












Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, Piazza San Martino 7. Laura Ziegler, sculptress. Resident in Lucca & Pietrasanta for 60 years. 3.30pm to 7.30pm daily except Mondays.

Palazzo Pretorio, Piazza Curtatone & Montanara. La Trottola & il robot. Old toys represented in 110 artworks. Tuesday to Sundays 10am to 7pm. Tel. 331 1542017, www.pontederaperlacultura.it

Fondazione Ragghianti mezzanine. Cinema d’Arte - Dialogo Inedito. Sky art film productions. 40+ photos for Sky art films about Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Raphael, & aerial views of Roman basilicas & Florence’s Uffizi Galleries. Tuesdays to Sundays 10am to 1pm, 3pm to 7pm. www.luccafilmfestival.it

Villa Paolina Bonaparte, Via Machiavelli 2. Works of Giovanni Lazzarini, painter & builder of carnival floats. Over 70 paintings & sculptures. Wednesdays to Saturdays 3.30 to 7.30pm, Sundays 9.30am to 1.30pm / 3.30 to 7.30pm. www.comune.viareggio.lu.it

L. Viani GAMC Museum, Piazza Mazzini. Oltre la Maschere. Works donated by the family of Uberto Bonetti (1909-1993), who conceived the masque of Burlamacco. www.gamc.it

Castiglione Garfagnana, clock tower. La processione dei Crocioni (Way of the Cross), exhibition by photographer Pietro Guidugli. Circolo Fotocine Garfagnano. Wednesdays to Saturdays 9am to 7pm.

16 17 18

230LAST DAY: Firenze, Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, Piazza Santa Trinità 5. The Return to Italy. 90 years ago Ferragamo returned from America. The exhibit focuses on the artistic & manufacturing atmosphere of Firenze. Open daily 10am to 7.30pm. Info: 055 3562846, www.ferragamo.com

1 May




4Pisa,OPENING: 4pm:

Palazzo Blu. Tribute to M. L. King, Jr. curated by Grapevine.





Lucca, San Franceschetto Church, Piazza San Francesco. Girolamo Scaglia. A 17th century painter with a passion for literature & mythology. Restoration by Massimo Bonino. Video, Non di solo genio. Quando l'artigianato diventa arte. Fridays to Sundays 10am to 6pm.

Lucca, Ragghianti Foundation. Il Segno dell’Avant Garde. The Futurists & Engraving. See article in March Grapevine.

Wed TuesMon

Exhibitions, April 2018








Giovanni Lazzarini

To locate the venues, see the map & list on the back of this calendar




GAMC Museum: Impressions & words on paper. From Man Ray to Dorazio. From the Pieraccini Donation. 19th century graphic works showing the interconnections between word & image, literature & figurative art. Including: Arp, Braque, Jean Cocteau, Capogrossi, Sonia Delaunay, Dorazio, Max Ernst, Giacometti, Man Ray, Mirò, Picasso, Emilio Vedova. Open daily except Mondays 3.30 to 7pm.

Photography, in its 16th edition, at Palazzo Medici, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exhibitions, workshops, meetings. Artistic director Ivo Balderi. Main exhibition: freelance photographer Uliano Lucas, La vita e nient’altro (Life and Nothing Else). 200+ black & white photos.

Santo Stefano al Ponte, Piazzetta di Santo Stefano 1. Monet Experience & the Impressionists. Virtual & experiential voyage in sounds & images, with giant projections on the church walls & panels. Crossmedia Group production. Until 1 May. Info: 055 217418, www.monetexperience.it



Jesolo Lido (VE),


Basilica Palladiana. Van Gogh, Tra il grano e il cielo (between the wheat & the sky). Until 8 April.

Spazio Aquilia 123. Gods, pharoahs, humans. Until 15 September. www.mostraegitto.com

Peggy Guggenheim Museum. Passioni Visivi by Pistoia sculptor Marino Marini. 27 Jan to 1 May. www.marinomarinipassionivisive.it

EVINE Magazine WHAT’S ON IN & AROUND www.luccagrapevine.com



4pm, Lucca, La Chiesa di Santa Maria della Rosa: committenza mercantile e spazi cittadini nel pieno medioevo. Tour with Sara Scatena. Percorsi d'Arte a Lucca. For reservations: Cathedral Museum in Piazza Antelmintellli. Tel. 0583



5 6



12Viareggio, OPENING at 5pm: Villa

Argentina. Documentary films for art lovers. On this date, Dino Buzzati & Edvar Munch. Followed by others in May & June. Tel. 0584 1647600.



28Lucca, OPENING: Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca. Cosmic Energy in the Sculptures of

Jimenez Deredia. Until 10 September. In town squares & in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Piazza S. Martino 7.www.fondazionebmleventi.it

Saturday Thu

21Palazzo Ducale,LAST DAY: Sala Maria Luisa & Loggia dell’Ammannati. Luchino Visconti, Alla

ricerca del tempo perduto, the history of a film never made. Produced byAlessandro Romanini & Francesco Frigeri with students from the Rome Center for Experimental Cinematography. Visconti never made his great film about Proust, but this exhibit shows 40 designs of sets & costumes made by these students. Hours: Tuesday to Saturdays 11am to 1pm, 4pm to 7pm. Closed Mondays except on 9 April. www.luccafilmfestival.it





mannati, F





a b

y S






Rome Center for Experimental Photography, Tempo Perduto




i S







pril 2018

Page 10: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4

Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018





THROUGHOUT ITALY Lucca Film Festival & Europa Cinema. 8 to 15 April.

Projections, prizes, encounters. 14 full-length films are in com-Easter Sunday 1 April. petition this year, & there is an international short film competi-Easter Monday, Pasquetta, 2 April. tion. These films will be shown at various places in Lucca:

Cinemas Astra & Centrale, Teatro del Giglio, Palazzo Ducale, & 25 April 1945 Liberation. Italians were freed from Fascism & the Ragghianti Foundation. After David Lynch (2014), David Nazism at the end of World War II. Cronenberg (2015), George Romero (2016) & Oliver Stone

(2017), this year Stephen Frears, who recently directed Italy entered World War 1 in April 1916, 103 years ago. See arti- Vittoria & Abdul, has been selected to receive a career prize & cle in March 2015 Grapevine. to offer a masterclass in Lucca. Other guests during the festival: Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins, Dr. Watson), who will present Lucca and Surroundings his latest work, Ghost Stories, on 9 April, & receive a career

Teatro del Giglio with Utopia Festival will present a laboratory prize. Anton Corbijn, known for filming rock stars such as Tom "Soltanto chi è sognato cresce", 7 April in 2 sessions: A) for Camelia Festival at Sant’Andrea & Waits, U2 & the Rolling Stones, will give a masterclass & show younger children 3pm to 4.30pm; B) for older children, 6pm to Pieve di Compito. Japanese tea cere- his biographical film Control (winner at Cannes in 2007). 7.30pm. Theatrical experiences to discover the dream of being, or monies & other events. 10-11,17- Exhibits related to films are listed on the Art calendar above.representing, another possible me. As in the poem by Danilo Dolci, 18,24-25 & 31 March. 1-2 April. For in-"soltanto chi è sognato cresce".formation: Centro Culturale Com- Effetto Cinema Notte 2018, a collateral event that turns the city

pitese. 0583 977188, 366 2796749. into a film set during Lucca Film Festival. 5 thematic zones & 38 Vorno, Tenuta dello Scompiglio. 8 April 3.30 & 5pm. The Bremen www.camelielucchesia.it businesses will be involved. Concerts & events will take place Town Musicians by Orsa Theatre for children 3+. nightly, with the finale on Saturday 14 April. A prize will be given www.delloscompiglio.org to the business whose employees have the best costumes.

Teatro del Giglio, 11 April 11am. Fuori Misura, an interpretation of Art films will be shown 19 to 22 April, beginning with the poet Leopardi for children 11+. Caravaggio — l’anima e il sangue at San Micheletto 19 April,

then at San Franceschetto: Vatican Museums, San Pietro 20 Teatro del Giglio, Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi with the Pupi di Stac April; Firenze & gli Uffizi 21 April; Raphael, Prince of the Arts (puppet theatre) for children 4+. 9.45am & 11am. 4 April. 22 April. Showings are at 9am, 11am, 3pm, 5pm.


Lucca, Festa of Lucchese Liberty. 8 April. From 1369 to Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca Auditorium, Piazza San 1799, Lucca was a Republic. On this occasion medieval Martino 7. 4 April 9.30pm, the film I am not your Negro by balestrieri ( crossbowers) demonstrate their talents. Raoul Peck will be shown. In the words of James Baldwin, the

lives & assassinations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, & Lucca, Santa Zita Flower Festival, last weekend in April, dedi- Medgar Evers.

Lucca, Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca Auditorium, cated to the local saint who gave food to the poor & performed Piazza San Martino 7. miracles. See article on page 5. Simulcasts of operas & ballets at Cincema Centrale, Lucca.

See the Music & Theatre calendar.Lucca, Centro Culturale Agorà, Piazza dei Servi. L’Agorà VerdeMura, on Lucca’s Walls. 6,7,8 April. Plants, gardening della Scienza: Calendar for 2018 (lectures in Italian, 5.30pm): tips, furniture for gardens.... 19,000 attended last year, so the Capannori, Cinema Artè, Via Carlo Piaggia. Cineforum 21 Apr., Epigenetica. 19 May, Gravitational waves. 9 June, festival has moved to Porta San Donato & the area between Ezechiele offers A Dream Called Florida (USA but in Italian). Archaeology & history of a Lucchese monastery on the Via Baluardo San Donato & Baluardo Santa Croce, to allow more 31 March to 2 April at 8.15pm or 10.15pm. Tickets €7 (€5 for un-Francigena. Tel. 0583 445716, 0583 445717.space for visitors.

der 7 & over 65).www.agoradellascienza.it

Firenze, Cinema Odeon at Palazzo Strozzi. Original language Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, Sala Maria Luisa. Ballo a Palazzo, the

films with Italian subtitles. www.odeonfirenze.comhistory of etiquette from Jane Austen’s Regency to Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi’s Empire period. Final conference on his-

Pisa, Cinema Arsenale. Vicolo Scaramucci 2. Tel. 050 502640. tory, customs & society given by Margarita Martinez for the bi-

For the Utopia Festival: 3 April 6pm, Two journalists will dis-centenary (1817-2017) of Maria Luisa di Borbone in Lucca. 3

cuss Muhammed Ali, followed by the film, Quando eravamo re April 5pm to 7pm. www.napoleoneeilsuotempo.wordpress.com

(When we were kings). 4 April 6.30pm, Thomas Friedman’s film I Have a Dream followed by a talk by Rocco Altieri from Pisa’s Gandhi Center.

Book Club meetings at Da Francesco Restaurant (near the Pisa, Officina Garibaldi. Projection of the film The Right to train station), last Wednesday of each month at 8pm. Count (Il diritto di contare), followed by an aperitif. 6 April 8pm.

Grapevine conversation group at Des Arts Bistro (Piazza San Giusto) Thursdays at 8.15pm. Come for a drink or dinner, English & Italian conversation. Call 333 8617962.

Lucca Contemporary Art Fair, 18-20 May at Polo Fieristico.

Monday 4pm international conversation group at Osteria Lucca half-marathon, 6 May, leaves at 9am from Porta Elisa dello Stellario (or MaraMeo Bar) in Piazza San Francesco, on the Walls. [email protected], www.luccamarathon.itLucca.

1000 Miglia, vintage car race Brescia-Rome-Brescia. Mid-Lucca, Garden tour with Diletta inside the walls, including the Luccalele group, convivial group for ukelele fans. To May.Botanical Garden. 7-8 April. Tel. 345 0224989 to reserve. participate contact Paolo at 380 4358318 or email

[email protected] Fiorite del Corpus Domini. Flower-paved streets during P o r c a r i i n F l o w e r . 1 5 A p r i l 8 a m t o 7 p m . the religious procession, 2-3 June in Camaiore, from 7pm [email protected], tel. 0583 298163. A group for speaking ITALIAN ONLY is being put together Saturday evening to 10am Sunday morning. Also celebrated in starting in early May. We are looking for people to join us who Capannori (Colle di Compito, Ruota, Camgliano), not neces-would like to practice or improve their Italian language skills. sarily on the same date.We plan to meet late Thursday afternoons for 1 1/2 hours each

week at a cafe within the walls of Lucca. If you would like to join You can subscribe to www.turismo.lucca.it to learn about us, or have any questions, you can reach us at: more events & [email protected]

Nature walks with E. Lunardi Amici della Montagna. €15 mem-bership (under 16 free). Upcoming:, weekend at Lago di Garda, 2 April Pasquetta by bicycle. Group headquarters (monthly meetings): Circoscrizione n. 3, via Einaudi, S. Anna. www.amicidellamontagna.lucca.it.

San Romano & Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Selvaggia, Festival of Wild Herbs. Markets, herb walks, cooking displays, tastings. See article on page 22.

New York English Academy in Pisa is sponsoring a Utopian Festival, from 4 to 8 April, with 3 general sections: Reflection, Celebration, Innovation. In honor of the 50th anniversary of his death (4 April), this year’s focus will be on Martin Luther King, Jr. See pages 8 & 10 this month.

10am, Lucca, Boccherini Auditorium. Peter & the Wolf by Prokofiev. Dip Dance Intensive Program & music by the Boccherini Orchestra. Free with precedence to children.

Lucca Tattoo Expo, Polo Fiere at Sorbano del Giudice, 20 to 22 April. www.luccatattooexpo.it See article on page 25.

VeganFest, at Lucca’s Polo Fiere at Sorbano del Giudice, 14-15 April. www.veganfest.it See article on page 22.




19Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018

Pisa Airport · Barga Sotto, Poli

· · Barga Vecchia, Nardini · Train Station Edicola Ale’· Ponte all'Ania, Bertoncini · Piazzale Ricasoli (Lucca), · Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Magnani Tourist Center

· Costanzi, Borgo Stretto 115 (Via Farini) · Viale Regina Margherita 113 (Lucca), Luccalibri Libreria-Caffè Letterario

· Guamo, Luchi Moira (Sottopoggio)· Viareggio, Marine Store, Via Coppino 421

· San Concordio, Edicolè · Pietrasanta, Giuntini (Piazza Principale)

(V/le S. Concordio 224)· Tonfano, Libreria Tonacchera, · Sant’Anna, BertiVia Versilia 6

San Lorenzo, La Perla (Via per Pisa)· Camaiore, Dalle Luche Daniela, · Cartoleria Gentile, Via Fillungo 225· San Leonardo in Treponzio, Via di Mezzo · Martini, Via Fillungo 138

· Forte dei Marmi, Borri, Piazza Garibaldi · Lorenzini, Via Fillungo 16 Il Pennarello (Via di Tiglio)

· Edicola Souvenir, Via S. Paolino 54In the Mountains · La Medica, Via Vittorio Veneto 11

· Monsagrati, La Coccinella · De Lillo, Via V. Emanuele 40 · Arancio, Baldassarre, Viale (Strada per Camaiore) · Pantera-Brancoli, Via Beccheria 9 Castracani 831

· La Cappella, Viani (Strada per Camaiore) · Susilab, Via Calderia · Montecarlo, Associazione Pro Loco, · Ponte a Moriano, Orlandi · Gallacci, Piazza dei Cocomeri Via Roma 3

(Piazza Principale) · Cerboncini, Via Santa Croce 45· Montecarlo, Sergio Morello

· Valdottavo, Darma, Via Comunale 34 · Il Giornalaio, Piazza San Francesco(Via Roma)

· Diecimo (Borgo a Mozzano), Guidi Benito · Pescia, Alma, Piazza principale

Fabrizio (Via S. Quasimodo 26)· Borgo a Mozzano, Centro Ufficio

West(shopping center, near Penny Market)· Borgo Giannotti, Giannecchini· Fornoli, Cartolibreria Serra San Marco, San Marco Press· Sant'Alessio, La Scatola Magica· Bagni di Lucca, Edicola Punto Sma · Segromigno, Lazzereschi Villa Torrigiani)


Edicola Stile Toscano

Pisa Town Center

In Lucca

Near the Coast

(pedestrian street)·


Outside Lucca



· Grapevine office, Via dell’Angelo Custode, 3A

· Itinera Tourism Office, Piazzale Verdi· San Frediano Youth Hostel,

Via Cavallerizza, 12

AND at (where you can also order an on-line or postal subscription)

tel. 0583 909012 or write to


[email protected]






Cruciword by Helen Askham

Clues in English have Italian answers. Clues in Italian have English answers.


March solution



ACROSS DOWN1 Primavera (6) 1 Caramelle (6)4 Camicie (6) 2 Ilium (4)7 Spring onion (9) 3 Globale (6)9 Eco (4) 4 Charcuterie (6)10 The letters on the cross; 5 Hymns (4)

le lettere sulla croce (4) 6 Fare un balzo (6)11 Palm trees (5)

7 Cioccolato (9)13 Sacrale (6)

8 Rispondendo (9)14 Forbicina (6)

11 Meal (5)15 Ascent (6)

12 Aquila (5)17 Alarico il visigoto (6)15 Sorgente (6)19 Onyx (5)16 Duck (6)20 Rito (4)17 Ghiande (6)22 Dentro (4)18 Il tubare (6)23 Uovo di Pasqua (6,3)21 Est (4)24 Grotto (6)22 Il principe di Borodin (4)25 Molla (6)

1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8

9 10

11 12

13 14

15 16 17 18


20 21 22


24 25

Page 11: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4

This restaurant can accommodate individuals on gluten free diets

oes art belong in museums? Not according to Maurizio Vanni, who with Paola Favilla has created an exciting collaboration between business and culture at Picciorana, twenty minutes east of Lucca. Connecting individuals, DDgreen spaces, and contemporary arts is a reality today, and so at Vivai Marino

Favilla a microcosm has been created to stimulate the senses and delight the imagination. The design concept of Emotional Space was planned and carried out by Domenico Raimondi of ThesignLab.

The Favilla family has a long tradition (since 1950) of cultivating and selling plants. Paola, both personally and professionally, felt the need to bring new energy into this business. A talk with Maurizio, curator and artistic director of Lucca Center for Contemporary Art (Lu.C.C.A.) and president of MVIVA (cultural marketing and management organization), did the rest. The greenhouse has been re-designed to host sculptures, as well as concerts, theatre, dance, poetry, yoga, and other events in the same space as the exquisite plants. I

n display from late March and throughout the summer months.“GreenheArt” was inaugurated on 24 March with the enchanting music of harpist

Anna-Livia Walker.

Vivai Marino Favilla, Via di Picciorana 262Tel. 0583 997598, cell. 348 2294780

www.greenheartfavilla.it, [email protected]@mviva.eu - www.mviva.eu


mpressive marble sculptures by the Korean artist Choi Yook Sook, as well as glassworks by Bruno Pedrosa and Simone Crestani, and photography by Riccardo Bagnoli will be o


Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018 20


In our March issue, for the article

Altri tempi … anni fa …, we

erroneously labeled the photo of the

grandmother and child at the center of

the page as Nonna Adele with Ivana.

An attentive reader from Barga has

informed us that this is in fact Rosa

Poli in Turicchi (“in Turicchi” means

that her husband's name was

Turicchi) with her daughter Gina.

Our apologies for this mistake, entirely

the fault of the editors.

With spring, a favorite gelato spot has re-opened. Momo, in Via della Fratta 11, is now open daily from 11.30 am to 8.30 pm. As the season progresses, they will stay open later. Thank you, Fabrizio, for my first lemon sorbetto of the year. Delicious!

Gelato Lovers, Rejoice!

lfredo Moscardini is a professor of mathematics who has strong and enduring roots in Tuscany. He is not AAat all afraid of the big questions and

it was he who recommended that I read Carlo Rovelli in Italian of course... Siamo fatti degli stessi atomi e degli stessi segnali di luce che si scambiano i pini sulle montagne e le stelle nelle galassie (We are made from the same atoms and light signals as those exchanged by the pines of the mountains and the stars in the galaxies.) These are such apt sentiments, as we sit in the mountains surrounded by trees and stars…. We are also of course formed out of our memories, as well as stardust, and here are some of his:

My Nonna was called Fernanda Simi. She was born into a and joy for me. (I think that this is true for all great meals.) The prosperous Lucchese family in 1894. She emigrated to the UK in memories have remained with me for seventy years – grazie mille, 1916, and this is where I remember her when I was a child. They Nonna! had previously owned the station hotel in Lucca, and therefore had both cooks and general servants. So my Nonna developed Macaroni (400g)into a competent but not a great cook. As I was the first grandchild Sauce (ingredients):and had the same name as my father (who was away fighting for the British and was her favourite child), I became her favourite and was the one who came with my grandparents to Italy every year. I always remember Nonna playing large 78 rpm records of Caruso, which is where my love for opera was kindled. Her English was not very good and she spoke a strange mixture of “Geordie” and Italian that only the family understood. She was a lovely lady and dearly loved. Saute the chopped onion in a saucepan with oil and butter. Add the

On weekdays at home my life was mostly English, but I meat, sprinkled with wine, then add the tomato paste diluted with a remember the Sundays, which will always stand out in my mind. little milk. Season with salt and cook for about one hour. Drizzle the A large table was set, with my grandparents at one end, my aunts sauce over the pasta cooked al dente, and serve. Simple, good, and and uncles at the sides, and we kids at the bottom. Everyone was the stuff around which memories can be built... speaking Italian and drinking wine. We always had the same food – pastasciutta. It was called this because it was served dry rather Alfredo still has a hearty appetite for the good things in life, than wet (in brodo), but today in Tuscany it is commonly known including food.as maccheroni al ragù. In the 1940s, Italian food was extremely – Judith Edwards rare in England, and so this meal had an exotic quality, but it www.cansurviving.com cannot be separated from the context – an occasion of excitement www.judithedwards.co.uk

Altri tempi ... anni fa ...Recipes & RemembrancesNonna Fernanda

· 1 onion · red wine

· 3 tablespoons · 2 tablespoons

olive oil tomato paste

· 30g butter · milk

· 300g minced meat · salt


� Professional landscape and garden design � Full aftercare� Construction and planting � Period garden restoration

Neal Curtis BA(Hons) dipLA+39 0345 616 2325 [email protected]


Tel: Email:Website:

21Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018

Page 12: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4

(InAcademy) International

Academy of Foreign Studies

srlsVia Stefano Tofanelli, 275

San Concordio - Lucca

0583 312911

Language Training Centre

[email protected]

Quality TranslationsEditing & Book Preparation


Tel. 333 8617962Fax 0583 164254

email: [email protected]


trilingual (French, English, Italian), for private & public engagements, lessons.

[email protected]. 333 8617962


Selvaggia, a festival dedicated to wild herbs, will take place for 9 days in April in the Garfagnana mountains. This is a great way to say hello to springtime. Those without cars can go by bus or train (but be careful on Sunday, when transportation is rather spotty). You will want to wear walking shoes and bring a sweater and raincoat. The mountains can be very unpredictable!

From 7 to 13 April, Aspettando Selvaggia (Anticipating Selvaggia) will hold conferences such as the one on 9 April at Fortezza della Verruccole (San Romano in Garfagnana), entitled Le radici delle Piante, una miniera per la nostra salute (The roots of plants, a treasure

for our health). There will be guided excursions into the forest on 14 April, and on 15 April at Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, 5 pyramids will be assembled in Piazza delle Erbe, presenting wild herbs with their scientific and common names. In the same piazza, you will find an herbs market with approximately 20 stands. Under the “Porta” loggia, a talk show and cooking school will take place, while in Piazza Umberto tastings of the minestrella of Gallicano (a soup made from 50 different herbs), Castiglione di Garfagnana zuppa, and zuppa with crisciolette (a kind of savory pancake cooked over an open fire) from the little town of Cascio.

For more information call 348 3318870 – 0584 982279 or email the coordinator of the events, Fabrizio Diolaiuti [email protected]

Food Fairs in Springtime

VeganFest, now in its 11th edition, is the largest Vegan festival in Europe. This year it will take place in Lucca on 14-15 April (and again in Bologna 7 to 10 September). In Lucca, the new location is the Polo Fieristico, with over 7000 square meters on two levels. Polo Fieristico is about 2 km south of town (see the map on the website).

Expect to find vegan street food, free tastings, cooking shows with expert Italian chefs, activists, scientific conferences, volunteerism, public personalities, and many exhibiters, including those presenting cures for the body and for the home, from clothing to well-being, food products, and publications.

Consult the program at www.veganfest.it

What does it mean

to be an Italian vegan?

Find out at VeganFest!

Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 201822

Lido di Camaiore Historic Villa


For more information: [email protected]

San Concordio, south of town (10 minutes by foot). Top floor one-bedroom apartment with elevator. 50sqm. Large wrap-around terrace, approx. 40 sqm., with beautiful southern & eastern exposure. Near Nottolini’s acqueduct & bike path.120,000 euros, assumable mortgage (€ 5000 down + € 400 per month). (Ref. 1196)

Luminous 3rd floor

apartment220sqm including liveable loft (2 rooms & laundry). Large entrance room, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, lg kitchen from the 1500s, 50 sqm living room. High ceilings (up to 4 meters), terracotta & tessieri pavements, wood beam ceilings, wood panel living room ceiling. Facing Torre delle Ore at the corner of Via Fillungo. (Ref 1184)

500m from the BEACH Large home (240 sqm) with garden on 3 sides. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Fully equipped kitchen. Wrap-around terrace at 1st floor. Garage. Spacious attic & downstairs rooms. 580,000 euros.(Ref. 1194)

A spacious, enchanting 18th century villa that sleeps 14 (8 air-conditioned bedrooms, 6 bathrooms) & has already been booked by seasonal renters for much of this summer. In its 2 hectares of beautiful gardens & forests you will find a gazebo, greenhouse, swimming pool, rare plants, even parrots! Buses pass outside the gates hourly. Conveniently located in a quiet village just a short bike ride from the sea, between Lucca and Pisa . (Ref. 1197)

Lucca - San ConcordioLucca Historic Center

23Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018

Page 13: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4

ear friends, spring has finally arrived. Even if the predictions of our regional weather center call for exceptionally rainy days during the months of April DDand May (as in March), hopefully we'll have sunny

days as well. This will allow us to spend pleasant hours in our gardens taking care of our dear plants, as well as putting us in a good mood, which we lacked during the late winter/early spring, because there were so many winter rainstorms. In fact, even though it wasn't very cold in our region, except in small doses and for just a few days, we've “finally” had a good amount The roses are not the only ones of rain (and as a result we can already see delighting our senses of sight and many insects and parasites flitting smell. Many plants bring cheer to around our gardens). The winter of early springtime. Among these is a 2016-2017 was by comparison rather sweet little plant called aquilegia,

mild, with little rain, and as a result our known in English as granny’s plants suffered from periods of dryness bonnet or columbine. It begins to beginning in the spring and continuing bloom towards the middle of the throughout the summer. Let's hope the month, and sometimes continues well same situation doesn’t occur this year. into June. Some varieties even bloom We will probably have problems with the in July, depending on the weather. fruit and vegetable production as a result This perennial herbaceous plant of the cold snap that hit most of Italy in grows spontaneously in our region. early March, whitening the town's Locally, the most widespread species landscape. Thanks to the snow, the are Aquilegia vulgaris and Aquilegia flowers that were already on fruit trees alpine. Many hybrids with diverse fell prematurely, so probably their characteristics have been produced production will be very limited this year. from these two species over the years.

As always we want to get down to Being perennials, in winter they work, because at this time of year disappear, only to be reborn in early everything happens quickly, so chi ha spring. Aquilegia prefers fertile, well-tempo non aspetti tempo (those who drained soil and preferably a semi-have time don’t wait for time)! shaded position (though some

One of our priorities is to check on varieties like full sunshine). They the plants sheltered in the greenhouse, grow well even in containers, if of the and begin to open doors and windows in daytime so that the plants right size. This is a very hardy plant, which can deal with cold can gradually adapt to the change in the weather. We begin weather (though not so well if it is exposed to full sunlight or fertilizing, removing leaves and parts that dried out during the grown in maritime regions). It doesn’t need much maintenance winter, also giving the needed care and treatment if we find and is very resistant to parasites and funguses. Its flowers, parasites or fungal infections. In this way, when the weather depending on the variety, come in many colors and are quite conditions are more stable, we can put the plants back into their unique in shape, usually resembling little bells. They can face usual position and enjoy their beauty. This month, but in some either downward or upward, and generally, there is a strange little cases already in mid- to late March, we should begin mowing the spur behind each petal.grass regularly, doing this on dry days. It’s important to collect the I recommend positioning these plants in groups, considering grass trimmings, in order to reduce the risk of mold and yellowing the other plants that may also be present in the flower beds. Or you of the lawn (especially if the trimmings are humid). After can grow them in containers, alone or with other plants, mowing, if we haven't already done so in March, we should depending on the space available.fertilize with a slow-acting fertilizer that is rich in azote, which Before bidding you goodbye, will help the grass to recover its beautiful green color. let me remind you that on 6, 7, and

At this time of year, especially near the end of the month 8 April, on the walls of our (depending on weather conditions), our roses will begin to beautiful city of Lucca, Verde color our gardens and terraces with their first blooms. We need Mura will take place this year as to pay attention to these plants, above all their leaves and tips, every year. Here you will find because along with the first blooms come the first signs of many plants, furnishings, and illnesses, especially oidio (powdery mildew), ticchiolatura supplies for managing your garden (scab), and with warmer temperatures, pidocchietti verdi spaces.(green aphids). As always, happy gardening to

There are various strategies for combating these problems, all!ranging from the more ecological – such as rinsing plants with

– by Simone LippiMarseilles soap water or infusions of quassio wood – to the Il Cerchio Verde chemical, which though more effective are also less attentive to

0583 316713 - 335 8354437 the environment.www.ilcerchioverde.it

Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018 24

Granny’s Bonnet

ucca Tattoo Expo is a tattoo convention that has taken place every year since 2014. This year it will be held from the 20th to 22nd of April at Polo Fiere LLLucca in Sorbano Del Giudice. Two hundred and

fifty Italian or foreign tattoo artists will be participating in the convention, which apart from the various stands, also offers a number of interesting events, such as competition of emerging bands, fashion shows, food stands, and body painting. Nicolai Lilin, a famous Russian writer with Italian citizenship, will present his new book Favole Fuorilegge (Einaudi,Torino, 2017, €13). During the tattoo expo people can get a tattoo and tattoo artists will compete to see who can create the best tattoo on -Officine Liberty Tattoo Design from Viareggio. They love a visitor at the convention. However, even if you are not interested exploring everything that belongs to Western tradition, but also in getting a tattoo you can take part in other competitions, such as elevation and fusion. In the workshop they do also tribal and the best beard or hairstyle of the convention. Among the artists Japanese tattoos. who will take part in the convention, there will be: -Cherry Bloom Tattoo from Fornaci di Barga. They offer a mix

of tattoo styles, but they specialise in Kawaii and Cartoon. -12 Needles Tattoo Club from Chester, UK. They do everything -Elettrografia Tattoo Studio Lucca They propose Japanese and but specialise in black and grey tattoos. black and grey realistic. -Scribble Tattoo from Lucca. In reality, they don't have a -True Love Tattoo Viareggio focus on the traditional, but are distinct style yet. able to do all styles.-Lele Tattoo from Viareggio. They offer a lot of different styles: Tribal, Japanese, lettering, traditional, realistic, etc. – by Morena Ana Russo Toribio-New Skin Tattooo Llandudno from Llandudno, UK. Vale Liceo A. VallisneriManotti, instead of using geometrical shapes, prefers to use a variety of shapes and colours, but unfortunately in this For more information or to see the program go to: Convention she will only offer piercing. www.luccatattooexpo.it

Dedhalae by Alessandra Lari

Enjoy Fast Satellite Broadband, Anywhere In Europe,Risk Free, At The Lowest Price Guaranteed

Begin enjoying satellite broadband for less than £1.66 per day!*

Did you Know?

You don’t need to suffer with slow and unreliable Internet here in Tuscany and you can get Superfast Internet anywhere, without a phone line?

You can have really fast broadband 22Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload - wherever you live?

Pay as You Go and monthly contract is available - pay only for the months you are here?

Europasat is a UK and Italian based company with offices in 8 European countries, including Italy, and with over 80,000 clients?

Did you know that Europasat Italia HQ is based in BARGA - Toscana!

Local company - Great service!

In the first instance

Please contact us at

email: [email protected]

Ref. 145:

Ref. 756:

Barga, unique & fascinating 2 bedroom home with garden & pool in historic center of town, on a part of the medieval wall. 75 sqm. Energy class G. €195,000.

Villa Collemandina, the ideal Garfagnana vacation home. 3 bedroom, 2 bath 95 sqm home with 800 sqm garden. Swimming pool,

hydromassage. Energy class G. €320,000.

Castiglione di Garfagnana, 2 com-pletely restored rural homes totaling 300 sqm near a beautiful medieval village. Electric gate & private road. 1 hectare of land with great views. Price reduced to €500,000.

Barga, Liberty-style villa needing some restoration, with beautiful garden.

350sqm. 2 baths. €350,000.

Ref. 642:

Ref. 536:

Agenzia Immobiliare Dimore Toscane srl Via Marconi 14, Barga - Lucca - Italy

25Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 2018

Lucca Tattoo Expo

Page 14: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4

Near Devil's Bridge (Borgo a Mozzano). Country estate. Large kitchen/dining room, pantry, 2 sitting rooms, fireplace, study/office, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths downstairs. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths upstairs. Large swimming pool. English garden. 1.5 hectares for strolling through mead-ows & forest. Wheelchair access & large park-ing area. Photovoltaic & solar systems. € 695,000. By owner. Contact Grapevine for confidential transactions. (Ref. 1147)

Tuscany’s GRAPEVINE Magazine April 201826

RIVERFRONT PROPERTY Ideal for fishermen & bathers, facing the Serchio River at the foot of the Brancoli hills. Early 1900s estate with traditional tile & parquet floors, fitted kitchen, marble stairs, wooden railings, etc. Can be a single home (5-6 bedrooms, 4 baths, 3 floors) or 2 apartments (total 408 sqm). The large garden with trees & olives is bounded by a mule track & old stone wall. Terrace near the kitchen, ideal for dining al fresco. The house is separated from the road by a secure gate. Parking for 4-5 cars inside the property & along the river. Energy certificate available. € 420,000. Contact Grapevine (Ref. 1179)

Albiano (near Barga). Independent apartment (approx. 150sqm) with panoramic garden & terrace (50sqm, On two floors: entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen/dining room on ground floor. 3 bedrooms on 1st floor. Bathroom with bathtub. Oil fired central heating (boiler installed in 2014). Double glazed windows with aluminum shutters. Energy Rating: G. Bus stop @ 40mt, train station @ 5 km, post office @ 4.5 km, news agent @ 4.5 km, café/restaurant @ 50mt. Price € 165.000. Tel. 348 6559698. (Ref. 1188)

SAN GINESE. Delightful country property that can be used as a farmhouse or renovated into an elegant estate. South-facing. Currently 3 bed-rooms with study + large attic (2 more rooms), bath, country kitchen, living room. Adjacent laun-dry/workroom with upstairs storage room & addi-tional cantinas. Total 380 sqm. On a hill overlook-ing the Compitese villages & Lago di Bientina. Approx. 4000 sqm of land (grapes/olives/forest). Cl. G IPE 255,20. € 460,000. (Ref. 1165)

Text of advertisement .......................................................................................................






For publication in (months) .......................................................................................

Your name ......................................................................................................................................

eu bN m r of words Cost: € 12 for 15 words ...........................................


Telephone......................................................... .............................................................Email

Architects studio with UK and Italian architects

We specialise in working with foreign clients in the purchase and reconstruction of properties

throughout Tuscany.

Web site www.aaarchitects.it e-mail [email protected]

Cell 0039-392 7132082

Via del Fosso 164, Lucca

AAArc chite ts

Design and installation gardens terraces and watering systems

Garden maintenanceTypical Tuscan gardens

tel 0583 316713Simone 335 [email protected]


Il Cerchio Verde

Please use the form on our webpage or send us an email at: [email protected]

Classified AdvertisementsAlso visible at


335 6777833

via De Gasperi n° 279 • 55100 Lucca

[email protected] • www.ri-struttura.it




Landscape design & Garden maintenance. Call Tommaso at cell. (+39) 349 284 5399 or email [email protected]

Online Property Marketers - Based in the UK we market Holiday www.luccalandscape.it (Ref. 572)Rentals and Villas For Sale in Tuscany. We require extra properties to market for the 2018 season in the province of Lucca, email: [email protected] (Ref. 1181)

Guided Reading and Phonics Club for native English and bilingual children aged 4 to 11. Please call or send a Whatsapp message to Deborah 338 3963041 for further information. (Ref. 1193)

Private Italian classes Italian woman, speaks fluent English, offers individual/group lessons. Beginners, intermediate, advanced. Help with interpreting and assistance with relocating. Can travel from Lucca. Anna Cell. 347 9194155 [email protected] (Ref. 267)

Translations Italian to English and English to Italian by experienced mother-Accountant Paola Girolami (Universities of Pisa and Bristol). Via Delle tongue translators. Contact Grapevine (Ref. 817)Ville 354/A, Lucca. Tel 0583 471734, fax 0583 952349.

Spoken English private lessons. Contact Grapevine. (Ref. 1186)

Villa Valentina (Vorno). Driver (9 seater van) needed from 10 to 20 May 2018. Bilingual. Knowledge of the Cinque Terre, Lucca and Pisa areas a plus. Please contact [email protected] or call +447 810867195. (Ref. 1190)

Dental Surgeon Dr. Rogier Staal (University of Amsterdam). Via Farnesi UK TV in Italy, all UK channels from £11.99 a month. 14 day catch-up. 25a, Lucca. Tel. and fax 0583 953633. Dutch/English/Italian/French/ Let us show you how! Contact Grapevine for referral. (Ref 1142)German. [email protected]

Miss Penny Apple Vintage Tea Party. Catering or, on the 2nd & 4th Lawyer Daria Mariani (English spoken). Real estate, contracts, inheri- Saturday each month (3.30 pm), at Villa Claudia, Forte dei Marmi. On tance, accident, family, commercial, auctions, etc. Tel. 0583 316110, cell. Facebook or at: [email protected] 340 8672443, [email protected] (Ref. 1191) (Ref. 1160)

Complete kitchen wall & base units with polished solid hardwood doors, in good condition, for 350 euros. Tel. Nigel, 324 6071451. (Ref. 1198)

Lawyer Ilaria Cipriani (Anglo/Italian). Via Nottolini 733, 55100 Lucca. Tel. 0583 1892444, fax 0583 1770173. [email protected]

Lawyer Enrico Del Buono - Lucca, Via San Marco, 584 - Viareggio, Via IV Novembre, 107 - Montecatini Terme, Via Maona 7. Tel. 0583 587532, cell. 347 2232535, [email protected]

Removals Local, National, European and International relocation service. Servicing the UK with regular trips every 2-3 weeks. Full professional packing & export wrapping service. Friendly, experienced, professional Kiwi service. Contact Richard at [email protected] or 340 8748222. (Ref. 771)

Accountants Vannucci & Associates. Viale San Concordio 710, 55100 Lucca. Tel. +39 0583 316636, fax: +39 0583 419451, emailstud[email protected] - www.vannuccieassociati.it (Ref. 1103)

Dental Surgeon Dr. Barbato & Dr. Cumbo. Via Fillungo 91, 55100 Lucca. Tel. 0583 492853.

Dental Surgeon Dr. Carlo G.F. Martini. Via Romana 231, 55100 Lucca. Tel 0583 467975, [email protected]

Lawyer Alberto Del Carlo. Admitted to the Italian High Courts, Piazzale Ricasoli, 241 – 55100 Lucca. Tel. 0583 494952, fax 0583 492352. email [email protected] In the real estate field, Mr. Del Carlo is in strict connection with surveyors (geometri) who speak English fluently.



Alexander v.Pinoci PAAL SERVICES USA, LLC (UStaxItaly)

email: [email protected] pec: [email protected]

Website: http://www.ustaxitaly.com/

Michigan USA tel: +1-808-316-0719

Rome ITALY tel: +39-06.9294.7508

cell: +39-328.162.0531 fax: +39-

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VIA ACQUACALDA 192 (opposite the Cantoni factory), tel 0583/496920. Vast selection of second-hand furniture, clothes, toys, videos, etc. Visit our store on eBay and our page on Facebook.

Open 10.00-12.30 / 15.30-19.30 CLOSED MONDAY www.mercatinousatolucca.it On-line sales

House clearance - Removals.

Page 15: G TUSCANY’S E RAPEVINstory to narrate and so does each person. – by Maria Tsaousidou Stories behind Objects A few impressions of Lucca’s antique market photos by Grapevine 4




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